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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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21 Reviews

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 - Smartphone - 3G - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - touch - Android - black

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    21 Reviews
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      14.02.2013 14:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Reasonably good smartphone and fairly inexpensive

      This smartphone purchase was my first and I wanted to own and use this phone for making mobile cellphone calls. I read up on the CPU speed and was impressed considering the budget price of this type of smart phone. It has a camera, radio and Internet capabilities. I had the choice of going on Vodafone or Orange and choose Vodafone despite the slightly higher pay as you go tariffs. The world of Apps is something that also interested me in buying this product and have read that the Sony Ericsson has popular apps that can be used. I also researched that the mobile phone runs on the android operating system.

      Sony Ericsson X8

      I bought this from phones4u store for £79,95 and had to pay an additional £20 air time top up voucher on Vodafone which brought my total spend to £99.95. I thought to myself Sony a global and reputable consumer electronic product provider suited my needs well, without having to spend more money on rival brands such as Apple, Blackberry. Carphone Warehouise and some other cellphone retailers are offering this same phone for about £30 extra for the same phone. The mobile phone was available in Black color or a White and pink design. I went for the more traditional and masuline black color version. The phone I received was a brand new with the packaging, and inside the box was the phone itself, with a nice and small but compact cellphone charger and some instruction manuals. I was advised to charge the phone at first for 8 hours before using it.

      The phone has a cpu speed of 600mhz which is reasonably fast, it uses the andriod operating system yet only has a memory of 128mb. The 3inch screen is a flat screen. When making text messages and making calls the phone is simple to use. The reception bar rate I receive is only 2 out of 4. I find that this is slightly disappointing, though I have been told that the call quality in general is good and clear.
      The box came with a host of instructions and manuals that I read most parts of it carefully to understand how to use the phone. Also in the box was a set of headphones that can be used to listen to the radio setting, the battery charger, and a few screen protectors which is a good inclusion as well.

      Design of the phone

      My impressions of the phone when I looked at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 was a positive one. I also had a look at the Sony X10 though I did not like the flip down keyboard section to that model, and in looking the Sony X8 is a well designed and easy to use phone. Regarding the navigation is made easy by having 3 buttons that enable people to carry out tasks on the phone. Similarly the side button works in taking pictures when using the camera option. I definitely like the look and the design of the phone as the screen size is compact at 3inches and I am able to make phone calls and do other tasks on the phone with effortless ease. The good aspect of the phone that I have seen is that the outer shell of the phone is not thick or wide. This in my mind makes the phone appear nicely designed.


      Despite the smallish screen the cellphone has a tilt mechanism which makes the keyboard appear bigger from the side. This makes entering telephone numbers, adding contacts and entering Internet addresses easier. I also find that when I use additional features of the phone that the navigation is quite simple and straightforward.

      The camera on the phone is good quality as it has a clear image and is focused. It does not have a flash feature. I have found the images that I have taken to be clear and camera phone worthy.
      I have found it easy to make calls, and add contacts to my list. I do not use the Internet facility regularly though the speed is also acceptable and reliable.


      Having owned this smartphone for a month now, I have used the fm radio and listened to the radio on the phone using some quite poor/average headphones and have found that the actual volume is quite low. This makes listening to the fm radio quite an average experience at best. The phone had no problems when playing music tracks that were pre-installed. The volume when listening to music is quite loud. This is good to know when downloading and then listening music on this smart phone.

      Secondly the phone does take about 10 seconds to load up the main menu from pressing the power button. This will be a bit slow for some prospective buyers of the phone, but it does power up well and the battery life is also good.

      Look and feel

      The look of the phone is sleek and compact and is pleasant to look at. I liked the size of the screen which is quite a good size though smaller than an iphone screen. Secondly the weight of the phone feels slightly heavy though it is not really a big issue in the overall picture.

      Durability & Robustness

      I find that the phone is easy to handle and easy to use overall. I would not think twice regarding misusing the phone or dropping it on the floor. I do like the touchscreen navigation facility and the three silver color navigation buttons as well. The phone looks well designed and pretty neat. The build quality looks strong and does not appear to be flimsy or poorly designed in any shape or form.

      Battery Standby time

      Having charged my phone for 8 hours before I started playing around on it for the first time, I feel that this was a good start in ensuring that my phone battery charges up and stays charged for a good level of time. I would approximate the battery life to be around a day or 2, from fully charged. I do not use the phone for heavy usage in terms of surfing the Internet all the time and for making too many phone calls, though I do charge the phone up during the evening/night.

      Range of features

      The features of the phone are that it is easy to connect to the Internet browser using Wi-fi. I also can download free and paid for applications. There are a good number of games pre installed which are slightly entertaining to play. Also on the phone is a fm radio which I found ok but basic. The camera is also easy to use and can capture good quality pictures from the camera function. The pictures that I have taken so far have been clear. The button to take the pictures is a small button on the right hand side of the phone which took me a while to figure out. The phone has a contact feature which allows people to save their contacts. The phone has a fast button to download and pay for apps in the 'Market'. The phone has an alarm and people can connect to facebook, google maps, Youtube, and try out/pay for GPS navigation. The most interesting feature I have seen is TrackID which allows people to record music from a TV or any external speaker. The phone also has Officesuite installed. Overall there are plenty of features that this phone has.

      Ease of Use

      At first I had a few teething problems with using the phone though I am fully aware of how the phone works now. The one thing I do not like is that it takes about 10 seconds or so to get started from the moment I hit the power button. The processor speed is around 600mhz so this impacts on the speed of the navigation on the Internet browsing. I have downloaded a few apps and have the speed of the phone is quite good without being superbly fast.

      Reception Quality

      Having made a good number of calls to businesses and my family I am very happy with the quality of the reception and signal in my area. I spoke to my brother about the reception and call quality and we could hear each other well. Similarly when I have spoken to business contacts I feel that the conversation goes well as a result of the cellphone quality.

      Value for money

      So far I feel that this phone is an easy to use and has all the range of features that most people could possibly want. My own usage is primarily on making the occasional phone call and by using the Internet when I am on the move. Consequently I feel that I have got my money's worth with this phone. As such this phone is in the recommended bracket. It may not be as fast as some of the more expensive iPhones though what it does have is a good range of features and also has a reasonably good Internet browsing speed. At the £80 mark for the phone this I feel is worth the money spent.


      Whilst I would consider other cell phones in the future I have to say that I slightly feel good about my purchase. I think that this phone will last the test of time in the short to medium term and I feel that the Sony X8 is a good budget entry level smartphone. For the price I think it is a really good Smart phone


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        11.11.2012 11:32



        I've had this phone since December 2011. After the first 6 months it started to deteriorate ,apps would delete themselves and the phone really wasn't good value for money. If someone is attracted to this phone because of the price i'd say you're better off investing in something cheaper


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        18.10.2012 20:19



        One of the best android phones I am yet to buy. If you looking for a good phone this is you phone

        I purchased my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 around 2 years ago when it was on offer, I wanted the next model up but the price was a little too high for me so I went about getting the X8.

        Been a Sony Ericsson fan fro mthe old cybershots and still have them as a spare handset I needed an upgrade so made the move to buying this one.

        The feel of it is good it is a good weight too not too heavey and full of features I use day to day.

        After loading many apps to it from the android market I see why this phone was on offer. Simply becasue when you got more apps on it the phone slows down to a point where it can restart and crash. So I took it back asked what could the problem be and said too many apps on phone you need to mvoe them to sd card. Once he shown me how to do this I got my speed back. but that was not enough I wanted more out of such a phone and it was not giving it.

        I then spent some time online looking around different websites and then found a forum where they inport the software firmware and roms from other phones.

        This I will warn anyone that you can brick your phone if you do this wrong.

        I spent a few hours fiddling around and manged to put a custom rom on it and a custom kernal on it.

        Now am a lot more happy becasue things run a lot smoother, faster and has options in it for when you are about to install an app it gives you the option to install on phone or on SD card making it a really good option and makes things a lot more simple to do.

        The only thing I do not like on it is the cam due to low quility recording. But for a 3mp cam on it you cant complain if its a nice day or so then you can get good pictures. No back light for nights and no flash on it to take pictures in dark places.

        An added option is getting a bigger sd card as I had a 8GB come with it however upgraded to 16GB and boy oh boy Its an all in one can addd my media to it listen to music even watch films on it for long travals.

        With having a custom rom on it making calls and even options to record them too comes in very handy for when you get un wanted calls such as marketers and sales calls.

        One of the best free aps am using on this is route finder and google mapas with built in sat nav. Voices are a little hard to understand at times but apart from that it is perfect.

        Battery on standbay lasts a long time, however if i am using the phone a lot I will be lucky toget maybe 2 to 3 hours out of it before having to charge up.

        Apparently you can assign a tone to each contact, i am yet to find this feature and believe me i have tried! Same goes for having a picture for a contact, unless they are in my facebook friends (it automatically syncs contacts to include thei profile pictures (this is optional)) i just cannot find how to do it!

        All in all this phone is pritty good for the money I spent on it and have just got a 2nd one due to some of the apps I use on the other handset as can earn points and rewards so might as well make more with 2 handsets.

        My rating for this phone is a 6 out of 10.


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        18.09.2012 12:14
        Very helpful



        Nice little phone but don't get your hopes up too much!

        I purchased my X8 a year ago now, i originally wanted the X10 but that wasn't available on my contract (orange), i wanted a Sony due to having one previously which i had been very happy with so the guy in the shop suggested the X8.

        I was happy to begin with, the look and feel are good, small, lightweight and quite pretty with the slightly sparkly back cover...however within minutes of fiddling around with it i discovered you can't change the theme from blue! NOOOOO!!! Now i'm a very girly girl so i wanted pink naturally, after about 30 minutes of googling i found you CAN change the theme BUT it would involve hacking into your phone and invalidating the warranty so decided that wasn't the best idea! Blue it would have to be, BOOOOO! :(

        The text messages are easy to use, keyboard is quite sensitive but if you have predictive text switched on it generally understands what you are trying to type if you tap the wrong letter, although it is worth re reading, predictive text and auto correct aren't always your friend! It is wise to delete texts every few days though has it does slow the phone down greatly if you have too many stored.

        The camera....well, its not great to be honest, 3mp, no zoom and no flash. You can zoom into the pivture after taking it but there is no crop option so i have had to do editing once pictures are loaded onto my computer, which incidently you do by attaching your phones charging cable (it is plugged into the mains charger via USB, clever idea, saves having wires everywhere for different functions).

        Music player is great, sound quality is very good for a phone, volume can be controlled even when keypad is locked by using the volume control buttons on the side of the phone, the only problem with it is it kills your battery!

        Browser is good, you do have to zoom in on all web pages but once you have got used to that its good, my internet is pretty quick on my phone although i do tend to connect via wifi a lot, 3G connection is slower but still its not awfully slow. Only problem is again it kills your battery.

        Phone calls...hmmm, my phone is VERY quiet even with speaker volume on full, people must think i'm deaf when they ring me!, its also annoying when trying to hang up, i always end up trying to add contact or get into phonebook when i'm trying to end a call, even a year on from getting the phone!

        Apparently you can assign a tone to each contact, i am yet to find this feature and believe me i have tried! Same goes for having a picture for a contact, unless they are in my facebook friends (it automatically syncs contacts to include thei profile pictures (this is optional)) i just cannot find how to do it!

        The phone comes with some apps already installed, i haven't used the majority of them and they cannot be deleted which is annoying considering there isn't much memory on the phone. The app market is great but beware how many apps you download, its slows your phone down drastically, i have angry birds and have got used to it now but you cannot zoom out on it so you just have to shoot and hope for the best as you cannot see the full screen, it also lags quite badly. I downloaded an ebook reader app which is great, its like owning a mini kindle.

        A couple of annoying things that happen with my phone...it switches itself off quite often, it changes my ringtones randomly so i never know its my phone ringing!, it switches on delivery report in the text settings quite often which uses up my credit. These could be fixable problems though, i have had it a year so maybe its to do with a software update or something...

        Finally the biggest problem is battery life, its TERRIBLE! i have to charge my phone every single day despite not using it all that often, i always have to ensure my background data is off, 3G is off when not being used, screen brightness is at the lowest setting, and i have to use a task killer several times a day. It is still dead by the time i hit the sack!

        All in all it serves its purpose for me, i can text, check my facebook and read my ebooks with ease, however if you want a phone to act as an mp3 player,camera or for browsing the internet all day everyday its probably not your best choice mainly due to battery life problems.

        I do love my X8, i just wish its menus weren't blue!!! :P

        Thanks for reading :)


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          30.08.2012 17:17
          Very helpful



          The X8 is a good alrounder, but if you want something faster its not for you.

          I have always been a fan of Sony Ericsson phones, so when time came to upgrade last year it was only natural for me to choose another Sony Ericsson. What I really wanted was a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, what I ended up with was the X8 as I was informed that 3, my contract provider no longer did these handsets for contract phones. So off I pottered full of disappointment clutching my new Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.

          In a bid to cheer myself up I brought a screen protector and a rubber case for it off the market and headed home to get to know my new companion for the next two years.

          The X8 comes packaged in a relatively small box; in the box were the phone, and a charger and some instruction manuals. I assembled my new phone by inserting my contract sim, my micro SD memory card into the back; I then connected the battery and clipped on the back. Next to assemble was the charger, this came in three parts that clicked together easily. The X8 comes with the standard mini USB port for charging, the lead on the plug can be removed and used to connect your X8 to the computer via the USB.

          I connected my phone to the charger and patiently waited for it to be fully charged while I read the instruction manuals, Ha, if only that was true. As soon as the X8 showed a spark of life I started messing around with it.

          In all honesty I do not use my phone to its fullest capacity; I use it for calls, texting and occasionally browsing the internet. So this review will cover all aspects of my use and experience with the phone after owning it for 15 months.

          The phone is very light weighing in at only 104 grams, the exterior of the phone is a glossy black with sparkly flecks through it. The rear of the phone is slightly curved for more comfortable holding and has the Sony Ericsson branding on and a lens for the rather disappointing 3 mega pixel camera. At the top of the phone there is the on/off button, a port for headphones and the mini USB port. On the right side of the phone are a volume control and the button for taking photographs. The front of the phone has a nice looking 3 inch TFT touch screen that is supposedly scratch resistant, And the menu button, home button and the back button.

          Using the phone is quite simple once you get used to the touch screen technology, the screen is very responsive, even with a screen protector on it need only the lightest touch.

          Everything in the phone can be customised to your own tastes. The home screen has an icon in each corner, mine are messaging, note pad, key pad and address book, but these can all be customised easily by long pressing icons in the menus and switching them with the ones in the corners.

          The X8 comes preloaded with many apps, most of which I have never even started up, there is Foursquare, Spotify, Latitude, Facebook, OfficeSuite, Geotags and Google Maps to name but a few. There is also Apps Market where you can easily download as many free or paid for Apps as your heart desires, the only issue can be lack of memory and the actual processor speed of the phone.

          Now onto the texting, this is very simple you short press the messaging symbol on your phone, this then opens up your messages, and from here you can choose to compose a new message or open up an already running conversation. What I really like about the X8 is that it displays texts as conversations, so you can easily see what you have been sending and receiving to each person. The keyboard on the phone does take a bit of getting used to as it is QWERTY, and the buttons are tiny, it does help to have predictive text on though as this can usually make sense of what you are trying to write, but you should always read your message through before you send it just in case it makes no sense. I have tried using other types of keyboard that I have downloaded from the Apps market, they have been relatively easy to install and use but I have always come back to the default input as that seems the quickest and easiest.

          Making calls on the phone can sometimes be a bit tricky, you can select a name from the address book and then press the number to make a call or you can manually type the numbers in using the keypad. While the sound quality during a call is good quality I do find that occasionally I can mute a call with my cheek while talking. Ending a call can sometimes be a bit awkward as I sometimes put people on hold rather than end the call, and I still don't know how I do it. Answering a call is quite easy, you simple swipe your finger left to right across the screen, or right to left to reject the call.

          I do occasionally use the phone to take photographs, and I find that most of the time I am disappointed, there is no flash and no zoom. To get a closer picture I have to move my arm closer to the subject. The quality of the pictures is not very good; I only take pictures to send as messages or just to keep for personal use or sources of reference. The phone also has the option for taking videos, I have never used.

          Internet browsing on the phone is relatively simple providing your network allows it. The pages load up quite quickly, but due to the size of the screen they are quite hard to view and you need to zoom in. I mostly use the browsing for checking my contract allowances and keeping an eye on eBay.

          As I previously mentioned you can download Apps and games. I have downloaded a few games such as angry birds and Tetris, but I have deleted them after a short while as the processor speed of the phone is really not fast enough to play games without the game staggering.

          I have also used the Google Maps App, and it does work very well. It has been used as a back up to the Tom Tom when old Tom seems a bit confused about where he is going. You can link the Google Maps to the contacts in your Gmail and if the people in your contacts also make use of Google Maps on there mobile phone you can locate them via the GPS on there phone. You do need to activate this before you can use it and activate GPS on your phone, I have activated this on my kids phones and they know to turn there GPS on if they ever get lost so I can easily locate them, it is accurate to within 30 meters, provided it has access to satellites.

          Each contact in the phone is customisable; you can add a picture and individual ring tone for each contact. The phone supports MP3 ring tones, and plays them very clearly.

          The phone does have a very good music player in it that can be used to play MP3's these are easily loaded on to the phone by plugging the memory card into a PC and dragging and dropping tracks onto it, I use the MP3's as ring tones as my ears just don't get on well with headphones.

          The phone has the ability to do so much more than what I use it for and a full list of its specifications can be found at www.gsmarena.com.

          After using the phone for over a year I feel that the exterior is wearing well, it is scratch free as I have always kept it in a gel case of some kind, the screen only has a very small mark on it, unfortunately it is in the centre of the screen, but this does not hamper with my use of the screen and I now have a screen protector on it constantly.

          I have a few issues with the phone one is that the battery life is terrible, when I have WiFi or the 3G turned on the phone is lucky if it sees out a full 24 hours, if I am out for the day I make sure I have fully charged the phone or I have access to a charger. The second is that the speed of the phone is very disappointing, it can not comfortably run games like Angry Birds, and if the phone is storing a lot of text messages it can get very laggy and seems to take an age to open conversations. I regularly use a task killer and a history eraser in the hope of keeping my phone speedy. My final problem with the phone is that it is getting very selective over charging, sometimes it won't register the charger and I have to keep plugging and unplugging it till it notices it and it won't charger up fully to 100% any more.

          Overall the X8 has been a good phone for me as I feel something like a HTC Desire or a Samsung Galaxy would be lost on me, I do not use the phone to its full potential but it is nice to know that it is all there just in case I suddenly have the urge to Tweet or communicate my every possible thought with the world.

          Thank you for reading.


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            21.06.2012 23:16



            Good smartphone for someone on tight budget

            I have had this phone for over the year now. As my previous contracted ended I have decided to get my first smartphone and when went to the shop I looked at loads of different ones that could fit within my budget. I was very impressed with this phone, I have white edition which I love.

            Its smart looking and not too big in comparison to other smart phones that i have seen. One of the main reasons i chose this one is because it has 8.1 megapixel camera and with use of Android photography apps you can edit your pictures to make them amazing. Some of the best camera features are face recognition or smile detection. I only found one fault with the camera, it is little bit too slow taking pictures. Quality of pictures is very very good though.

            Phone has a wifi which is fantastic as i can connect to internet at home so its even quicker when browsing internet. Battery life is not too bad, only need charging every other day and I use facebook/internet on it daily. Phone comes with USB cable that can be plugged into the PC for easy upload of pictures/files onto the PC. This phone is pretty fast it has 1 GHz processor, fantastic 8GB memory SD card and 4" touch screen. I like that i can put icon on my screen for easy access like facebook, youtube or even drag contact names from my phonebook I use the most onto the screen for quick and easy access.

            Also Android market offers thousands of apps which can be easily downloaded, overall is a good smartphone.


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            28.05.2012 14:51
            Not Helpful



            Good phone - poor battery.

            The Xperia X8 is an extremely attractive phone with an easy to use touch screen menu. The camera has a good resolution and video capture and the MP3 functions are great with good sound quality. The wifi function is easy to set up and use and the built in access to android market means you can quickly customise the phone. On the downside the battery life is truly awful. Having previously always had Nokia phones with excellent battery life I was very disappointed to find that I was having to charge the phone every day. That was with minimal use of wifi and packet data and with the built in battery optimiser activated. Anyone who needs a phone with constant internet access should think twice before buying this one. Overall this is a great phone and well priced compared to some other options - just a shame it needs charging so often.


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              14.04.2012 16:12



              I love this phone

              I bought this phone as my first attempt at entering the new age of smart phones and I have not been disappointed. It looks good and with the android features it was well worth the money. The camera is satisfactory and has a video function which was a pleasant surprise.

              When you first start up the phone it has a very useful feature (setup wizard) that walks you though the basic uses of the phone and its various applications, not to mention helping you to set up the various social networking uses of these smart phones. I have found that this phone also incredibly strong and durable as i have dropped it many times on everything from tarmac to wet grass and it has been brilliant throughout!

              I found the fact you can have and almost unlimited supply of home screens awesome but then again there is no real organisation the the apps menu so you could spend some time trying to find the apps that you are looking for. The battery is quite good but if you run certain apps (angry birds) it does drain the battery really fast. When I bought the phone it cost the princely sum of £89 but you can pick one up now for around the same price. There are better and newer smart phones out now but I will stand by this phone as it is robust enough to survive me and styling enough to just look awesome!


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                13.04.2012 21:28



                A good budget android phone, but not as good as more expensive ones.

                I bought this phone on a very tight budget. I wanted an android phone with a reasonable camera, and I had very little money. This was one of the cheapest to have android, looks nice and have a good camera.

                For the budget, it's a good android, allowing use of apps from the market
                Decent enough camera
                All apps go straight to SD storage, unlike the HTC, which only some can. This means you don't run out of space as easily
                Pretty good reception
                Looks stylish
                Lots of home screens - as many as you want

                It can be slow when running apps that run fine on my partner's HTC
                Some apps can have problems and shut down or stop working
                The screen is a bit small
                The screen isn't as sensitive as it could be
                Texting can be difficult if you have chubby hands
                Apps aren't alphabetised, they seem very random, so they can be hard to find
                Very short battery life if using all day. Maybe 4 hours of constant use

                All in all, for a budget android, or as a starting phone to introduce you to androids, this is good. It has many points that need improvement, but for the price I'm happy enough.


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                29.02.2012 22:39
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                the perfect pocket sized phone!


                I purchased this product Christmas just gone, I had been hunting for a phone for a long time since my nokia broke so when I spotted this little pretty phone for a mere £100 pounds, I took it to the counter immediately and couldn't wait to get home and try it out.


                The product came in a sealed small box which was small enough to just about fit in my bag. When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the neatness and good organisation it had. Information Booklets were placed at the bottom of the box, wires were neatly tucked away at the bottom, and the phone was in a completely different section at the top of the box, displayed on its own and covered with cardboard neatly for protection purposes.


                Size and weight- taken from the three website
                Depth in Millimetres: 15.0
                Length in Millimetres: 54.0
                Width in Millimetres: 99.0
                Weight in Grams: 104.0
                The phone itself is quite stylish and the perfect size to hold in your hand, it slips perfectly in your pocket, or if you're taking a clutch bag out for the night, it's the perfect phone as its nice and small so can fit into whatever sized bag you desire. The back of the phone is plain black/white/dark blue (depending on which back you chose to place on), with 'sony Ericson' engraved in and experia in white writing next to it. It has a thin slit down the back of the phone to allow sound to amplify out. It also has a small hole for your camera. The back of the phone is very simple and a basic design. There are 7 buttons on the phone, 3 at the side, one for the camera, 2 for the up and down volume buttons. There are 3 at the front of the phone, the left one to get options up, the centre one to get onto the main menu, and the right one to click back. At the top of the phone is one button, which enables you to either lock the phone when clicked once or if you hold it, it enables you to activate silent mode, aeroplane mode or turn the phone off. The buttons are silver and stand out well on the black background; I find the buttons easy to use and very stylish. The front of the phone is mainly made up of the screen, with a small Sony Ericson sign at the top and buttons at the bottom. Overall I found the look of the phone very stylish and official and I'm certainly not embarrassed of pulling it out when I'm out and about.

                Making and Receiving Calls

                To make a call it's fairly basic, you either go to your contacts, click on your desired contact, hold the box where their number is shown and click complete action by using 'keypad' When your on your call or click on keypad and type your desired number in. There are 4 buttons around the name of the person, a button to mute the person, a button to put the person on loudspeaker, a button to put the phone down and a keypad button to write numbers in. This is the same when someone calls you. When receiving a call, things can become quite tricky, I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem however, my phone seems to ring before the call coming up on the actual screen and I have had cases where I have missed calls due to not being able to answer it. To answer a call or decline a call, you slide an arrow across to the desired action. I Do not like this feature and find it quite annoying as it makes it a lot more effort to answer my phone.

                Battery Life

                Talk Time Minutes: 340
                Standby Hours: 476
                I find the battery life of this phone very poor, sometimes it doesn't even last a full day which can be quite annoying if I have a long day at college and need to get in touch with someone. I charge the phone every night when I go to sleep until I wake up and cross my fingers that it will last the day.

                Memory Storage

                Memory Slot: MicroSD
                The phone comes with a 2gb memory card, however I swapped this for the 4gb I had originally in my other phone as 2gb doesn't go very far especially if you download apps, I have already ran out of space on my 4gb and I only have a few apps, so I do recommend buying a memory card with a large amount of space
                Phone Memory in Megabytes: 128.0
                This will not get you far at all on this phone, and if you want to download any apps, you really do need to get a memory card as you will not have enough room for all your info(messages, calls ect) and apps.
                Card Max Memory Size: 16.0

                Messaging Features.

                I found messaging very simple, there is a box saying 'write message then next to it, a box with a plus on it, where you can add a picture, take a photo, add a video, record a video or add a sound, at the top of the screen there is a box saying add recipient where you can choose a contact from your contacts or write the number in.
                You can download many IM services through the app store, such as facebook messenger, Skype, live profile, windows messenger and many others.

                Sound Formats.

                AAC- The sound is good quality. It is also very loud so speakers aren't always necessary although I'm sure everyone would prefer to use speakers than any phone but you are able to plug speakers into the phone through the 3.5mm headphone jack
                MP3 Ringtones- chose from your own sounds that you have downloaded or added to your phone through the computer.
                MP3- downloads music onto the phone through various apps or plug your usb lead into the computer and transfer music through that.


                Resolution in Megapixels: 3.2- technology is getting better and better every year and 3.2 is a decent megapixel for a camera. The camera is easy to use, simply by pressing the button on the side your camera is up and ready to go.
                Features of the camera
                You can swap from camera to video by simply pressing a button on the right of the screen; there are 4 different camera options- beach/snows, twilight, sports or auto. I tend to use twilight most of the time as it balances the light well. At the top of the screen is a small box with your last taken image in if you click on that it will take you to your gallery. When you take a photo there are 3 options on the screen, a delete button, a send button where you can send it straight to facebook or onto an email or through Bluetooth or messaging, if you have downloaded any apps, it may also give you options to send to some of these also. For example on my phone it gives me the option to send to facebook, Google mail, live profile, Picasa, road sync mail, bbc news, skype,and tumblr. And a button which enables you to use the picture as a contact picture or a wallpaper. When recording a video you have 2 options normal or for mms, to record a video, you simply click the side button then click it again to stop recording, the amount of time you can record for depends on the amount of memory on your phone.

                Network Features.

                Band: Quad
                I find 3G to be brilliant; it always has superb connection and loads WebPages quickly and properly. It works for all your apps as well as your normal browser and doesn't cost too much depending on your contract/deal.

                Connectivity Features.

                Bluetooth- Bluetooth is fairly good on this phone and you can be quite far away from the person you're connecting to, the only downfall I would say is it drains your battery.
                WLAN- I am a regular user of wlan, and I must say the wlan on this phone has turned out to be quite remarkable, it has good connectivity and connects to networks efficiently and easily.


                FM Radio- Great quality connects easily.
                GPS- Great quality, loads brilliantly, gets my location correct every time, can be used in co with other apps such as running programmes to map where you've been and set routes.
                Java-never used it, found no use.
                Loudspeaker- very loud and clear.
                Music Player- The music player is great, you don't have to stay on the music gallery, and you're free to roam around your phone while listening to your tunes.
                Video Player-The video player loads pretty quickly however sometimes it can cause the phone to freeze and not work again for a long time.
                Voice Dial- I have only used this once as I find no use for it, it recognises your voice very well though and would be a great feature for someone who can find some use for it.
                WAP Browser- quick loading browser. I find this browser very useful as it makes WebPages that do not have a mobile option smaller so you can see the whole of the webpage.

                Problems I found

                Taking the back of the phone is very difficult; you have to get your nail under it and pull it back which I often feel is going to make my nail come off if I'm not too careful.
                Freezes a lot
                When people are phoning me it takes a while to show up.

                Target audience

                I think this is the perfect phone for a teen mainly for the amount of apps you can download from the market, teenagers love their apps and I think would find this phone efficient for playing games, face booking, storing exam dates in the calendar and much more.


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                  23.01.2012 12:56
                  Very helpful



                  The content and design of the phone is great, although the battery life has contributed to 4 stars.

                  The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (white edition) arrived in my hands in August, so I've had 6 months experience with it. Therefore I feel a bit more experienced with it than a beginner.
                  Since it first arrived, I've been bewitched by its many features. This is my first touch screen phone and although it took about a month just to figure out how to work everything, it's been a great experience.

                  What I love about this phone:

                  The Design - Before I got the phone, I decided to look at some video reviews to see how it worked and what it looked like; which actually put me off the phone. This was because it was presented as being a lot bigger than what it is. I'm not saying this phone is super slim and compact because it is a bit thicker than the majority of phones, but the review I watched must have had their camera zoomed in because it appeared twice as big in the video. I prefer that it's a bit bigger because you always know it's there, and I always seem to forget where I put phones so it's an added bonus for me.

                  Touch Screen - This is my first touch screen phone and I love using the touchscreen facility! I also feel that the touch screen is quite responsive compared to others that I have tried. The only issue is that when it turns on, the touch feature lags a little bit but that fixes itself in around twenty seconds.

                  Apps (Android Market) - This is also the first time I have used the android market and this is one of the best things about the phone! I've downloaded tons of apps and when I'm bored of them they're deleted to make more space! Deleting apps is really easy, you just hold your finger over the app and it'll give you the option. I was actually considering purchasing a Kindle instead of this phone, but the phone was a gift and when looking at the Android Market I got the Kindle app for free (which is amazing!). The screen is big enough to read from and you can lock the page so that the light stays on which is another plus. It also has a zoom feature, and it automatically opens the last page you were on (on each book).

                  The earphone input - This is great because it fits all regular earphones (I think it's a 3mm jack if that's what earphones usually are). One of the issues I usually have with phones is that they come with really uncomfortable earphones which can't be changed but this phone doesn't have that problem.

                  Two Back Cover Designs - The white version of this phone comes with a plain white back as well as a white and blue back. I love this subtle ability to change the look of the phone and because they were free - even better!

                  What I don't feel is good about this phone:

                  Battery Life - Recently the phone's battery life has started to drain quite quickly. When I first got it, it could have gone a week at a time for battery, but it lasts three days if I'm lucky. I've checked battery use but it doesn't seem to make it operate for longer. I believe the phone is still under warranty so if it gets any worse I'll have to see if it can be fixed. This is the most prominent problem although I'm getting used to it needing charged more. In all honesty even if I had to charge it every day I'd still be happy because I love the phone's features.

                  SD Card Location - I find that the location of the (Micro) SD card slot is a bit inconvenient because you need to remove the back cover. This is probably more of a disadvantage to me because my old phone had it in the side which was a lot easier.

                  Back Cover - The back cover is secured by clips and when first putting it on and off it is a bit daunting because it sounds like cracking. It's not really a serious disadvantage but I thought I should inform you about it in the event where you do buy this phone.

                  Other aspects:
                  There are the typical features on the phone such as an alarm, calendar etc. but the phone also has timescape, places, wisepilot, maps; as well as lots of others. However, I don't use the majority of the included apps, so I can't really inform you about those.

                  This phone is approximately £80 to buy now, it is definitely worth that price, and it looks good. It has great features and if I had to make the choice over again I would want it again. The battery life is a big issue but it could just be my phone or there could be some setting that I've changed that's affected it. In my opinion this phone is great, but if battery life is an important factor for you I would consider alternatives as well.


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                  17.01.2012 13:23
                  Very helpful



                  see review x

                  I had to buy a new phone after I stupidly left mine in a taxi and never got it back, so I went down to car phone warehouse and had a browse round at their phones. I saw a few I liked but I needed one with a decent sized screen, as my eye sight is not that great. I knew what I wanted my phone to have, a decent camera, and also I wanted an android phone. So I finally settled on this one.

                  Setting up the phone

                  This is quite easy, you just insert the sim card and memory card in the slots in the back of the phone, then place the battery in, then place the back onto the phone by just pushing it on till it clicks, then you will need to charge it for a few hours, when you first turn the phone on, it will prompt you to set the date and time, so you do not need to look through your settings to do this, but you can alter it through your settings at a later date.

                  The only thing I find hard about setting up the phone is if you need to take the back off the phone again. It has no thing to press on the back to release it properly, so you have to get your nails under the edge and pull it off, so if you have no nails this can be pretty tricky. Also it is harder when you first buy the phone as it is more stiff to get off, but after a while it does loosen after a bit of taking off.

                  Making and receiving calls

                  This is a really easy function with the phone, you can do it by last calls, phone book, or type it in manually. To go through last calls, it is already set up to just press on your main screen, in the bottom left hand corner, you have like a small keypad, you just click on that and your last calls will come up, now for the dialling a number manually I actually struggled to find this, but its actually with your last dialled numbers, you have a thing at the top of your call log to press, after you have pressed that it will go to your number pad, then you just dial the number in. Your phone book, is also set up on your screen in the bottom right, with a little red phone on in a white back ground. Just click on that, then scroll down for the name you are looking for, on the phone book and last call log, you just need to click on the number and it will start to dial the number, on the manual number you need to press the green phone and then it will dial the number for you.

                  To end a call you need to slide it over to the end call and this will instantly end the call. You do need to be careful when you do this as if they end the call first then you may put your phone on silent which I have done several times as the same slide button also switches your phone to silent when its not in use.

                  To answer a call you again have to slide the line over to answer or you can slide it over the other way which will reject the call, but it does tell you at either end what its for. You can also silence the ringing, by touching the speaker at the top right of the phone, which I have done before when I do not want to answer and do not want them to know I have ignored them lol.

                  You can also adjust the in call volume while you are on the phone by tapping the buttons on the side of the phone, I find the phone is just loud enough on full for me to hear everything very clearly, so I always have this set to full.


                  Well this is just like most smart phones, you have a qwerty keyboard and its used in predictive text, which will give you the correct spelling of most words that are used, you can turn this off under settings if you prefer, but I find it easier to use this. If it does not recognize a word you can still use it by just pressing on the word, and then it will store the word in your phone for if you use it again. When you have typed out your message you need to click on add recipient, then it will come up with your phone book, but if it is a number you do not have stored you just type it in manually at the top of the screen, and then click done, and it will take you back to your message then just click send.

                  I prefer this phone as it stores all your messages from one person in the same place as a conversation, so it is always easier to find messages from one person that you are looking for. The only thing with it is, sometimes you might have loads of messages but want to keep one, so it will take you forever to delete each one separately, but to do this you press down on the message until you get the option up to delete message, or you can delete the full conversation from that person with that option, which is the one I use most.


                  The camera on the phone is 3mp which to be honest I thought would be really good, and it is as long as you are using it in a well lit area, the camera does not work very well in a dimly lit place, which I was quite disappointed at as I like to take pictures when I am out at the pub, which they really do not come out well, and they just look dark. The video on this is pretty much the same too, so I bought a separate camera instead lol.

                  To use the camera is pretty simple though you just click your camera icon to turn it on, then click the photo button at the top to take your picture. the video camera is just the same way but when you load your camera up you need to change it to video at the top of the screen it has the video sign just click that and it will change. All your taken pictures and videos can be found in gallery under your main menu.

                  Market place

                  This is already stored into your phone, and is under the menu bar, this is where you can download apps, including games, msn, facebook etc. Facebook and msn are both free and some games are but there are some apps that you do have to pay for, which I am not sure how you pay for them as I have never paid for any yet.

                  My overall opinion

                  So far I have never had no problems with this phone, I paid 110 for this but it was cheaper on some other networks but I had to pay that for an O2 phone. The phone is so easy to use, and it is very durable too, I have dropped this a few times, and it has not even got a scratch on it. The only downside with the phone is the camera but I think most phones are like this now, as none of them have flash built it no more. I would recommend buying one of these, I have had it over a year and it is still in good working order, and I have never had any faults with it so far.


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                  01.12.2011 04:24
                  Not Helpful



                  well for me it worht buying for my primary handheld

                  so i got this baby about february this year. that time was when android boom all around the world, and my old nokia 9300 is started to lagging. Instead of servicing it, i bought this x8. Took the white one, and finished exploring it just before i'm arrived to home ( from the store). Sony ericsson made android didn't as scary as it heard.

                  well for starter, it features a battery eater- 3g, i strongly recommend you to stick in 2g except that you in need for some fast browsing. the 3" tft capacitive touchscreen is more than responsive for me, and as usual, sony ericcson always impress me about it's camera.. it only 2 mpx but give me more than enough to took occasional photo. unfortunately, it didn;t have an autofocus fiture

                  the GPS, surprisingly, is not a battery eater feature. somethimes i miss typing in qwerty and bring out my old 9300, so this x8 just being used as gps (GSM turned off) and it hold out for more than 5 hours when i'm riding ( just random riding, didn't even know where to go. just want to make sure i recorded my travel line so i didn;t get lost)

                  the speaker is average quality but quite loud

                  and a played some HD clip in here ( limit the bitrate under 1200 kbps or it will start de-sync-ing)
                  but actually you just need a 480p because of it's resolution

                  and the shortcut provided by sony ericsson in the four corner of it's screen is actually being used ( set it on radio fm, contacts, opera web browser, and media)

                  media scape is REALLY crappy (-_-)a . i suggest you got other media deck. there's lot of app out there for android that combines fb, twitter, etc into one app

                  even when i'm using 8520 ( blackberry) right now, i still bring this one as sidekick, mobile gaming, and a little bit portable multimedia. it's not so good


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                    10.09.2011 23:27



                    A great android phone for people on a budget!

                    This is easily the best phone I have ever had. It is my second android phone, but having had experience using Blackberrys and iPhones, I still feel the X8 is superior to both. Firstly, the quality of basic elements such as texting and calling is very high. The sound quality on phone calls is excellent on both ends and the organisation of texts into conversations is brilliantly useful. The most impressive feature of the phone is its seamless links between facebook, twitter and text messaging conversations. The X8 uses Timescape to link all of these elements together, and does so brilliantly. The Timescape widget can be placed on your homescreen and allows you access to the entire history of communication you have had with a contact, whether it be via text, facebook messages or tweets. The contacts also link seamlessly, adding the Facebook profile pictures of any contact it recognises, despite variations in nicknames etc. The phone also works well with the android market, despite the version used being an earlier one than other android phones on the market. The touchscreen works perfectly and is sensitive enough to avoid errors when texting, but not so sensitive that it begins to move too fast or lose control as I have occasionally found with other phones. The only noticeable downside of this phone is the short battery life: I find I have to charge mine every evening as the battery reaches the warning zone of 15% by the end of the day. However, this takes into account my Solitaire and Facebook addictions. For normal users (texting and checking facebook every so often through the day) the battery is likely to last for somewhere between two and three days. Despite this concern, the battery life is still superior to that of the iPhone and can be aided by using a widget such as Battery Update from the Android Store. For the price, this phone is certainly worth it, as it is a fraction of the cost of competitors such as the iPhone and Blackberry, despite the equal, if not superior, quality of the phone.


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                    03.05.2011 01:19
                    Very helpful



                    An app lover's dream!

                    I'm just going to throw it out there: I am in love with this phone. This is the first experience I've had with an Android phone, and so cannot compare it to others, but I have had experience with the iPhone, and so will probably be comparing it a lot to that. Of course, this phone is not as good as an iPhone. However, do not let that deter you from reading this review.


                    I personally think the design of this phone is great. It looks stylish, with a sleek casing. It's not too big or too small, fitting perfectly into my pocket, and is of a reasonable weight at 104g. Its 3" screen allows the display plenty of room for viewing pictures/watching videos. Mine is black, but apparently it can come in a range of various other colours listed below:
                    - white (pictured)
                    - aqua blue/white
                    - silver/white
                    - white/blue
                    - white/pink
                    - silver/dark blue
                    - black/red
                    - black/blue
                    - black/grey
                    - white/dark blue
                    I wasn't offered, nor was I aware of, this range of colours when I purchased mine. However, I wouldn't say I'm unhappy with the colour I got, as I do think it looks very stylish.


                    This phone is a touch screen/button combo. You mainly use the touch screen to navigate your way around the phone's system. The three buttons on the front of the phone serve the following purposes:

                    Left hand button - multi functional button. Offers more options to various applications. For example, on the home screen, it serves as a means to which you can change your wallpaper, re-arrange icons etc. On the Maps application, it brings up a bar which allows you to access the modes 'Search', 'Directions', 'My Location' etc.

                    Middle button - minimises the application you're using and takes you to the menu.

                    Right hand button - takes you back to the stage you were at before. For example, when using the Facebook application, you initially go to the Home screen where you can select to look at your news feed, profile, messages etc. If you then click on your news feed, for example, the only way to get back to the initial screen with all your options is to use this button.

                    There is also a button at the top which, if pressed lightly, locks the phone. If held for a few seconds, it offers to switch off the phone, turn it to silent mode, or to put it in airplane mode. The buttons on the right hand side of the phone adjust the phone's ringer volume, or if in the middle of using an app, adjust the media volume. There is also a button below this which acts as the shutter release for the camera. It also activates the camera mode if held for longer than a few seconds.

                    As far as the touchscreen mode goes, it's quite sensitive to the touch. Although not as good as I would argue the iPhone is in terms of being able to pick up that there is a finger touching the screen, I'd say this is still a good touchscreen. In the past I've had a Nokia touchscreen which required a stylus-like pen to operate it, which kind of defeats the point of it being 'touchscreen'. This most definitely is way better and is really easy to use in my opinion.

                    What's on offer

                    Contact list - You have the option with this phone to sync your contact list with your Facebook friends, something I had not encountered before. You can either do this for all of your friends, or just the friends you want to manually input into your phone. I opted to do the latter, and so when I entered the name and number of someone, Facebook automatically gave them a contact picture (their profile picture) and added all additional information they have listed on the site into my address book. I also found that it does this for people I had not entered into my address book. For example, an old number I had not expected to text me appeared on my phone one day, and instead of scratching my head, wondering who it was, because they had listed their number on Facebook, I was given the name and contact picture of the person. I also like that you can add your favourite numbers to a 'Favourites' list, which makes it easier to make a call to your top used numbers, instead of having to search through your contact list.

                    Messaging - Easily done if you like using the qwerty touch keypad. I find that if I hold the phone upwards, the qwerty keypad is slightly squashed, and I often press the wrong buttons. However, turning the phone onto its side flips the screen, allowing the keys to get bigger and thus I make less mistakes. The corrective speller that comes with the phone does take some getting used to initially, but you can switch it off if you find it gets too annoying.

                    Camera - The 3.2MP takes pictures of fairly good quality, although I haven't found a way to zoom when using the camera. Once you've taken the picture, you can zoom into the picture, and it is fairly detailed. There are also four different modes - Auto, Twilight, Sport and Beach/Snow to pick from. I think Beach/Snow mode is a bit random, and haven't really noticed any difference in the picture quality here. Video mode also has two settings - one normal, and one especially for MMS, which I suppose condenses the size of the video file. Videos are of a fairly decent quality, in sound as well as picture. Although I am happy with the quality of the camera, I am not a big camera/video camera user, and I'm sure there are probably better cameras on the market.

                    Music player - Good sound quality to be had here. My phone came with a memory card of 2GB so there's enough space to get a good few songs on here. However, if you have a massive library, you might want to consider getting a better memory card. I have an MP4 player, and so don't use this too much. I have a few of my favourite songs on here, but don't use it overly as a music device, as I suspect this would drain the battery. Nice and easy to use though.

                    Android App Market - This is, by far, my favourite thing about this phone. I love apps - the games, the diet trackers, cinema listings, the social networking apps etc. They were one of the main clinchers when it came to the deciding which phone to choose. Although I do not mind paying for good apps (generally starting from 59p), there are plenty of free ones to keep me occupied. I especially love the games, and the fact that Angry Birds is free on the Android Market, whereas you have to pay for it in the iTunes marketplace to get the full version. The are, however, a few drawbacks. The Android Market range, despite being very extensive, is still not as extensive as its Apple counterpart, and popular games such as Cut The Rope are unavailable for Android. The other drawback is that I have found that games like Angry Birds run a little slower on my phone. It can be a little glitchy, as though it is having trouble dealing with the graphics. However, this is only a minor glitch in my opinion as, for the most part, I am able to play the games without any problems.

                    There are many other applications such as the standard Alarms, Calendar, Notes etc. that come with all Sony Ericssons. There are literally so many applications that come with this phone, that I would take up your whole day writing about them! The only other important thing I think that would be a consideration for some people is that, of course, you can sync your phone with your email addresses. However, you are not notified when you get a new email and must check the application yourself. Also, the phone has WiFi capabilities, which can boost your internet signal in areas where you get bad coverage, or data useage is not included by your provider. Lastly, the phone has GPS, which I love! I'm completely awful with directions, and when I found myself in a part of town I was not familiar with, and needed to get home, I found that GPS was an absolute saviour!

                    Battery life

                    The battery life, I admit, is not amazing, but I think this is down to the amount I use the phone. I generally have to charge the phone every day/other day at most, but I don't mind this really. It lasts the whole day, which is what I need, and I do use it a LOT. Turning off things such as WiFi can help to preserve the battery, otherwise it's actively looking for a signal all day. Also, putting your phone into Airplane mode if you're playing a game and don't want to be disturbed is probably a good idea. You can also adjust the screen display settings. If, like me, you don't really mind charging your phone often, then I wouldn't worry too much about this.

                    The price

                    I bought my phone from 3 for £89.99 and it came with a £10 top up. Essentially I paid £99.99 for the phone, as I didn't want the sim but had to buy it anyway. This seems to be the general price for the phone, but you may be able to get it cheaper if you shop around. However, I think this is an amazing price for what this phone has to offer. It has far more expensive counterparts on the market, with the newest version of this phone costing around £499.99.

                    Other considerations

                    The only bad thing I can think of about this phone is that the apps do not close after you stop using them, nor is there anyway to turn them off completely without turning your phone on and off (which I never do). Having them continuously open will drain the battery, and I would therefore suggest installing the 'Advanced Task Killer Free' app from the app market. It is, as the title suggests, free and is simple to use.

                    Aside from that, I adore this phone and would recommend it to anyone who is happy using a touchscreen and wants something affordable. However, this really is an all singing, all dancing phone, and if you want something totally simple for just making calls/texting, I would probably stay away from this phone.

                    If you made it to the end, thanks so much for reading, and sorry for the massive essay this turned into! Hope it was useful.


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                  • Product Details

                    View the viral. Chat to your chums. Xperia X8 keeps you entertained infinitely. One-hand navigation: tap any of the four corners on the touch-screen to get to your favorites.

                    Technical Data

                    Product Description: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 - smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
                    Product Type: Smartphone - 3G
                    Service Provider: Not specified
                    Mobile Services: Android Market, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, PlayNow
                    Form Factor: Touch
                    Dimensions (WxDxH): 54 mm x 15 mm x 99 mm
                    Weight: 104 g
                    Colour: Black
                    Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
                    Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
                    Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, GPS receiver
                    Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
                    Display: LCD display - colour - 3"
                    Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
                    Operating System: Google Android 1.6
                    Instant Messaging Services: Google Talk
                    Mobile Email Client: Yes
                    Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Twitter, Facebook
                    Internet Browser: Yes
                    Digital Player (Recorder): WAV, AAC, MPEG 1 Audio, MPEG 2 Audio, MPEG 2.5 Audio, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, MP3, XMF, LPCM, AAC +, eAAC+, MIDI , MPEG-4, 3GP, H.264, H.263
                    Supported Flash Memory Cards: microSDHC - up to 16 GB
                    Talk Time: Up to 340 minutes
                    Standby Time: Up to 476 hours
                    Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7