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Sony XPERIA Tipo

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5 Reviews

Sony XPERIA tipo - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS - 3G - 3.2 " - TFT - classic black

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    5 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 15:20



      A great phone, does exactly what you could hope a phone at the price could do.

      Sony Xperia Tipo

      A brilliant Smartphone. Easy to use and very app friendly, capable of handling a number of apps without affecting performance. Meets all expectations, good camera, acceptable battery life, even with heavy usage, lasts 24 hours, functions perfectly well as a phone enabling texting calling and surfing the web (something not all Smartphone's in the same market can achieve!) Really user friendly, from setting songs as alarm tones and backgrounds through to downloading apps making calls and accessing the phones settings. A really nifty affordable purchase.

      The phone while appearing quite sleek is quite chunky, a handy size for shoving into your pocket, but clearly a phone at the lower end of the market. Minor issues with phone, clock fails to keep time and if used for particularly high levels of texting then messages sometimes failed to be delivered tot he phone, or come through mixed with previous messages and are incomprehensible. However, if levels of texting not excessive this issue doesn't crop up, and for the price of the phone I wouldn't expect it to handle extremely high levels of usage.

      A particularly brilliant low cost Smartphone that exceeds all expectations and unless used excessively functions almost perfectly.


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      08.09.2013 01:19



      A great buy if you want all the features of a smartphone but without the bulkiness of others

      I've had this phone for 8 months, and have yet to find anything I don't like. The Android operating system is very user friendly and robust. It is pre-loaded with an internet browser, navigation app and weather forcast app, and I have downloaded countless apps myself. The system hasn't slowed at all even with all of these apps, save for a taking a bit of extra time to start up/shut down. The camera is decent for a phone camera, and the micro SD slot proves useful when taking high quality snaps. I would recommend using a rubberised phone cover as the phone's casing isn't particularly resistant to damage - mine endured a few drops prior to having a protective cover and as a result is sporting a few chips here and there, but the screen has stayed intact which is a bonus. The speaker is very good, even used in hands-free mode there's very little distortion.


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      18.04.2013 22:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I love this phone, nice android system, would recommend.

      I chose this as my christmas present from my husband last year. I picked between three phones the Sony Tipo, the basic Samsung smart phone and a Nokia smart phone. Despite the other two phones being more highly rated by the shop staff, I chose the Sony Tipo based on it's looks and android system. When comparing the three it seemed to be a phone with extras, rather then a really small tablet with a phone.

      In the nearly 4 months since i've had this phone i've really grown to like it. I have small fingers and find it very easy to use, and most apps are available for it on google play, I believe you can also unlock the app section to download from amazon, although I haven't tried this.

      The phone comes with all the basic features you would expect from a phone; calls, call log, text messages (conversation lay out to follow multiple text conversations more easily), contacts, clock / alarm. As well as a calculator, music, 3MP camera and browser. These all work well, and I have never had a problem with phone call quality or even listening to music.

      My phone was bought nearly new from a shop, so I have never been positive which apps came with it, but I think it had been reset to factory settings. These include a handy map and navigation system which talks to you; I've used it a couple of times in an emergency, and I have to say it's comparable to my Tom Tom. There's also a news and weather app, Google search, you tube, email, and links to Google + and Facebook, as well as a FM radio. There's also a handy power saver app, which can be set to automatically turn off certain features when your battery is low.

      In settings you can also go into battery settings to see how long your battery will last, although I'm not sure how accurate it is. It also has settings to check which apps are running, as well as other processors.

      The phone has both 3g and wifi, both of which can be turned off to save battery life / money. The 3g has a data section which tracks how much you are using, what is using it, and you can stop apps using your data in the background. This was definitly worth a look as I was surprised that apps I'd used once were happily still using data. It also allows you to set a data limit, and a warning when you are nearing it.

      A nice little phone with all the benefits of an android system and androids apps. I can download apps friends with more expensive smart phones can't.
      Nice quality
      Nice small size
      Good battery life on stand by, and ok when using it. (But then I'm a light user)
      Clock updates time automatically.

      Bluetooth is a pain to use, and I ended up downloading a free app to get it to work.
      The screen swivels when you put the phone at even a slight angle, can be a pain when you are trying to text or make a call.
      I found overall screen size to be quite small for reading a web site, and don't think I'd attempt reading a book.
      Not good for large fingers, my husband really doesn't like it.


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        27.01.2013 17:44
        Very helpful



        I'm so glad I have it

        My old phones touchscreen was not working properly leaving me unable to get into the phone. It had been like this for a while and kept getting worse. I decided I needed a new phone ASAP.

        When I visited the local phone shop Sure, they had a deal going on where if you got a £20 top up you could have this phone for £89. There were other choices but this one looked the best. It was just what I needed.

        The phone has an android system and is really easy to use. The setup was quick (could've been quicker if I didn't accidentally knock Chinese as my language, whoops) and I could start using the phone instantly.

        The main reason I wanted the phone was for the internet. On this phone I can use Wi-Fi and data and both are really quick for a mobile. Unfortunately if using the internet the battery runs out really quickly.

        Other features are:

        a camera: this takes clear pictures as long as it's not dark.
        an alarm clock: something I always use, the problem is I find the time is never right and when I put it to the correct time it gradually becomes wrong again.
        Email and gmail: this is usefully as you can have an email account in each and you don't have to log in, I guess this is also a disadvantage as anyone could read your emails.
        Google play: great for downloading apps but I only download free ones.
        Google maps: I never really use this but it may he helpful if I was away.
        YouTube: I am always watching videos on YouTube so the app is useful. It is also quite quick and doesn't take forever to buffer. What I find annoying is if you turn the volume up or down when watching a video the volume symbol is right in the centre of the screen and it takes ages to go, does it have to be in the way of the video?

        Texting is made easy by being able to see the whole conversation and of course you can make phone calls.

        Since I bought this in November I have used it non stop. The only problem is the battery life, but that's probably because I'm always using it. Well worth the money.


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        06.01.2013 13:05



        I would not reccomend this phone to a first time phone owner, but as a second phone, perfect

        When i was looking for a new phone this sony caught my eye as it is an android phone ( which means the phone uses a google based operating system, and allows you to download apps) this isn't the only reason the phone caught my eye, i find the phone aesthetically pleasing in black with sleek lines and an easy to use touchscreen.

        The phone comes jam packed with features for £90 from a 3 mega pixel camera to inbuilt gps and all the things inbetween (calculator, calender, bluetooth, maps and of course web browsing).

        Now to touch on a few of the features in more detail.

        The camera is of a respectable quality for a 3 mega pixel device, and would compete with most other phone based cameras.
        The speaker clarity is good, and i have experienced any problems from the other end of the line (microphone).
        The web browsing is good, being a phone running a google operating system, google allows for you to use voice searching which seems to understand what you are saying about 90% of the time, and as long as you have good signal or a wi-fi connection, i would even go as far as to say it is quicker than my computer when searching the web.
        I would reccomend this phone for people who have used touchscreens before but may not have felt completely comfortable with there old device.
        The phone has an inbuilt startup help guide from the moment you first turn on the phone, but can also be acessed after the initial setup.
        Texting is easy with the touchscreen using a realitively new predictive text which seems to be good in predicting what words you will use next.
        The standby battery time appears to be very good i can leave my phone with out a charge for 3 days if i dont spend all day playing games.
        Which brings me around to the bad points.
        The standby battery time might be good but if you are a regular user of features such as loudspeaker or satnav and web browsing you will be lucky to get 24 hours of use out of the device.
        I also find the volume button hard to find when on the phone, so is the on off button.

        All in all this phone is a good phone packed with features and endless more features to come thanks to the playstore, but i do think that the realiablility of this phone is not proven, and does not seem overly robust i think it would not stand up well to much physical strain (dropping, being sat on)


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy the entertainment. Xperia tipo is so easy to use. The latest apps and music are just a click away from your home screen. Running on the latest Android platform, the Xperia tipo makes web browsing quicker and easier too.

      The Xperia tipo Android smartphone lets you enjoy shock horror on-screen - not on your phone bill. With the data usage app, you can set the limits you want to use data to surf, chat or game online. It lets you manage your costs, so you never spend more than you want to.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sony XPERIA tipo - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
      Product Type: Android Phone - 3G
      Service Provider: Not specified
      Mobile Services: Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, PlayNow, Google Search by Voice, Google Latitude
      Form Factor: Touch
      Protection: Scratch resistant glass
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 57 mm x 13 mm x 103 mm
      Weight: 99 g
      Colour: Classic black
      Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
      Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
      Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, Wi-Fi hotspot, voice recorder
      Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
      Display: LCD display - colour - 3.2" - TFT
      Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)
      Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
      Instant Messaging Services: Google Talk
      Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Twitter, Facebook
      Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, MPEG 1 Audio, MPEG 2 Audio, MPEG 2.5 Audio, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, MP3, AAC-LC, LPCM, AAC +, OGG, eAAC+, MIDI, M4A, MPEG1 Layer3 , MPEG-4, 3GP, H.264, H.263
      Supported Memory Card: microSDHC - up to 32 GB
      Talk Time: Up to 300 minutes
      Standby Time: Up to 545 hours
      Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7