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Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro

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    3 Reviews
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      30.10.2011 20:28



      Nice easy phone to use for people that like typing fast or with big fingers.

      This phone does have its disadvantages such as the qwerty keyboard when its slid up the hinges underneath the casing wears away which you would think was a slow process but oh no mine was broken within about 3 months which was not good since i was on contract. If you just want a phone that you will only sometimes use the keyboard then its quite alright because the keyboard isn't being used much. The screen is just the right size for people with big hands, also the keyboard is EXCELLANT for people with big hands because the buttons are spaced very nicely.
      With phones now days everyone has to have good internet for Facebook,Msn,Twitter and other popular websites such as these and this phone is just right for this because it is very good for speed and searching through websites, also with a click of a button you can pop up the search bar and look for certain words or links on the website which is extrememly useful.
      In total this phone is good except for the hinges part which is a big downfall.
      This phone wouldn't be a good choice for someone that wanted a long lasting phone which may cost a bit more but you can't put a price on something that is going to last a long time.

      The battery life on this mobile is useless especially if you work long shifts and need it to last incase of emergencies which is important.
      There wasn't many good features on this mobiles which i found dissappointing because there isn't much else to do on the phone unless you have internet.
      transferring files is easy with this phone and only needs a usb cable to do so, lots of things can be transferred to this mobile because of the memory card that comes with it which is 8GB unles they have changed it which i dont think they have.



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        05.08.2011 13:51
        Very helpful



        Good quality phone

        Background info:

        My last two phones have been Sony Ericsson, so when my contract came up for renewal towards the end of last year I decided to go for another SE phone. They have always served me well so I was happy to stay with them. I was initially interested in the Xperia but I find it to be too large and the Xperia Mini too small. So the next phone on my list was the Vivaz, I chose the Pro version which comes with a slide out keyboard (and a lower res camera).

        What's in the box:

        Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
        8GB memory card
        USB adaptor (memory card to computer)
        Charger-USB lead can be removed from plug to allow charging through a computer

        I was pleased with the inclusion of a memory card as the last SE phone I had didn't come with one and you really do need it. I like that the charger splits into two so you don't need a separate connection cable as well. The headphones are uncomfortable, I never use the headset but if you were interested in this phone and wanted to use headphones I would recommend buying some better ones.

        Phone design:

        The Vivaz Pro has a full screen touchscreen with 3 buttons just below the screen on the front of the phone. The slide out keyboard surprisingly hasn't added too much depth to the phone; it is still a nice size in the hand. The back of the phone is curved in order to feel more natural and comfortable when being held sideways.

        The camera and light are on the back of the phone along with the power button. There is a USB port and a headphone jack on the side left of the screen. On the opposite side there are buttons for the camera: zoom, camera/movie mode and a button to snap a shot.

        The phone is available in white and black. I have the black version although it is actually more of a dark grey.

        Weight: 117 grams
        Screen: 360 x 640 pixel
        Dimensions: 109 x 52 x 15 mm

        The size and the weight of the phone are great, however the layout of the buttons does cause me a few problems. Having the power button on the back means it turns off quite a few times when it is in my pocket. An even bigger problem for me is the camera button, if you hold this button down the camera starts up. I have taken many pictures of the inside of my pocket since getting this phone, it's blummin annoying. I would rather the camera button didn't unlock the phone, I know this would mean that I would have to go through the menu when I do want to take a picture but it's not like that takes very long.

        The keys on the keyboard are a good size, much easier to use than tiny keys on other phones like the Blackberry Curve. It is a standard QWERTY keyboard with number accessed through use of a blue shift key. There is also a symbol menu. The one button that is a bit of an odd choice in my opinion is the languages button. It looks like a globe so I assumed it accessed the internet but it doesn't, it allows you to change the language half way through a message. I don't know if anyone writes messages in multiple languages but it has been no use to me whatsoever.


        The main menu of the Vivaz Pro resembles that of many a smartphone in that it contains rows of icons. You use the touchscreen to select the feature you want to use. There are 12 icons in the main menu and they are as follows:

        - Messaging
        Obviously this is where you access your text messages and write new messages. There is an option to view text messages in conversation form, so you can see what you've both wrote. This takes quite a while to load, if I can't remember what I said I go into Sent messages and have a look there, I find it is much quicker. I know a lot of people prefer conversation mode so it's there if you're interested.

        In messaging you can also find access to email. You can get emails automatically pushed through to your phone or update it manually depending on your preference.

        There are numerous ways of entering text when writing a message/email. The keyboard is my method of choice nearly 100% of the time but if you prefer touchscreen you can choose from full QWERTY keyboard, mini QWERTY keyboard (very fiddly), alphanumeric keyboard (classic phone texting style) and the handwriting tool (it never gets the right letters/words for me). I chose this phone for its keyboard as I am so useless with a touchscreen, nice to have the option I guess.

        - Internet
        This button opens up a new web page. Every time you connect to the internet, a little box pops up asking you how you wish to connect. You then choose either Wi-Fi or your networks internet connection. It can be a bit annoying when it keeps asking you how you want to connect but it is only a mild annoyance.

        I find browsing the internet on my phone quite easy. Occasionally when scrolling down the page I press too hard and it takes me off to a new page, other times it doesn't respond to my touch. It has a mind of its own sometimes.

        - Camera
        The camera is 5MP and it records in HD. The camera itself has a few different features, there are four different shoot modes: normal, panorama (you take 3 photos and it puts them together to get a nice landscape), smile detection (shoots when you do a big smile) and touch capture (shoots when you touch the screen rather than press the button on the side of the phone). You can also change the focus and exposure if you like to tinker with your camera settings. There is also an image stabiliser, zoom, timer and light. Annoyingly, there is no flash, just a light.

        The camera is good as long as you don't zoom in. The filming quality is great as well. It is slightly disappointing as the last phone I owned had a better quality camera. It seems that cameras in phone are getting worse in general though. The things I take pictures of on my phone don't really have to be amazing quality, if they did I would buy an actual camera. It does the job but don't expect anything brilliant. A flash would have been much appreciated.

        - Media
        From here you can access photos, music and video. I never play music on my phone so I can't comment on the quality of the playback. You can scroll through the photos you have taken; it took me a while to get used to scrolling through them, when I first got the phone I would go past 10 photos with one drag on the screen. Like with all touchscreens, it just takes getting used to.

        - Contacts
        Adding and editing contacts is simple enough. It is possible to sort contacts into groups which is a nice feature if you want to contact certain people quickly.

        - Games
        There aren't actually any games on the Vivaz Pro, the games icon takes you to an EA menu so you can select which games to buy. I have clicked on every one of the games and none of them are compatible with the phone. Very strange, I honestly don't know why they bothered putting the EA pack on there.

        Surely they could have put a few simple games on the phone, or at least an option to buy games that are compatible with the phone.

        - Entertainment
        From here you can access the radio feature; you will need to plug in a headset in order to do this. There is also TrackID, this identifies a track that is playing by recording a sample. I have tested it and it does work but I haven't ever actually needed to use it. The Chat icon allows you to access your conversations (same as through Messaging) and online instant messaging services. Finally, there is a record sound function. The playback is a little quiet for my liking; I use it more as a timer to be honest as the Vivaz Pro doesn't have one for some reason.

        - Location
        This is the Vivaz Pro's GPS service, Wisepilot. I messed around with this when I first got the phone, seeing if it knew where I was (obviously it could). Now when I go on it, I get a message saying my subscription is no longer valid and I have to pay in order to use the service. At £1.50 a day, I would have to be really lost to use it.

        - Calendar
        The calendar function allows you to input meetings and important dates as well as setting a reminder if you want one. One of those 'useful' features that I never use.

        - Log
        Records a log of all calls taken, made and missed.

        - Organiser
        Apps-the phone comes loaded with a Facebook app and a Twitter app. As the phone operating system is Symbian, there aren't as many apps available as on Android etc. I have had a look online and all the apps I found weren't compatible with the Vivaz Pro. So if you want apps, do not get this phone. I find enough distractions to stop me doing anything useful as it is so I really do not need apps, so it isn't a problem for me.

        Adobe pdf and Quickoffice are pre-loaded on the phone. You can view documents but if you want to create a new document you need to purchase a license.

        The following features are also available from the Organiser menu: clock/alarm, search, notes, converter (currency, length...), calculator, RoadSync (pushes through corporate emails, calendar entries etc.)

        - Settings
        Finally, the settings menu. You change alter the usual: tones, theme, background, bluetooth etc. etc. The themes aren't great, I've gone for the plainest one simply so it doesn't hurt my eyes/kill the battery.


        The battery life is not good if you actually use the phone. In standby mode it goes on for days, but if you go on the internet, message quite a bit, use the camera...then the battery suddenly dips down to red. It is annoying how quickly it goes from the half full battery icon to red, try and keep it fully charged if you plan on medium to heavy usage.

        The phone does occasionally freeze, sometimes just for a few seconds, sometimes a lot longer. This seems to be a common problem with SE phones. Irritating.

        When you first get the phone and try to remove the back cover to insert the battery, it is so stiff. I thought I was going to snap the plastic back off; I would advise being very gentle with it at first otherwise you might have a broken phone straight away.

        User Opinion:

        While the Vivaz Pro isn't perfect, it does everything that I want it to. I use the messaging-email and text, internet and the camera the most. If you want applications, go elsewhere, this is not the phone for you. The Vivaz Pro is attractive and with the keyboard sliding out it has style but is still functional. I am on o2 and get great reception with this phone. I would recommend it and give it 4/5 :)
        Also posted on ciao under the username shabbating


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          14.06.2011 16:14




          Smart looking phone, with HD photo's and video recording which the quality was superb, however when changing Sim (O2 phone with new O2 sim) was very slow to pick up my contacts and pictures stored. Quite difficult to get use to if like me arent via techincal, slide out qwerty key pads is ok for those with small to average size fingers (unlike me) very app friendly, which once going could quickly flick from app to app, quick blue tooth speeds, can do mulitple tasks at once, not keen on the screen being mecury sensor ( like when the phone is up right the screen is the when horizontal the screen is) as it was rather slow to change. More for the photo video aspect rather than a phone phone. Can text using the touch screen but the predictive text is hard to switch on unless you read the entire manual overall its a nice little phone but needs some one with knowledge to use or atleast some one with the time to go through and look at all the features to the best use possible.


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