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    13 Reviews
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      23.07.2014 09:34
      Very helpful


      • "clear calls"
      • "Big screen"


      • "large phone"

      Big and powerful phone.

      The Sony Xperia Z1 is by far the best of its kind. My partner recently upgraded from her old Xperia phone to this one last week. The phone had several upgrades that her old phone did not have, all of which met her needs brilliantly.

      The main difference with this phone is the screen, it is much larger than the old version of the phone, which is good on lots of levels, especially if you intend to play games with the phone. because this phone is touch screen, the extra sized screen is very helpful for texting. I myself have quite big hands, so if i wish to send a text using her phone it is incredibly useful for me.

      Secondly, the phone is supposedly waterproof. The amount of times i have heard friends say they have ruined there phone by dropping it down the toilet is unreal. I cannot understand how people manage to drop there phone down the toilet, why anyone would want to use there phone whilst doing there business shall we say is beyond me! But for these people this feature would be very handy!

      The phone runs on android, which is brilliant for the range of apps available, both free and paid. Android is a very popular phone platform, which grows bigger every week which is useful for everyone who enjoys apps.

      The call quality on this phone is brilliant too, it is crisp clear and precise which is an important aspect when buying any phone. The phone itself is very large, which some people would not like, especially if you are wearing clothes with only small pockets, but I like a bigger phone myself. The only downfall to me is the sound level, it is not a very loud phone where music is concerned, it sounds fine on headphones, but not played on the loud speaker.

      All in all i think this is a fabulous phone, with a brilliant processor which makes this phone very fast. Anyone who has previously enjoyed an Xperia phone, will certainly enjoy this better version.


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      04.04.2014 16:42
      Very helpful


      • "Lots of apps"
      • "Large Screen"
      • "Looks good"
      • "Good battery"


      Great phone overall but with many annoying negatives, maybe I'm just picky...

      I try to stick towards the more durable, waterproof phones, my last one being the Motorola Defy which I was extremely happy with however I wanted something with a slightly bigger screen.

      The Sony Xperia Z1 sounded like it met most of my requirements; fast; large screen; Android; waterproof; good camera; etc..

      Waterproof - haven't tested but I assume it can stand what it says.
      Large screen - almost like a tablet!
      Latest version of Android - hopefully they'll make future versions available for download.
      Compatible with Bluetooth watches etc..
      High resolution camera - plus the extras such as AR and timeburst are great!
      General use is easy and does everything you could ever want.
      Battery lasts a long time considering... sometimes it lasts me a few days without charging it and that's with WiFi and GPS constantly on.

      I don't like to be negative but there are quite a few...
      External buttons quite close together - if you like you adjust the volume of your music while it's in your pocket then good luck!
      Lots of rubbish / spam notifications - every app seems to give notifications about rubbish, including advertisements.
      The phone is spammed with apps when you first get it, many of which you can't uninstall - Sony and Google seem to have their own version of different apps thus there are many apps that do the same thing, as well as all the social media apps installed.
      It is very big - I do like having a screen this big, but when it doesn't fit into your jeans back pocket without it sticking out it does make it hard to carry around without fear of it falling out or someone stealing it.
      Sound - it can't play music as loud as I'd like, nor is it as clear as many other phones which is a bit disappointing.
      The screen - a bit of a strange one this, bit the screen isn't very good with barcode scanners, i.e. if you have your subcard on your phone in which they have to scan the barcode on screen, it takes a while for it to work...

      Despite the many negatives, I do like the phone and will keep it for many years to come (I hope). I have a rubber case that basically just covers the edges as it does seem a bit fragile, however so far it's held up well and has no scratches or marks. Sony do need to make a lot of improvements for it to be perfect, yet it is still by far one of the best phones available overall.


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      01.03.2014 10:33
      Not Helpful



      good phone but prone to damage

      I have had my sony Xperia Z for around 5 months now and I have not been one hundred percent impressed with it, I have had numerous problems with it and it has been sent off for repair once. Don't get me wrong it's a great smartphone with a great camera , picture and video quality and is every bit as good as an iphone but it's not as reliable as they make out. My first issue was when the phone failed to respond to my touch and there was no response from the screen. This was paired with the phone switching off and freezing every time I removed the charger (a problem that still exists). I have now received the phone back from repair but the battery problem still remains and I have also found that the standby button on the handset becoming loose and fragile . I'm sure I'll be sending the phone back for repair soon! Overall it is a good phone but I would recommend buying a case first before usage as it is very thin and lightweight.


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      09.02.2014 00:16



      Great smart phone, great for people really into social media and taking photographs. Easy to use.

      I've never had a Sony before, but I have had this one for a long time and found it immediately easy to use. The apps that come with the phone are easy to use and any app you download onto it is also very easy to use, and look great, the screen is bright and easy to see.
      When it comes to typing it is very simple. The buttons aren't too small so spelling is easy, and there is no accidentally pressing other letters.
      The camera is great, it takes really high quality photographs, that are easy to share on Facebook and Twitter and looks like I've took them on a normal camera, not a phone.
      The battery is a little bit of a let down, it runs out really fast, but that seem to be a problem with all smartphones, but on the other hand the charger charges it back up to 100% within a few hours.
      The size is great too. Fits in your hands perfectly and is quite slim so can fit into any pocket or bag.
      The sound is also another great feature. Songs and ringtones are clear and can be controlled simply.
      Using Social Media on the phone is easy, uploading photos, writing statues and receiving notifications is so easy and simple.


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      16.11.2013 15:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent looking and working smart phone, top of the range.

      So i have had this handset for around 2 months now and I thought now would be a good time to share my experiences with it. I know that when I wanted to buy this this handset I was searching all over the internet for reviews that answered my questions and I was still unsure. So in this review review i will try to list some of the things about the handset that I havnt been able to read elsewhere.

      So to start, What's in the box?
      As soon as you remove the lid of the box you see your new Shiny Sony Xperia Z handset looking back at you and nothing else. Lift the phone up and below it you have the following - A cleaning cloth and Screen protector. The cloth is a little useless in my opinion as it does not seem to function as a cleaning cloth. It more just pushes the dirt around. The screen protectors are handy although they are nothing special, just sticky plastic sheets that you place over your screen and another for the rear of the phone to prevent damages to the actual handset. These plastic covers do collect scratches extremely quickly though. After 2 weeks, the one on the rear of my handset was covered in lines and marks. Plus is, when pealed off, phone looked as good as new. Downside is, after two weeks, i need a new cover and the handset is only supplied with the one. Another downside is, whilst using the handset with the marker cover on, people would notice the marks, they would say to me how have you got your phone that scratched already?!
      Anyway, back to the box. The cleaning cloth, screen protector and handset all lay on a cardboard sheet. Lift the cardboard sheet up and below it we have the rest of the contents of the box - A pair of ear phones (The ones that came in my box were faulty and did not work properly.), a selection of spare ear buds of different sizes to go with the earphones, a plug adaptor for charging the phone and the USB cable to connect to a PC or to the plug adaptor. There is also a start up guide, important information leaflet and a declaration of conformity leaflet.

      Design, ease of of use and display.
      Personally I love the design of this handset. It is sleek, thin, modern and stylish looking. It looks expensive, cool and sexy. It is very square looking and although it does have rounded corner, they are very slight. One great thing about the corners is they are made out of rubber. You don't even notice this till you feel them so they do not look bad but they do stop you from cracking your phone should you drop it and it land on a corner. The edges of the handset are square making it a bold, adventures design, however, i honestly think it has worked out very very well. I would suggest popping into a phone shop before ordering though, to to have a hold of the handset and to make sure the square edges are right for you as they are rather different. Worth noting at this point though that they do not seem to make the phone difficult to handle or hold, they work fine for that and you barely notice that they are even square, it is very comfortable to hold and although a little large, fits in your hand surprisingly well.
      The phone has shatter proof glass on the front and back which does look superb but also means the handset can pick up fingerprints and it does, so be aware of that, some people hate that, some don't mind. The phone has a nice weight. It is not the lightest, but it is very easy to handle and is not too heavy. The phone fits in your pocket nicely. Although it's a little large, it is very thin and does not cause a massive bulge when in your jeans pocket!
      Two of the phones top selling points are that it is waterproof (To a certain point - It can be submerged for up to 30 seconds no lower than 1 meter under water) and dustproof.
      The waterproof feature is brilliant and it one of the main reasons i went for this handset over others. It means if you drop it in the sink, bath or toilet or in a puddle or anything like that and remove it straight away, no harm done what so ever. I have experienced it going in the kitchen sink and it came out fine! The only snag to this waterproof business is this - It will only work (as in, be waterproof) if all of the cover for the connector sockets round the edge of the phone are closed. There are a lot of them. Everything from the earphone socket to the charger socket is covered over with a little flap that you can push to clip back into place. These are obviously here to aid the waterproof and dustproof features of the handset however they are a bit annoying at times, always having to find it and pull it open when you want plug something in. Also you have to remember to close it again after removing a connector or it is no longer waterproof or dustproof. However, this isn't so bad as the phones pops up a little reminder whenever you unplug something. (You can de activate this in the settings if you so wish) Also worth noting that they do look okay and are not an eyesore.
      The actual display of the 1080p HD screen is superb. It is so clear and crisp. Nothing much else to say about it but it is excellent. It is easy to see from most viewing angels as well.

      Processing, speed and battery life
      One of my usual complaints about a smart phone is that it is too slow, or that it lags when trying change screen or open an app. Absolutely nothing of the sort on this handset, instant every time at doing everything I have tried to do with it. This is a very powerful and fast handset and I have had no problems with it so far. The phone gets a lot of use from me as it is used for work as well as personal activity. I am constantly on it checking emails for a few accounts, eBay is always running giving me updates, face book too! Regular texts and calls coming in and out, still no problems at all. Battery life is excellent. I have no problems with it running out on me whilst I'm out and about. I charge my phone overnight and take it out at 6:30 in the morning and come 22:00 it usually has a good 30 - 40% left in it. (And that's with a heavy days usage) The phone has a feature called stamina mode which you can have on or off. I do not use it but it's purpose is this - When your battery is running very low, stamina mode kicks in which helps to keep your battery going for longer for you in case of emergency. What it does is this - When your screen is off, so phone is locked in your pocket or just not in use, it shuts down processes such as the WiFi and sort of puts the phones into a 'deep sleep' everything is shut down apart from the receiving of texts and calls. Once you activate the phone or engage with it in any way that makes the screen come back on, all your processes are supposed to come back to life ready for you to use.

      The phone has this pretty neat feature where if you have another Sony product, say a latest range Bravia TV, you can mirror the image on your phone to the TV simply by touching the phone to the TV.
      The phone has Bluetooth and WiFi too.

      Video Recording and Camera.
      The camera on this phone is brilliant. It is very clever at auto adjusting itself to get the image you are trying to capture just right. It works very smoothly and is very good at it's job. It is clear a lot of thought has gone into this. It is also very easy to use as a camera. Some phones are not. I have noticed that it is particularly good at sorting the image out regardless of what the lighting is like.
      The video camera is good, nothing special but not bad. Average.

      To finish.
      I believe that this is one of the best phones available at the moment and I have fell in love with it's design, ease of use and functionality. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good smartphone because I have had no problems. It is brilliant and fun to use.
      The only down points are how easy it marks / picks up scratches. Other than that, everything is pretty spot on for a smart phone of the time.



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        22.08.2013 13:49
        Very helpful



        The PERFECT phone for me, maybe you too!

        I'm incredibly late jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. I was one of those people who really just used my phone for calling and texting as no mobile phone camera would beat the quality of my DSLR. But with my current phone (Sony Ericsson T707) acting up by randomly switching off, losing text messages and so on, I had no choice but to start the laborious research that precedes the purchase of this new age slab of technology.

        As a picky consumer, I like my gadgets to look good. For me, the iPhone 4 was the pinnacle of phone beauty for the past few years but the price tag was not. I ruled out the Galaxy S3/S4 because of its hideous curvature (the S2 was beautiful but now internally outdated). HTC was a contender but was no match for the beauty that was the Xperia Z.

        After iterations and iterations of phones released by Sony under the letters of the alphabet, Z was the latest and became the brand's flagship phone.

        The crisp lines and edges of the phone almost mirror the design of the iPhone, but with no buttons on the front screen, it is a sheer piece of glass. Glass adorns every face of the body, with an enlarged metallic power on button on the side as well as a volume rocker. All the other sides are smooth, apart from areas where tabs hide the plug in points for charging, memory card etc etc.

        With a 7.9mm body, it's not the slimmest of phones, but instead, offers a sturdiness. At 146g, the phone feels solid and of high quality, enhanced by the materiality which doesn't involve plastic. What is also to note is that the device is sealed, you cannot access the battery- the sim card and memory card are inserted through the tabs...

        I find the size actually just right as I have big hands and using it is comfortable. Anything bigger like the Galaxy Note it too much to handle, whilst the iPhone I actually find too small for my fingers to work the small icons.

        With a 5" full HD 1080p display with SONY BRAVIA engine, the colours are sharp, the images are crystal clear and the Xperia Z offers a stunning viewing experience. For media that you put onto your phone such as photos, videos etc, the Xperia Z will enhance and optimise the image in an intelligent way.

        With a 13MP camera capable of taking HD videos, I was rather disappointed. The Xperia Z handles photos taken in broad daylight superbly well, but when it comes to dim lit situations, it captures pixelated and blurry shots that could have been taken from any phone released five years ago.

        However, there are many different camera settings and features (panorama, macro, portrait, sport etc) which makes playing with the camera fun and rewarding. Plus, with the plethora of apps out there, you can really make the most of the camera.

        TRY OUT: PicsArt, fotodanz

        As this is my first smartphone, I have had no problems with the speed. Everything I have done on it loaded within seconds. Webpages may take a while longer depending on internet connectivity, but I've been extremely satisfied with how the Xperia Z handled everything from whatsapp to games to internet browsing.

        Running the Snapdragon S4 Quad core processor with 2GB RAM, the Xperia Z has the power of a computer, able to run 3D games and full length movies without stuttering. Youtube and other videos also work phenomenally well on the Xperia Z.

        I do like to play a few games on the device and it has handled everything I downloaded without issues and runs smoothly, showing the games in beautiful colour.

        TRY OUT: Dark Avenger, Heroes & Monsters, Clash of Lords, Candy Crush, Airport Scanner, Fruit Ninja...

        The selling point of the Sony range so far has been its water and dust resistance. Claiming to be able withstand a submersion of 30 minutes means that the accidental drop into the toilet or spilling a drink over it won't be a problem anymore!

        The downside is that Xperia Z requires you to open flaps every time you want to charge it or access the memory card or the headphone jack. I personally like the visuals of the flaps, finishing off the phone's smooth edges, but have to say that it is a tad annoying to have to lift those flaps!

        I have personally not tried to submerge my phone but have used it in the rain and it worked perfectly even with wet fingers.

        ~~~BATTERY LIFE~~~
        Another reason I stayed away from smartphones was the battery life. My normal phone could last several days if not a week and knowing I had to charge my phone everyday in order for it to function reliably was a hindrance.

        Thankfully, the Xperia Z's stamina mode and power management settings are easy to use and puts you in control of how the phone uses its battery by turning apps off, wifi off etc.

        For light use (texting, whatsapping and one or two cals), the phone will last a full day and a bit more, whilst medium/heavy use (playing games when bored/ surfing the web on top of light use) only lasts me half a day. This phone has pretty decent battery life in my opinion considering that most smart phones will die before the day is over.

        The one major gripe I have with the device is that it does get hot quite quickly, but mostly only when playing games. After 10-15 minutes of a high draining game, the back feels worryingly like an oven. At that point, I have to let it rest and cool down first- don't want to overheat the phone! Or perhaps I can dunk it in a water bath ;)

        I bought this online in June SIM FREE for £300 and then just added a £7.99 pay month plan which over 2 years will be roughly £20 a month, compared to the £27+ deals out there at the moment. However, it may be cheaper now.

        Having used the Xperia Z for a couple of months now, I have grown to love this device. The beautiful design of the product and the stunning screen makes using the phone a joy. I have not had any problems whatsoever and just don't know how I survived without a smartphone before. The Xperia Z even rivals my computer- sometimes I'm too lazy to turn it on and just use this phone to do what I need to do!

        If you, like me, are picky with design, the Xperia Z is perhaps the most beautiful phone out there right now. Admittedly, the internals have already been out competed by the S4 and the new HTC, but the Z is still one powerful (and now surely cheaper) phone.

        Sony's response to the competition is hte new Z Ultra, but this huge phablet isn't easy to handle let alone hold, so I would still recommend the Z over the Ultra.

        For the full specs, please see the Sony Website.

        Please feel free to ask me any questions you have if you are interested in buying the Xperia Z!


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          15.08.2013 01:41
          1 Comment



          Overall an amazing high end smartphone, with only a few rivals in the market.

          I would highly advise the Sony Xperia Z as your phone choice, I have had this item little over two months now, and it's had two updates to the ios, however I'm going to summarize the main perks here:

          It's waterproof, and highly durable, the whole phone is made out of glass and you cannot remove the back panel to access the battery, This is a drawback for those of you who want to, but everything you need to access, is accessible via the side ports which are rubber sealed making the whole phone waterproof.

          It runs the latest android ios, and I'm confident it will keep up with any software changes for at least the next 6months, the phone runs tablet software and is able to download tablet software from the google play store with ease.

          I have run high end games of this phone and experienced no lag or delay what-so-ever, the main interface is seamless, and for those of you who have yet to handle a Sony device, it comes pre-installed with a newbie guide to run you through it:

          Overall, this phone was honestly worth the high price tag, and I would happily rid myself of a television or laptop to keep the device, it does everything I need it to and more.
          It even comes with a video editor that can clip and combine footage.


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            04.08.2013 01:37
            Very helpful



            Maybe the best phone on the market?

            I have been a longlife iphone fan. Had a 3 then went onto a 4 and had no real intention to move on as I did not feel Apple were going wrong.

            However come January and my contract for the iphone was now up and my top power button had stopped working. It was time for a new phone. I had been on a 2 yr contract and quite honestly felt that there was not much on the market to replace the 4. The iphone 5 was out but honestly, other than being abit lighter, abit quicker, it was not a massive jump.

            I phone 02 who advise me that Sony are to launch a new Xperia Z phone in March and I should take a look. Lets cut to the chase here, all the reviews on the websites basically state that it is the latest and best phone on the market. So really I was sold on that.

            The phone arrives and at first it takes weeks to get used to it. Just the size alone. You feel the Xperia is like a brick. However now, when I hold my wife's iphone 4, hers feels like a stone. Small and heavy.

            So the phone. It has a HD screen and with Bravia technology, the colours just jump out. Screen is same size as Samsung Galaxy (5inch) but not as big as Samsung Note. But great for viewing photos and video.

            Camera is 13 megapixel which does the job very well indeed. Great quality. You can choose various options like panoramic, auto mode, night mode etc. Simple to use.

            It is water proof and dust proof. A great talking point with friends who do not believe you. Only thing they advise is not to go into the sea as it does not like salt water apparently.

            Removable SD card so if you want to add more music or video, then just upgrade the memory card.

            So far, you will struggle to see how an iphone 5 is better with that kind of spec?

            What takes getting use to is the Android system. As good as iTunes? Very difficult to call. Some great apps on iTunes that have not come across to Android. I miss them. But over the months, you realise that they are very similar.

            So the downsides to the phone after having it for 4-5 months now:
            External speaker is not great. Sound is not as good as iphone
            Headphones supplied are no way near as good as iphone headphones
            WIFI reception is not good. I barely get a signal in the bedroom, yet my iphone was fine
            Still waiting on software version 4.2.2 which was promised a few months ago

            Overall though, I am glad to leave Apple. They have done nothing real special and I do not really see them doing anything special this year either.

            Sony have come bouncing back from the days of Sony Ericsson and that image of cheap, unreliable phones has long gone.


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            05.05.2013 18:20



            Amazing visual capacity from the HD to 3D, colour pings out of the screen, lighter to carry than you think it's going to be, get the small speaker with it, the surround sound will make you think are are watching or listening to something bigger. The finest android phone out at the moment.


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            02.05.2013 00:51
            Very helpful



            Great flagship device with a unique angle.

            I have to admit I like the Sony brand, I am not a fan of Iphone and windows phone is too new for me. Android is a good fit for the things I like doing with my phone, a big plus for this handset is the waterproof and dust proof rating but this can be kind of a gimmick. I have had the phone for the best part of a week and can honestly say that I am expecting great things, the unit is beautiful to look at, the screen is rich with colour and photographs look lifelike and have realistic colours. The casing is nice and thin with a large on/off button and each port is covered with a waterproof snap on cover, the unit reminds you every time you unplug one of the accessories that to maintain its IP57 you need to snap the cover back on, this notification can be switched off but I like it for now and have kept it on. I have the white version, a capable 16gb memory has been too little for me in the past so I have opted to install a 32gb micro SD card, I am using the handset on the Three network to maximise the internet experience of the phone. Android devices at this end of the spec are usually fairly smooth to run and this is no exception, I like the transition between pages and have found no real glitches to speak of. The camera at 13 mega pixels is capable with a superior auto setting out of the box that gives lovely rich looking stills and a great HD video recorder that will satisfy most video buffs. My absolute favourite thing about the phone is the waterproofing. The case is some kind of glass polycarbonate and is very sturdy I have used the phone as a music player in the bathroom and have had no worries about getting splashes from the shower on it, I plan to use it in the pool on holiday to take some snaps. My one criticism is the speaker, it is quite small and discreetly hidden on one corner and can be covered by your hand when using the device. Overall I am happy with my purchase and would recommend highly. Hopefully this is of some use to you.


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            25.04.2013 16:19
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great smartphone with a great camera included, if you don't mind the size of the phone

            I bought the Xperia Z a few days ago after my previous phone contract expired. My previous phone had a QWERTY keyboard so this was my first time using a purely touchscreen phone.

            The phone itself is large, although it is thin and it feels nice and lightweight in your hand. I like the size of the phone as it has a good sized screen for viewing pictures and videos, although my boyfriend complained that he wouldn't be able to fit it into any of his pockets. It feels quite durable, and the manufacturers state that it is dust proof and waterproof (I am not brave enough to test this myself though!!)

            The phone runs Android and so comes with all the usual google applications (gmail, maps, navigation etc) and this all work the same as on any other mobile running Android OS. It is all responsive and quick to use. I really like the 'swype' style keyboard input, it works surprisingly well and make it much faster to write emails and texts, etc. It only really struggles with unusual/slang/made up words!

            My favourite feature of the phone is the camera. Pictures are clear and colours look really bright and vivid. I'm not a natural photographer but with this camera it is easy to take clear, focussed, non-blurry photos (something that I usually struggle with!). I also rreally like the 'burst mode', which takes a few pictures over a few second period (useful at concerts etc).

            All in all I am really impressed with this phone.


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              29.03.2013 08:41
              Very helpful



              Best phone ever!

              When my faithful Samsung Galaxy S started to play up a few weeks ago, I knew that it was time to look for a new mobile and started to look at the new units that had just been released onto the market. I will be honest - there are too many phones out there and trying to whittle them down onto a shortlist is quite time consuming! In the back of my mind, i thought I would go for another Samsung as I have used this brand for a number of years, but then I saw the Experia Z! I read up on the phone and decided to give it a go.

              Now I am not techy, so I can't tell you all the ins and outs about what systems it uses to run, what graphic card is installed etc etc, but I can tell you how I (the everyday person!) has got on with it!

              The phone is large - there's no getting away from that - but it is very thin and light and within a few minutes I had become accustomed to its size. The screen is very impressive - not only in its size but also the clarity. Surfing the web has become much easier as a result! And the camera is by the far the best I have ever seen on a phone - I took some pictures of my baby daughter and they were better than using my usual camera. I also took a video on my phone and it is exceptional - you would think it had been filmed on a camcorder, it is that clear and not grainy or pixilated in the slightest.

              The phone itself is easy to use - I transferred over from another network, but managed to use the bluetooth feature to send across all my contacts so that I didn't have to type them all in again! The navigation screen is very simple and normally it can take me a few days to get used to a new phone, but I seemed to master this within a couple of hours. It is quick to respond in any function and doesn't complicate basic tasks (which other makes are guilty of!) The included apps are varied and I will be honest - I haven't looked at all of them yet! - but where Sony picks up more brownie points is for sound quality on the unit. You can play music either through headphones which are included with the phone or through the built in speakers. Either option gives incredible sound - usually music played through phone speakers is a bit tinny, but this is brilliant! The clarity is superb and this phone is a must for anyone who likes to play a lot of music on the go.

              The battery life has been mixed, but this is dependant on what i am using the phone for. I don't think it is any worse that any other smartphone in this respect but it does have a smart management programme to help minimise battery use.

              The phone comes with a front and rear screen protector which will help to keep the phone clean - the only drawback is that these are a pain to put on and no matter how careful you are you alwasy get a few air bubble here and there which does then spoil the look of the phone! It would be a lot easier if the phones just came with them already fitted!

              You can also customise the phone to your own liking - I particularly liked the options on the different keyboards and was pleased to see that they have their own 'swype' like system which I loved on the Samsung phones.

              The phone itself is pricey - i am not sure I would have paid out for it outright (as much as I do love it!) but if you can get it on a contract deal it is definitely worth going for. I have signed up to a 24 month deal myself but I cannot see me getting tired of this phone!

              UPDATE - 31.05.13 - Okay so I have been using the phone for a little while now and just wanted to say it is amazing! It is very user friendly, and the camera is just superb! The quality of the photos are incredible, and there are plenty of effects and photo tools on the camera to help focus, sharpen, brighten, remove red eye etc. We have had great fun trying out the different settings and love the one where you can take black and white pictures but with a shot on one particular colour. Brilliant phone, love it!


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              • More +
                20.03.2013 13:52



                I believe the Sony Xperia Z is the best smartphone on the market today .

                The Sony Xperia Z is the newest revelation in Sonys bid to be no.1 in the Smartphone wars . Its predecessors the Xperia S and the Xperia T were extremely promising when released , and were good phones at the time . However Sony has outdone themselves this time with the Z , and has made a colossal impact on the market . With a 13 MegaPixel camera and a 5" 1080p HD resolution screen , powered by Android Jelly bean 4.1 ( contrary to peoples belief of it running 4.2) it is one of a kind . With a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro processor , 100% water resistancy and being only 7.9 millimetres thick , this amazing smartphone is bursting with high end features . But costing £500 , i would expect no less .

                However , there is always the downsides to consider . The Xperia Z's glass screen is a magnet for fingerprints , which to you out there who worry about the image of your phone can be annoying . Furthermore the battery life is extremely flamboyant , depending on what you are running on your phone , it can have a dismal life . However Sony have been clever , and introduced STAMINA mode . STAMINA mode helps saves battery life exponentially by automatically closing power-hungry apps when the screen is off , and then rebooting them again when the phone is being used .

                In this somewhat small review i hope you can see how brilliant the Xperia Z is . There are many other features that boost the Z over all other smartphones . Personally i think Sony has outdone Apple , HTC and Nokia with this kit . Its main competitor the Blackberry Z10 is the only phone with a possibility of knocking this off top spot . However , watch out for the HTC One , this highly anticipated phone could do some serious damage to the smartphone market .


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              • Product Details

                Experience truly immersive entertainment on a screen as impressive as HDTV. This 5" full HD reality display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 brings you images that are unbelievably crisp and bright. And the 13-megapixel fast capture camera helps you capture your own stunning shots. With Exmor RS for mobile and HDR video, you can take sharp photos and videos in lowlight and strongly backlit conditions. And since you'll want to bring Xperia Z with you wherever you go, you'll be glad to know it's water resistant, dust resistant and built with durable tempered glass on front and back.

                Technical Data

                Product Description: Sony XPERIA Z - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
                Product Type: Android Phone - 4G - 16 GB
                Service Provider: Not specified
                Mobile Services: Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, PlayNow, Google Search by Voice, Google Latitude, Sony Entertainment Network, Sony Video Unlimited, Sony Music Unlimited
                Form Factor: Touch
                Protection: Waterproof, scratch resistant glass
                Dimensions (WxDxH): 71 mm x 8 mm x 139 mm
                Weight: 146 g
                Colour: Purple
                Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
                Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
                LTE Band: 1, 3, 5, 7, 20, 8
                Integrated Components: Digital camera, 2nd camera, FM radio, digital player, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi hotspot, GLONASS receiver, voice recorder
                Wireless Interface: NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
                Display: Colour - 5" - 443 ppi - TFT
                Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)
                Operating System: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
                Instant Messaging Services: Google Talk
                Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Twitter, Facebook
                Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, MPEG 1 Audio, MPEG 2 Audio, MPEG 2.5 Audio, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, MP3, FLAC, AAC-LC, LPCM, AAC +, eAAC+, MIDI, M4A, MPEG1 Layer3 , MPEG-4, 3GP, H.264, H.263
                Supported Memory Card: microSDHC - up to 32 GB
                Talk Time: Up to 840 minutes
                Standby Time: Up to 550 hours