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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

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    31 Reviews
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      17.01.2012 12:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If you can forgive the poor battery life then you have a very good phone


      Welcome to my review of the gorgeous looking Samsung Galaxy S. The phone was first launched in Singapore on June 4th 2010. It features a 1Ghz ARM Hummingbird processor, a rare super amoled 480x800 screen. A 5 MP Camera and Wifi connectivty.

      The Samsung Galaxy S won European smart phone of the year at the European Imaging and Sound association Awards 2011 to 2012.

      Pros and Cons


      Gorgeous phone
      Lots of features
      Very bright super amoled screen
      Light weight
      Very quick processor on the phone
      Runs android with the full android features


      Poor battery life
      The PC Software Samsng kies is poor

      My opinion

      I am in love with this phone, I'm on contract so I get to upgrade my phone usually for free or for a small fee at my phone shop. It so happened that in summer 2011 my phone's contract ran out and I had a free choice of what phone I should upgrade too. My choice was the Samsung galaxy S, I had heard very good things about this phone from friends and read good online reviews so I thought if I could get one on contract for free then I have got nothing to loose.

      I'm very pleased with the phone so far, It runs the android software without fault, it has frozen once or twice but I just tuned the phone off and back on again and it has been fine since then. I feel that the 1ghz processor is enough for the tasks that I want to do. I access my Twitter and Facebook feeds, listen to music, watch Youtube videos sometimes and I chat on msn and Facebook chat. It runs all of these applications for me without a problem.

      The only main problem I have had with this phone is the poor battery life. I do use my phone rather a lot, I'm always checking twitter or texting somebody which means it's always connected to the internet and such and I can just about get about half a day out of the battery when I am using it a lot. That means that when I go to bed every night.

      Look and Feel

      The phone hardly weighs a thing with measurements of It's 9.9mm thin and weighs 118g. Whether it's in your pocket or bag you hardly notice it at all.

      The screen is huge and is a very clear and nice screen to view things on put it does take al ittle bit of getting used to when the phone is in your hand it's one of the longest phones that I have had owned and for the first week it did not feel right sitting in my hand when I was texting or browsing Twitter but you do get quickly used to holding the phone in your hand.


      My version of the phone is running the latest update from Samsing Kies of Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 the update came out about two months ago.

      Samsung have pushed to make their version of android their own it has a whole of special Samsung Apps most of them being for free and Samsung Widgets on the home screen. I don't personally use any of the special widgets but I can see how they could make your life easier but I don't see how I would find them any help to me.

      The 5MP Camera is very good, it takes decent quality photos, I have used my phone at parties and the results have not been bad. The only drawback to the camera is a lack of flash which is unusual for phones in this day and age but the photos that I have taken at night time have not suffered that much and they are still decent.

      At the moment there are more than 400,000 apps to be downloaded from the Android marketplace. I have about 20 apps on my phone, I just really use the apps that I find will be useful to me, I have some driving apps, along with the facebook and twitter and I also have some mobile phone games but they are really fun to play on the big phone screen.

      One of the main good features on this phone is the widgets on your home screen. You have up to 7 home screens in which you can place widgets. I currently have a weather widget,twitter,facebook and a cool clock app that sync with my calender and puts on a little note on the clock when my event starts and finishes I really like the last widget. I have uploaded some screenshots of my homescreens from my phone onto the review's pictures.

      The one feature that I don't like is the Samsung Kies PC software that comes with the phone, I would of thought that with Samsung being such a big company they would of released a better piece of software. You can use samsung kies for backing up your phone and updating your phones firmware but I have found the software to run really slowly and a friend of mine was updating his phone using Samsung kies and suddenly his Samsung Galaxy is bricked (It wont turn on) he was not doing anything wrong just following the kies software correctly and the kies software just froze up half way though a update. My friend is not happy and is looking into options onto how to fix his phone. It does put me off connecting my phone to kies. He's not the only person that this has happened to it's happened to quite a few pople online.

      Value for money

      With this phone you are paying for a very good that runs Android flawlessly however the phone itself compared to other new phones (Spec wise) the phone is outdated but in terms of how much a brand new mobile phone costs and if you are wanting a android that is excellent you will get value for money but if you are one of the people that desires the latest and greatest technology then this phone properly is not for you.

      Current prices

      I have searched around and compared the prices for the sim free version of this phone the prices are as follows:

      Theorder.co.uk £296.89
      Amazon.co.uk £297
      Play.co.uk £299
      Prepaymania.co.uk £301.98


      This phone is a very good phone it does just about everything a smartphone was made to do the price is not bad and maybe you could get a cheap deal second online if you did not want to spend hundreds of pounds on a phone. I do recommend this phone to you because you will end up falling in love with it.


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        11.01.2012 16:51



        Good product would recommend

        I have had the Samsung Galaxy for about a year now and really like most aspects. I love the screen size and the fact that the brightness adapts to your surroundings. The sound quality on calls is good and the fact that as soon as I popped my memory card into a PC it automatically downloaded all my music and photos from the PC, I didn't ask it to but it saved me a job and I now have all my favourite family pics in one place which is great. I do find that the battery life isn't great and I have to charge it more or less every day as it goes from full to empty very quickly especially when using the Internet on it. Lately I have found it sticks or crashes and the only option is to take the battery out and turn it on again but I do have friends with other smartphones where this happens so I'm guessing it's not a phone fault. Also the camera quality isn't the best but it's good enough for what I need.

        Overall I am pleased with the phone and I quite like Samsung as a brand so I would quite happily recommend this phone to anyone.


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          06.12.2011 15:26



          A good alternitive to the IPhone

          I got this phone three months ago when I was eligible for an upgrade. I had never had a smart phone before or touch screen for that matter so I wasn't sure what to expect.
          I was going to get the IPhone however the sales assistant in the orange store recommended this one as being just as good if not better. So I took his advice and off I went with my new phone.
          My first impression of this phone was that it was very big- however the screen was great- really big and amazing quality! Even when the phone was first coming on with the Samsung logo etc. I could see the images on screen where a million times better than my old phone!
          Once I played around and got familiar with the phone I was very impressed however it did take me quite a while to figure out how to use it properly.
          There is lots of games, applications and options on this phone with excellent Wi-Fi connection.
          The one thing I find that seems to be a problem is the alarm on this phone- I don't know if it is just mine or a general fault but my alarm quite often does not work- with a message that says there was an error and the app. Had to close. This has caused a few crazy mornings where I've woken up late.

          Apart from the alarm this phone is excellent- but I would recommend a cover for it as it gets a bit grubby with finger prints- but this is the case with any touch screen phone.
          A good alternative to the Iphone.


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          03.12.2011 02:27
          Very helpful



          As far as smartphones go this is one of the best

          Everyone wants an I-Phone right? wrong!!!

          Back in April when I decided it was time to get rid of my LG Cookie and get a new phone I knew I wanted a Smartphone. I am part of that generation of people who communicate via the net. I Tweet my friends and enjoy the occassional poke. Having social networking at the palm of my hand was something that excited me and after years of rushing home to chat via Facebook and post on forums I was desperate for the portable version.

          I was given an I Pod touch for the previous Christmas and loved the accessibility and portability of the apps. It did however become a bit of a problem taking a Phone and Ipod Touch out with me and I knew the only way forward was a combination.

          The price most certainly put me off the IPhone and I soon started looking at cheaper alternatives. The month before my dad has bought an HTC Desire and the Android feature looked amazing. The apps were mainly free... well the apps I was most likely to use were and this was a major selling point.

          The Samsung Galaxy S has a screen slightly larger than the I Phone 4 but is not at all bulky like some of the other phones on the market. The phone is ratehr lightweight and comfortable to hold. The screen resolution is clear and crisp and navigation is easy.

          I liked the fact I could set a passcode or pattern to keep my phone safe and set up was very straight forward. The on screen keyboard is easy to use although my inability to type accurately has left many people giggling at my occasional 'typo'

          The battery life is pretty poor and is probably my only real gripe, however in comparison to most smartphones I wouldn't say it's any worse to be fair.

          The camera is amazing and with the special features and forward facing camera its very versatile. My photos are uploaded automatically to a Photobucket account and the quality is as good on my phone as it is on my regular camera.

          I am on a 24 month contract and *touch wood* my phone is perfect. I would consider another Samsung after this one. The make itself is amazing and I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice. In comparison to many of teh smartphones out there the Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best.


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          22.11.2011 16:41
          Not Helpful



          if not wanting to spend £450+ for the latest smartphone this will certainly satisfy

          the i9000 was the best and is still one of the better android powered phones on the market.
          it comes with all the bells and whistles, a lovely amoled (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen that measures in at 4 inches, the screen on this phone is stunning.

          the 1 Ghz processor will keep the apps you download from the market zipping along.

          the i9000 is now up-datable to android gingerbread 2.3.5, and with the chatter on the net there is a good chance it will be up-datable to android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) goggles latest android version by the second quarter of 2012

          i have had this phone since it was released and it is still one of my favorites on the high end smartphone scene.

          this phone like most android powered devices is highly customizable, so if you get bored with the UI that Samsung put on the i9000 there is a vast array of alternatives you can download from the android market


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            30.10.2011 20:39
            Not Helpful



            Excellant for the money you will pay.

            Excellant for people that want to have lots of free games, songs, and even movies which great. Because of the lovelt 4.3inch touchscreen its great for watching films or playing games and even people with big fingers trying to type quickly. With this excellant android system you can't go wrong for the price especially since practically all the games and songs on this mobile phone are free.
            This excellant mobile phone has a great 4.3inch super amoled touch screen which means you will have a excellant picture quality so you can watch CRYSTAL CLEAR movies or videos on youtube.
            something that everyone finds great with this phone is that you can have lots of internet pages open at one time and also going back to the internet you can reply to emails super fast meaning if this is your work phone you won't have any problems replying to collegues or other people online.
            Whilst i had this phone i was always using the internet for things such as facebook and emails and the battery lasted from 7am all the way untill 11pm and could of gone a fair bit longer but that would be the time i put it on charge.
            The reception was always excellant whilst i was using this mobile and i loved it because i always had service to call people or text them.
            Transferring files with this phone is amazingly easy because the moment you put the usb cable from one system to another it automatically connects without fail and stays connected for you to transfer files across.
            I advise you to buy this phone because you will not go wrong for the money and you will be extremely happy and think you would have still paid more for the mobile.

            Happy buying!


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            07.10.2011 09:46
            1 Comment



            Generally a good cheaper alternative to the iPhone

            I've had the Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) smartphone for about a year now and thought I should share my experiences with it.

            I bought it free on contract with Orange, paying £18.50 p/mth for 300 mins/300 texts/500mb data per month. It was cheaper than the iPhone but provided most of the same capabilities. At the time the Android OS was still up and coming but is now firmly established as a leader in the pack.

            The highlight is the 4 inch Super Amoled touch screen which is really good for watching videos and looking at photos. The 5 megapixel camera is good enough, however it could have benefited from having a flash and it can be a bit slow at autofocussing.

            The great thing about this phone is the android market for apps. There are so many free apps now there really is no reason to have to pay anything to get the app you need. There's plenty of memory space (8GB on my phone).

            The phone is quite durable, I dropped it in the bath a few months ago and it just continued on working without any problems.

            I'd recommend this phone but if your a texter you may want to go for something like a Blackberry as the touch screen is a little slow for the furious texter.


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              06.10.2011 22:01



              Great phone but low battery life

              I used to love this phone. My boyfriend had an iPhone but I preferred my Galaxy S, especially when he dropped his and the glass screen smashed. Nothing in comparison to my plastic screen. However, a couple of months ago I started to experience problems with my beloved wee phone. I would charge it up all night yet the battery would run down really quickly and the phone would be dead before I got home from work the following day. Not good! I tried everything, turning the screen brightness down, turning the WiFi off, turning off the GPS. However, this just meant that I was unable to use these features, while the battery failed faster and faster. Eventually, I bought a new battery from ebay hoping that would solve my problems. How wrong was I? No difference. So I've "recycled my phone" and am using an old iPhone until I'm eligible for an upgrade in 6 months. Bummer!
              You are meant to get about 700 minutes talk time and 700 minutes standby but this just didn't happen for me. The android interface is really easy to use and the icons on the touch screen are big enough not to cause any problems. The digital camera was good for the first 13 months but my picture quality started to fail. I don't know if the lens was smudged or what but it was never as good towards the end. I never used the FM radio but I used Facebook and a number of other apps and, like I say, I loved this phone at the beginning.


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              16.09.2011 12:15



              Samsung i9000 Galaxy S is a phone with many features

              I was looking for a new phone for a while, but I was really undecided. This week I bought the Samsung Galaxy. I have heard many things of it, and I thought, let's give it a chance.
              I always had a problem handling phones, because I use to drop them down quite often. It is not that I am not careful, but I think I am just clumsy. Of course, this thing happened to my new smartphone, and I was surprised to see that the phone hadn't got any scratches. It is resistant, which represents a big plus. More than that, it displays has the Gorilla Glass which is very resistant to scratches. But there is a point that I don't like - and that is the cover from behind, it looks fragile.
              After the resistance part, which is the most important for me, I simply love the way this phone plays the music. I have listened to music using the headphones provided in the box, and I had no problem. With the senheiser headphones, the music is really unbelievable. The colors are strong, and the image stays clear even in the sun light. In my opinion, taking into consideration that it just a phone after all, the quality of the video (720p) is really good.
              The most important thing that I don't like, and it represents a minus for it, is the battery, which is quite poor. It resists only 2 days, even that I use the automatic light for the display. I would have preferred to impress me with something different because the design and the menu looks a lot like the iPhone, but this is not that important.
              After all these been said, I can declare myself pleased with this phone. It is easy and elegant. I can say that prefer it rather than the HTC Desire HD, which let me down a little bit.


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              03.09.2011 20:00
              Very helpful



              A great phone that really is difficult to find anything bad to say about it.

              I have now owned the Samsung galaxy S for 3 months, and what a pleasurable experience I have had with this phone, Like the Headline says: This is the best phone I have ever owned, and the reasons for being so will be explained in this review.

              I purchased this phone second-hand for £190 and consider it an absolute bargain, a phone that I consider to be one of the best smartphones available at the time of writing only being topped by the new dual-core phones such as the Galaxy s II, Motorola Defy and HTC Sensation.
              It is worth noticing that if you were interested in purchasing any of the 3 phones mentioned above you would be lucky to purchase it for £400, more than double than what I paid for my galaxy s, and for what? Dual-core that doesn't have much support at the moment.

              Anyway, this is a review on the Samsung i9000 Galaxy s.
              The phone is quite a large device measuring 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9, perhaps too large to fit in some trouser pockets, this size is mainly due to the phone's 4" Amoled display. The display is very bright, as you would expect from an Amoled display. The front of the phone is made completely of glass, you will only find one physical button on the front of the phone positioned in the centre at the bottom (this is the home button) - much like the iPhone. On the front you will also find two touch sensitive buttons either side of the home button, the button on the left acts a sought of settings launcher, the button on the right is a back button.
              The touch sensitive buttons offer good feedback letting you know you have hit the button with a nice vibration, however I have one niggle; I have experienced on many an occasion the lights on these buttons turning off when in use and I would much prefer them to stay lit when an application or webpage is loaded.
              Despite the phone being fairly large due to it being on 9.9mm thin it also makes the phone very light, only weighing 119g.
              Due to casing of the phone being plastic it is easily scratched so I would recommend getting a case/cover for your phone, I purchased a case-mate barely there case for my phone and it has served me well so far, but due to it being 'barely there' I'm not confident it would protect the phone from a nasty drop, but at least it still protects it from scratches..

              The phone has a 5MP Camera like as with many of Samsung phones comes packed full of features, such as: different shooting modes, scene mode, exposure value,GPS tagging and a timer.
              The phone's camera offers auto-focus by simply tapping on what object you want to be the focus.
              The Samsung Galaxy doesn't stop there by having just one camera! Oh no, it also has a front-facing VGA camera useful for self-portraits or even video calls using the Skype application downloadable from the Android market.

              As this is an android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S has access to the rapidly growing Android market which offers over 200,000 applications many of which are free!
              The phone has 8GB of Internet memory, plenty space to store lots applications as well as photo's, video's and music on your phone.
              The memory is expandable by inserting a micro-SD card, upto 32GB is accepted equalling a potential 40GB of memory! I have yet had no need to buy a micro-SD card as I have not even filled the 8GB internal memory.
              The phone also has 512MB of Ram meaning you will be able to have plenty of applications running without much lag.

              I have read, and I am sure you will have read reviews stating that this phone has poor battery life however I am yet to experience this.
              I have WiFi and 3G running 24/7 and screen brightness set at about 75% and at the end of the day my phone 's battery percentage is at about 60%, so the phone could possibly last 2 days without any attempt at trying to save the battery, Note I say possibly because the phone does still use quite a bit of battery when it is in standby but this is mainly due to me not turning things off running in the background which are set to auto-update.

              To conclude, and I will finish as I started: This is the best phone I have ever owned. There a few little niggles but you will struggle to find any more than I have mentioned, and I know I haven't mentioned many, this is how good this phone really is! Yes the build quality could be better, and perhaps it should be as it is a high-end phone but I suppose this decision was to keep the phone light. In the end though this really is a great phone thanks to it's 4" Amoled display, the internal specs. and the Android operating system.


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              14.07.2011 20:20
              Very helpful



              Great Phone

              I have now had my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 for 4 months after owning a "normal" phone it was a shock to upgrade.

              Not being a phone buff I was lead by the sales person at Orange call centre who recommended this phone. I'm on a 24 month contact with unlimited texted, 700 anytime minuets and free internet all for £25.00 per month.

              I believe you can buy this phone out right for between £250 - £300 for me contract was the way to go.

              **The Phone
              This phone is light weight and small at 122 x 64 x 10mm and 119g this can not by no means be classed as a bulky phone.

              The phone frontage is mainly screen as with being a touch phone no number panel is required. The screen is a modest 4 inch's with pixel's 480 x 800. I was concerned about the large screen and it being damaged by scratches but 4 month's down the line I do not have a case for it and the screen is perfect. I don't tend to put it direct in to my pocket and also avoid it being in direct contact when in my bag with other things like keys and purse. So be careful if you're in the habit of sticking it in your pocket with a handful of cash or keys!!

              **Making calls
              Making calls are simply enough once you get the hang of the touch screen. Beware when hanging up, sometimes the screen goes blank and you think you have hung up but the call is still running in the back ground!!

              You have call history, phone book and speaker phone and call features

              **Taking Photo's
              The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has a 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels camera with auto focus, zoom. But no flash!!
              I'm a point and shoot kind of girl so have not really used the full benefit of the additional but you have a face viewing lens (so you can take cheesy photo's of yourself) and a rear facing lens (to enable a camera effect) You just touch the reverse picture once in camera mode and it will switch.

              You can change scene settings as on a normal camera to Landscape, Sports, Portrait, Night (no flash thought!!), Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Dawn, Fireworks, Sunset & Fall Colour. For me this is more than I need a camera phone to do but what a cracking facility when you're on holiday in any eventuality you need not take a camera.

              The picture quality on this phone is great, colours are sharp, always in focus a slight down fall on this picture other than the lack of flash is that when taking a photo in zoom the pictures are a little blurry.

              Once in Camera mode you can easily switch to video camera and again great quality film clips are produced.

              With this being an Android phone they want you to buy the android apps so the Market comes pre installed on the phone and there are some great apps to be had on here. It's easy to use - once in the Market you can pick the search or browse the apps that are available and also select free once.

              Text Messages on this phone were a new thing for me as it's like typing a texted on a keyboard. Also many a times I have had a reply to a text and I can not remember what I originally sent but with this phone that is now a thing of the past as it stores your whole conversation.

              I regularly check my emails on the phone through pop/imap and again is very easy to use. The concept of send an email on this phone is very similar to sending a text.

              I use the internet daily on my phone to check my emails, weather, news, and generally browse the internet I have rarely had an issue with 3G signals but can vary depending on you location but generally relatively quick. I also have the phone connected wireless to my home router (this was very easy to set up it was just a case of adding the username and password)

              Games - I do play games on the phone such as solitaire, Sudoku and mah-jong which are quick to loads and with the large touch screen easy to play. I also play games such as Angry Birds now I was very impressed with the graphics quality of this game compared to the quality of the same game on my iPod so top marks for gaming and graphics.

              GPS - I have used the navigation/GPS on this phone on a couple of occasions (without downloading a SATNAV app) and was reasonable but did loose GOS very easily in remote areas so unless you are purchasing the GPS/SATNAV apps do not rely on it as a route planner/finder.

              Document Editor - This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) I personally have viewed Word and Excel when they have come through on email but have not worked the office applications on this phone. I feel it would be very fiddle to use excel on the phone to its full capacity and formulations would be difficult to set-up.

              Some apps I have saved on my phone currently -

              The Weather Channel - Great app for showing the current weather and weather to come in the next few hours and days. You can also select other locations.

              Google - A simple app to gain access to Google for quick searches.

              Navigation - A simple but not great FREE satnav with maps.

              POP/IMAP - A link direct to emails

              Angry Birds - Great addictive game

              Memo Pad - A preinstalled memo pad useful to keep notes of things.

              Task Manager - This phone has a habit of running apps in the background when not properly closed down which can be great if you are in the middle of something and the phone rings but if forgotten about can drain your battery so Task Manager is a great way to keep tracks on what is currently open.

              Calculator - A calculator on hand

              EBay - A great app if you are an EBAYER. Easy to use and allows you to do everything on there that you can on the full web page.

              Tesco's - This is a free app from Tesco's if you do your shop online. This is a must as you can barcode scan items you require which will then be added to your weekly shop.

              I was told before getting this phone the battery life was poor but I have now had this phone for 4 months and would say on average I need to charge it every 36 hours but as routine I tend to plug it in to charge every night while I'm asleep. You can prolong the life of the battery by ensuring all apps are closed properly and turning off 3G & Wireless when not in use also there are a few apps which claim to assist your battery life. If I went away for the weekend I wouldn't run the risk of not taking my charger.

              **My Opinion
              After being a regular "normal" phone user I am shocked at how well I have adapted to the Smartphone and can honestly say I love it. I can't imagine going on a day out without it now as we often use it to find local supermarkets, pubs, takeaways & attractions.

              This phone overall is easy to use, looks very elegant, durable and reliable.

              I am very happy to be paying £25.00 for this phone and service it provides.

              I would recommend this phone to anyone but would say "the new Galaxy is out now so check it out" I can only assume it would be even better.


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                26.06.2011 12:48
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A smartphone for people who didn't think they wanted one. Easy to use and stylish in design.

                Before we start I would like to say that I'm not hugely technologically minded. This review will concentrate on how I use my phone and what I find useful. It won't be a list of technological specs as you can look that up if you're interested. I admit I'm not sure what some of them are, though I will mention the ones I know about. I am sure of what I want my phone to do and how it fulfils this.

                When the time came to renew my phone in September 2010 I had one thing in mind when I went to the phone shop - I didn't want a touch screen only phone. I wanted buttons and not one of these fancy shmansy smartphones. So how did I end up with the Galaxy S which is not just touchscreen only but was one of the most powerful smartphones on the market at the time?

                Well it was partly due to the Phones for U salesman who insisted on showing me the phone (commission?) but mostly due to the phone itself. If felt comfortable in my hand and I managed to get the hang of the touchscreen whilst in the store. The salesman showed me the main features and whilst I fretted about replicating what he did when I was home I found it easy to use still.
                I have unlimited internet use, 800 mins and unlimited texts in my package so I'm not sure how data package prices relate to my usage as I don't worry about it.


                The screen is really bright and large, the touch screen is intuitive and sensitive - but not too sensitive. It is Samsungs Super AMOLED design. I should say here that I have very dry hands and my fingers slips effortlessly across the screen, a friend with shall we say more "clammy" hands didn't find it so easy... Having had the phone for nearly 10 months there isn't a scratch on the screen and I don't have a screen protector just a half silicon case and a little material padded pouch for carrying. The screen when compared to an i phone seems a lot brighter and clearer not to mention bigger.


                The phone is very light indeed - the lightest phone I've had, in fact the extra weight added by the silicon skin was welcome as it made it feel a bit more durable.


                This was a worry when I left the shop with mu touchscreen only phone. However Samsung uses a system called Swype. This means dragging your finger over a touchscreen qwerty keyboard without lifting your finger to type individual letters. Sounds complicated but it really isn't. The phone comes with a tutorial to let you practice and I got the hang of it in around a day. Now I wouldn't look back it's so quick and easy! I'm stuck when I have to use someone else's phone to text now. Its even easy to type longer documents like e-mails, which brings me to...


                This is an Android phone so uses Googlemail as its default email. This was another selling point for me as I rely on my googlemail account. Once you have synced your phone to your google account you can access it with one tap of an icon on the front screen. Emails will push thorough automatically and will notify you with a tone should you wish, though if you turn off your background data you can stop this. Good for battery saving or if you want your phone tones on at night in case of an emergency message but don't want to be woken by an e-mail alert from Sainsbury's at 03:00am


                I have around 16 albums on my phone - though I don't tend to use it as a music player much (I'm a fan of hearing what's going on around me on my 30min walk to work) I also have all my text messages, photo's and videos on it since I got it, I'm a bit of a hoarder. I have a huge amount of space left though. I don't tend to download anything onto it though and I only use a handful of apps which brings me to..

                Apps and Android

                I'm not a great app downloader or user therefore Android so far has met all my needs. I've never bought an app only downloaded the free ones. The ones I do use seem to work fine but as these consist of the weather and Valued Opinions etc I can't give you a huge review of this aspect. The barcode scanner app is quite useful.


                Very quick and very handy. There is a Google search box on the front page. This has vice search too though I haven't really used that. It's quicker that my laptop sometimes and you can pinch the screen to make it larger/smaller just like an i phone. You can flip the phone over from portrait to landscape if you want a wider view. I tend to use BBC, full website rather than the mobile one though you have the option of both. Full websites are easy to read on this. There is a You Tube app preinstalled which is easy to use - video's load quickly and play well. There is a facebook app too which I find useful, though I know others prefer the normal site (which you can access should you wish). I've bought things on Amazon with no problems and its great being able to look up what you want when you want, especially reviews of restaurants and directions etc.


                Playback is good though as I said I don't use this much. The radio is excellent though you have to plug headphones in for this to work.


                Both are excellent. Lots of features and after you take a picture you can upload it straight away to whatever medium you like such as facebook, Twitter or email. The picture quality is as good as my digital camera, the only drawback is no flash, which makes night time pics not great though gig's and concerts come out ok.


                You can customise the screens how you wish moving things around to suit you. I haven't done too much of this but I'm sure others have made good use of this aspect.

                Battery life

                For my needs very good. Lasts all day with no problems and is quick to charge. I tend to charge it overnight as this suits me, I know you are not supposed to but it hasn't harmed my phones performance as far as I can see. I make a LOT of voice calls and this uses up the battery quite quickly as most of the battery is taken up by the display which is on when you call. You can turn your screen brightness down to save battery but I've never felt the need. When I don't call so much the battery can last two days.


                I love my phone, it suits my needs. It's pretty addictive and I feel lost without it. I tend to only use my laptop to write long articles these days or do surveys' I use my phone for everything else - one thing the phone won't do is run some of the more complicated surveys. I'm still discovering new things it can do every day so this review is not exhaustive. From what I've seen so far I really recommend it - it exceeded my expectations!


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                  19.06.2011 00:57
                  Very helpful



                  A fantastic phone.

                  The Samsung Galaxy S! My current phone; I've had this phone for about 8 months now and I've no plans as of yet to change.
                  It's not very often that I manage to find a phone I am happy with and settle with it enough to want to keep it. I'm usually the type to go looking for a new phone after a few months of use, although this isn't the case with the Samsung Galaxy S, I am completely sold with this handset.
                  I bought this phone on contract with orange from the internet, I use my student discount and pay £24 a month for 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MB of internet after having paid £50 initially for the handset. The plan I am on works well with the handset as I am able to use the internet for as long as I want and I don't have to worry about leaving online applications running.
                  This handset can be bought on pay as you go now for £259, decreasing from £399 at carphone warehouse. The drop in price I can only guess is due to the new release of the Samsung Galaxy S 2.


                  This phone is 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm, with a thin and sleek stylish design; it is the perfect smart phone in my opinion.
                  The phone weighs 119g, it is very light to hold and at first I was worried the light weight of the phone would mean it isn't durable and would easily break, although this isn't the case.
                  When first using this phone, I did find it was very large and for anybody who isn't used to using large touch screen phones, it can be overwhelming. However I have got to used to holding this phone and not being able to fit it completely in my hand and I now use it with ease.
                  The Samsung galaxy S comes in black, I've heard rumours of it being available in white although I've not seen this myself and to be fair I don't think white would suit this phone. I've always thought white casing makes handsets look downgraded and 'cheaper'.
                  This phone is completely glass on the front, with the screen covering almost the entire front.
                  The back/battery door to this handset holds a unique shape, it is flat down to near the bottom where the phone has a little 'ramp' design to end thicker on the bottom.
                  I love this feature on the phone and find it makes holding the phone easier. However when buying phone cases online, you need to be careful that the case you are buying will accommodate this unique shape.
                  I've found the casing on this phone isn't easily scratched or chipped which is always a plus when choosing a phone to buy.

                  I have mostly kept this phone in a protective case, starting with a completely protective leather flip case and then going onto changing into a rubber half covered case. At first I was concerned the screen would get damaged, but my screen protecting layer seems to be doing a fantastic job as I've not yet had any scratches or marks on my screen even when it has been thrown into my hand bag with all of my other random junk.
                  I bought the stick on screen protector from eBay, it came with my leather flip case and I would highly recommend getting a screen protector to protect from any scratches or marks.
                  A down side to using stick on screen protectors is that finger prints are very easily absorbed and it makes the screen look greasy and dirty, however this can be easily wiped away with clothing or a special cloth.


                  The camera on this phone is 5MP with auto focus and digital zoom. The camera is pretty decent and I have enjoyed capturing pictures of my tropical fish on this phone, many of which have turned out fantastic.
                  The camera has auto focus, when capturing an image you need to hold down the 'capture' button until the focus square turns green, indicating the camera has successfully caught the image.
                  The biggest disadvantage to this camera, and the whole phone, is that it does not have a flash. The lack of a flash means the camera cannot be used outdoors at night or in any room lacking the correct lighting.
                  This also puts a great disadvantage to the video recorder on the camera, especially when used to record on my fish tank. Even with the tank light on, the video recorder somehow turns a lot darker than when capturing an image; even when focusing on the same spot with the same lighting.
                  The buttons on the phone are very easy to use, the ones featured on the front are all touch screen apart from one; the main button. The main button is square and gives this phone the resemblance of an iphone. The main button takes you back to the menu when using the internet or any applications and i have found it is a good way of getting out of slow applications which have crashed or failing to load (mainly bad applications which I have randomly downloaded)

                  The other buttons featured on the front can barely be seen when the phone is asleep although they light up when the phone is in use, these buttons are the 'menu' and 'back' button.
                  The side buttons feature the volume button and the lock button which is used to lock the phone and enable the security pattern (if applied) and can be used to unlock the phone.
                  The screen display is fantastic, 'Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 16M colours' and great for playing videos from youtube or using games. The quality of the screen also compliments the quality of the camera images.

                  The screen size is 480 x 800 pixels, and 4.0 inches in length.
                  The screen is very bright and has minimum impact when used out in the sun. As with other handsets, using outdoors effects the quality of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S can still be used outdoors with minimal effect from the sun or bright lights.
                  The Samsung Galaxy S is well known for its android enabled features. It has android market making downloading applications simple and easy. With thousands of free applications to choose from, I never get bored with this phone.
                  There are also extra security applications to download such as the finger print scanner, which actually doesn't work but that's another story.

                  The android market comes preinstalled on the phone and the ability to manage your applications is held within this which is very useful when wanting to clear your phone from all of the random downloads.
                  The memory is generally decent, although I've never used the phone without extra memory. The phone comes with 8 GB internal storage, 512 MB RAM, 2GB ROM. It can be expanded using a Micro SD card of up to 32GB. I currently use a 4GB and have no problems with downloading as many applications and images as id like, the memory is fine for me.

                  The phone is Wi-Fi enabled and also has 3G for on the go internet, however this cannot be used without a internet plan on pay monthly, otherwise I'm guessing you will be paying out your nose for the internet. It is useful to get either a unlimited internet or a decent size allowance as there are many games and applications which require the internet and its no fun being able to only use these at home with the Wi-Fi.
                  The Bluetooth on this phone is easy to use, it can be easily turned on and off using the drop down menu accessed at the top in the same area where the Wi-Fi, GPS and Data (3G) can be turned on. I've not had any problems sending or receiving files using the Bluetooth on this phone.
                  The internet can be used through the Wi-Fi which is easily turned on and off and easy to set up with new connections. The 3G is also easy to use and the speed of this depends on the signal quality and can differ between phone suppliers. I never had any problems with my internet signal until recently, but I am putting that down to orange having an issue or something, if it continues I will be in contact with them!
                  When using the internet, web pages usually appear in the mobile format as set up by the website creator. Pages such as Facebook and Google use a mobile web page, this can be changed to the usual website using the 'full site' link usually found at the bottom of the page.
                  There is the ability to have multiple web pages open at once; you can switch between the open pages using the menu and options.

                  Facebook comes preinstalled on the phone but I find it a big difference from the usual website and tend to just visit the usual page on the internet. I have downloaded msn messenger onto my phone but rarely use this, although it runs fine.
                  Google mail also comes preinstalled, along with a daily briefing application, Aldiko eBook, Youtube and more.
                  Messaging is easy to use on this phone if you are already experienced with using touch screen phones. For people not experienced using touch screen, it can become tricky.
                  There is the option to input text using the QWERTY keypad or the usual common texting pad. This phone also features the Samsung Swype which is very interesting and useful to use. It does take some getting used to and experience to become fluent using Swype, but it is a good way of cutting down texting time.
                  Swype works by enabling the user to place their finger on the first letter of their required word, to then drag without lifting their finger to the next letters and releasing on the last. Swype is pretty good at picking up the words you require however I have found that when using this when I am rushing or not holding the phone properly, it can make mistakes although that is down to my own typing technique.
                  Making calls isn't too different from that of other phones in the sense that it is easy to work out the different ways of making a call.

                  A call can be made through selecting the 'call' button on the home screen at the bottom, through a missed call alert or by swiping a contact to the right to bring up the call option when you have selected a contact in your address book.
                  Swiping to the left on a contact brings up the option to send a message, although this is only a recent feature that I found.
                  Calls are pretty easy to work, once on the phone the options to end the call, turn on the loud speaker or bring up the 'number' dialling are easy to work out.
                  Calls are clear and the volume can be altered using the volume buttons on the left of the phone; this is a useful feature if you are on the phone in a quiet room and don't want the whole room to hear your conversation.
                  The only problem I have had with calling is that the phone disables itself once you have selected to make a call to avoid you accidentally pressing any buttons and ending the call by mistake. However this feature can become annoying when it doesn't understand that you have taken the phone away your face and you have to wait for it to wake up to end the call. Although having said this, I personally haven't had this problem and it has only occurred when my boyfriend has tried to use the phone and I have witnessed that he doesn't really 'hold' the phone up to his ear properly, so I'll blame this fault on his actions and not on the phone itself.

                  The radio on this handset is decent, easy to use and good quality. I use the radio regularly and it's a good way of getting new music without having to download them; this is particularly useful in the gym.
                  This phone does hold a decent music player and the quality and volume of the music when played through the phones speakers is decent. The music player is easy to use with the ability to create play lists and view your music through titles, albums, artist and all.
                  The phone features a 3.5mm earphone jack which is very useful as it enables you to use your common sized earphones from you iPod's or mp3 players.

                  Battery life;

                  Before purchasing this phone, I read many reviews stating the phone had a poor battery life. I was surprised to find the phone actually has a decent battery life and I have come to the conclusion that people are just far too fussy!
                  On a usual daily basis I use, messaging, voice calls, 3G and Wi-Fi along with an application which requires the internet which is on for most of the day. I tend to charge my phone every other day on average with the occasional time running into three days.
                  Only when I am continuously using my phone do I need to charge it after one day, although this is usually when I've found myself needing entertaining for a few hours and end up surfing the web and having multiple applications open for a long period of time.
                  When charging, I found the phone charges pretty quickly. After 30 minutes of charging the phone picks up about 30% charge although I tend to leave it overnight as I'm either too busy to leave my phone in one place for long, or I forget until bedtime.
                  After concerns that leaving my phone on charge overnight would decrease the battery life and harm it, It is a routine I have gotten into and it works for me. My battery doesn't seem to be suffering at all from me leaving it charged after it has reached the 100% mark, although I try as much as I can to pull out the charger if I manage to wake in the middle of the night.


                  I am VERY pleased with this phone, I am aware there has been the Samsung Galaxy 2 newly launched and I am very curious to see the differences and may even be tempted to switch to the newer Galaxy S. However for now, I am very happy.
                  The screen quality and battery life are fantastic and the phone is suitable for all of my needs.
                  Due to the recent price drop, I would recommend this phone to anybody wanting a decent fantastic quality smart phone as I think the new price is amazing!
                  With the price being at about £450 when I purchased the phone on contract, I wouldn't have been tempted to buy this phone, although £250 is hitting the 'average' price for a quality touch screen android phone on the market these days, and I think there will be a very sudden rise in sales.
                  The Samsung Galaxy S is a smart, easy to use reliable phone. With the only disadvantage being the lack of flash on the camera, this phone really is one to go for.

                  Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao.


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                    10.06.2011 10:18



                    Good phone let down by the poor GPS

                    The Super AMOLED 4 Inch screen on this phone is great. Its bright and colourful, and the text is very clear and easy to read. The camera is 5 mega pixels and the photos come out looking quite good for a phone camera, although it is let down by not having a flash light. The Videos are 720p and the quality is quite good. The phone is fast to respond to anything and can play any game or video due to the 1ghz CPU and PowerVR graphics processor.
                    The GPS on this phone is terrible, it lags behind your actual position by about 5 seconds which makes it unusable when driving. Connectivity wise, the bluetooth and WiFi work as they should and I've not had any problems with them. The speed on WiFi is pretty good considering it uses 'Wireless N'.

                    The battery life is reasonable if you do not have some application running in the background and draining the battery, I normally get a full day out of it.
                    Samsung are pretty good at keeping the software on the phone updated. It has been through 3 updates in the 9 months I've had it. It came with Android 2.1 (Eclair) which was then updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo) and that was then updated to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Each of these updates brought new features onto the phone, such as better GMail, better Maps, improvement to the existing applications etc.

                    The Google Market also has hundreds of thousands of applications available to download, which can be overwhelming at first. There is an app for almost everything and the majority of them are ad-supported free apps.
                    The phone was positioned at the high end of the market when it was released last year, it cost about £550, although now it can now be picked up for about £300. Overall, this is quite a good smart phone let down only by the poor GPS. It is still one of the best android phones available but if you need working GPS, avoid this phone.


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                      09.06.2011 10:37
                      Very helpful



                      An excellent phone that may just have Apple worried.

                      *** Farewell iPhone ***

                      I was an iPhone convert, I was all about the iPhone, the iPod, well basically anything with a lower case 'i' in front of it. Infact, when my 18 month contract came to its conclusion recently, I was certain that I wanted to sit it out and wait for the iPhone 5 to be released, however, I started to become more and more aware of the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung's leading smart phone, recently voted phone of the year. So after a lot of deliberation and after being wowed by the salesman in the shop, I was hooked and decided to take out a new 24 month contract with T Mobile.

                      *** Availability ***

                      I managed to bag the phone free, however, I've found myself tied to a 24 month contract which I can upgrade after 18 months. For this I receive 900 minutes, unlimited texts (actually 3500) and unlimited internet (1GB) for £35 a month, so all in all it's actually a pretty good deal. Coupled with two months of free insurance, which afterwards costs £8 a month, I was rather happy when I walked out of the shop.

                      I would recommend a contract phone, although if you're not 100% sure how much you'll use it, it may be wise to go for pay as you go, in which case you'll need to pay for the phone outright which will set you back around the £400 mark.

                      *** First Impressions ***

                      The first thing you'll notice about the Galaxy S is the clarity of the screen. After owning an iPhone 3GS and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread I now see why people have been raving about the Samsung alternative. The screen is Super Amoled, which is laymen terms means it has a brighter/more responsive screen that deflects sunlight and uses less power - what's not to like?

                      In the box you'll get all the usual kit - charger, USB, battery etc, however, I was surprised to find that there weren't any headphones included, which isn't much of an issue as I probably wouldn't have used them anyway, but for what they're charging me you'd think they could throw in a cheap pair of headphones.

                      Apple - 1
                      Samsung - 0

                      *** Setting Up ***

                      Setting up is simple, a lot more simple than the iPhone as it doesn't require to be set up via a laptop or computer. It's just the generic setting up process that we're all used to, but as it's a smartphone it eliminates some of the menial jobs (setting the time and date). If you want to use your phone in conjunction with your computer, you'll need to visit the Samsung Mobile website and download Kies, which is Samsung's alternative to iTunes and just as easy to use.

                      *** Touch Screen/Texting ***

                      Arguably the most important factor when considering a touch screen phone is the touch screen itself and I have to say there are no issues whatsoever. Everything is fantastically responsive and moves with the lightest touch. Scrolling is a doddle, simply drag your finger down the screen at your own speed and watch your phone do the rest of the work.

                      Texting will take a bit of time to get used to, the phone doesn't show much initiative when typing, unlike the iPhone that knew exactly what you were going to say before you did. I was disappointed to find that the predictive text was very mediocre and something you'd expect on a phone from 5 years ago. It doesn't add in apostrophes where they should be, that's left to you to go through the process of adding them in. I say this, but once you're used to the Samsung way of texting you will eventually find yourself typing away like a pro. I find it easier to type in landscape mode and flipping the phone on its side will put you in this view immediately.

                      *** Camera ***
                      With a 5MP camera under its belt, this phone isn't quite up to scratch with some smartphones which boast an 8 or even 10MP camera, but the Galaxy undoubtedly makes the most of what its got, with the fantastic screen quality elevating each picture. You wouldn't tell that pictures from this phone, were infact pictures from this phone, you'd assume they were taken on a digital camera with a high spec. It's the auto focus that really impressed me. Most cameras have facial recognition these days, but the Samsung takes it to another level, allowing you to decide where you want to focus, meaning you can tap anywhere on the screen and the camera will focus in on that point, ensuring that even if the phone is moved in the process of taking the picture, that focus point won't emerge blurry.

                      *** Internet ***

                      In a word - fantastic. Better than the iPhone you say? Yes! On every possible level. This is like using a laptop, it's fast, it's responsive and it has a much more professional and elegant feel to it, because of the screen size and clarity, in comparison with the iPhone where, although good, it feels decidedly more amateur. The internet browser (run by Google - go figure) makes full use of the 4inch screen, without an options bar at the bottom the screen looks so much bigger whilst browsing the internet. It's a good idea to download an anti virus app (free) which will scan everything you download and protect you from any nasties while using the internet on your phone.

                      *** Calling ***

                      Making a call is simple enough, but when it comes to the sound quality it leaves much to be desired. The sound quality is often muffled and hard to hear and this makes it rather difficult to make a call anywhere apart from in a quiet area. Don't get me wrong, with the volume turned up, you can hear enough to make a call outside, but still the clarity isn't great and I was rather disappointed. The positives do outweigh the negatives in regards to this phone, but surely being the most basic feature of a phone and given how far phones have come along, getting it right isn't too much to ask is it?

                      *** Brain Box ***

                      This phone is constantly thinking of me and my needs and while doing this, it knows that I don't want the majority of the screen clogged up with unread messages, missed calls, emails and app alerts (yes I'm very popular!), so it keeps them in a tidy little space at the top of the phone. This bar at the top hides away unnoticed a lot of the time, but when you need it, you can drag it down to see all your new notifications, which I think has to be my favourite aspect to this fantastic phone.

                      *** Music/Memory ***

                      This phone comes in various different memory capacities - I opted for the 8GB for the sheer fact that I knew that a memory card could be installed. This idea, although a good one seems a little dated to me, but nevertheless I bought an 8GB memory card to bump my capacity up to 16GB and I'm glad I did, which ties in nicely with my next point - the music player...

                      I wasn't expecting to use it much, as I already had an iPod Nano 6G which I loved, but the music player is actually fantastic and the sound quality definitely redeems the poor clarity of calls. The music player organises your songs into alphabetical order, by artist or by album and there's also a shuffle option. Playing music does drain the battery at a shockingly fast pace, but I like it so much that I actually sold my iPod Nano. There are (free) apps you can download which you can download music from (again, for free) which are directed automatically to your music player. This is all above board and utterly superb.

                      *** There's A World Out There... ***

                      I thought the Apple 'app' store couldn't beaten, I now know that it can. The Android Market Place (the app store alternative) is easy to use and best of all, the majority of apps are free, unlike the app store where the only decent ones you had to pay for. I've downloaded many of the 'paid for apps' from Apple that you can download for free from Android (Angry Birds, Whatsapp). What also surprised me was the speed in which the apps are downloaded. The apps from Apple could take minutes at a time, even when connected to WI-FI, but the Galaxy downloads apps in seconds and that's without a WI-FI connection.

                      *** Battery Life ***

                      This is a big thing for iPhone users as the battery is very poor indeed and I wish I could tell you that Samsung had upped the ante with their Galaxy, but unfortunately it's much the same. I find myself charging mine every night, but I am an avid texter, caller, internet user and music listener so if you don't use it as much as me you may get two to three days out of it.

                      *** Styling/Security ***

                      This is a very nice looking handset. I didn't think anything could surpass the iPhone in terms of styling, but I think we may have a front runner in the Galaxy. First of all it's noticeably bigger and it looks a little bit more modern than the iPhone. I must say that I was never really drawn to this phone, because I had only ever seen pictures of it, which make the phone look very dated and generic. You really need to see this phone up close to appreciate it. It's a gorgeous bit of kit.

                      I always like to protect my gadgets, whether it be with a case and screen protector (which I had thrown in free for buying the phone), or with pin codes and passwords. This phone enables a pin code to be put on the sim for when turning on and for the phone itself there's the option which is one of the best things about this phone. You can either set a passcode or password, or, and here comes the ingenious bit, you can draw a pattern to allow access instead. I, of course went for the pattern and it's an excellent way of gaining access to your phone without having to remember a code.

                      *** Overview ***

                      To sum up I really cannot fault this phone in any major way. Yes the sound quality could be better and texting could be a little bit more intuitive, but really these are minor flaws that you eventually learn to live with and in return you get a fantastic handset, with ingenious little features, which I believe are unique to Samsung phones. The tool bar alone is a fantastic inclusion and the music player just tops it off nicely.

                      Well done Samsung.

                      Highly recommended.


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