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Samsung Tablet Galaxy Note N7000 16 GB

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Samsung Tablet Galaxy Note N7000 16 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      10.12.2013 00:09
      Very helpful



      You just CANT go wrong with this phone, it's thin, light, powerful and stylish, get it NOW!

      I've had a few phones, like anyone else i've been through Nokia handsets, Sony Ericsson, this was all in the days of small screens, mp3 ringtones were just coming in and things were a bit boring...

      ...and then came the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000....BANG!

      That's right, the big BANG in the phone world was THIS very model.

      It has a 5.3" screen, 1.4ghz dual core processor, 16gb of built in storage, expandable memory card slot up to 32gb, wifi, gps, android 2.3 (which can be upgraded, right now i'm on 4.2) 8mp camera...the list goes on but i'm confident to say that in the year i've had this phone i haven't been tempted to upgrade it, not even once.

      It's a beautiful phone and a strong one too, i've clumsily dropped it three times from a height of around 3 feet and it's barely got a stcratch on it, it's remarkably strong, the screen is made from gorilla glass, the body from super hard plastic, the battery is removable, giving you more than a full days usage with all settings bumped to the max, factoring in the fact you can get extended batteries for this phone you can keep it running EVEN longer.

      It's GORGEOUS for playing movies and games, just head to the google play store that you can find on the home screen, dead trigger 2 is just beautiful for getting your kicks with a bit of first person shooting.

      I haven't even got into just how much you can do with this phone, but to summarize..

      Chat for next to free using voip telephone services using your 3g connection
      Shoot movies at full hd (1080p)
      take photos using the 8mp camera
      Blackberry messaging is now supported
      impressive gaming capabilties
      over 100,000 apps on the google play market for android
      winamp (yes we have an official android winamp player!)
      Stylus included with a space in the phones body to put it away once you're done using it
      800 x 1280 5.3" resolution screen (gorgeous)

      This phone is just premium all the way, fast processors for both graphics and gaming, this phone a real joy to use, my phone runs super smooth, it's fast, responsive has multiple storage options and as an added extra Android keeps getting updated all the time, each time giving you better and better performance from your handset and giving you useful tweaks.

      If you're looking for a Smartphone do yourself a favor and make sure it's this one, for the price and the features you're getting it's a higher resolution than an iPhone, the battery lasts longer, that battery is also removable, the screen is bigger, more colorful AND you get a stylus, top that Apple!

      You just wont regret getting this phone as it has so many useful features and entertainment options that you'll never be asking "why can't i do this with my phone", with the Note you CAN!


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      25.11.2013 02:27



      Worth every penny.

      I would be lost without my tablet. I have it with me at all times, because it is perfect for any situation. There is a wide variety of apps that you can download from the google play store, and you can have plenty because of the amazing memory space that it holds. It is very light, and easy to carry around in your bag, providing that you have the appropriate case on it. Without a case, you have the risk of the screen smashing, which you really don't want. Although it already has plenty of memory on it, you can add in another memory card, which is great if you are using it for school, college, or work. You can download powerpoint presentations onto it, which is excellent for school. It has a good size screen, and the camera is very good, too. One on the front, and one on the back of it. Although it is quite sturdy (I've dropped mines a million and ten times) it would be best to get a case for it, just in case you have bad luck. It's easy for adults and children to use!


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