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T-Mobile Pulse Mini

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Manufacturer: T-Mobile / Boxed-product Weight: 907 g

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2013 19:37
      Very helpful



      Cheap starter phone

      This little phone was bought for me two and a half years ago, the only difference between this new phone and the one I have is the colour.. mine is pink.
      When I got the phone it was a Mothers Day present from my son (who gets increasingly frustrated with me and my lack of enthusiasm to "move with the times" and embrace new technology) - something I actually disagree with, I am just reluctant to spend money on something that I am going to struggle with and not necessarily understand easily.

      Anyway - I digress - I used this phone for about six months, until I was given the most detested Blackberry, however as the BB was on contract I had no use for the little PAYG T-mobile phone, so promptly put it to one side and as is very typical of myself, I lost it down the back of the settee and only found it again two days ago!
      My personal opinion on this phone:

      When I first got the phone I did not know any better, it was the first time I had used an Android smartphone, so I assumed that this was how phones were supposed to operate.
      The phone comes with a little stylus about the same size as a matchstick, which slots into the bottom of the phone at the back. To use the phone once it is powered up, you slide the lock icon to one side, this can be done with your thumb and generally works pretty well. After you have the phones home screen up, the icons are all very small and it is not that easy to effectively use your fingers to load an application, or to tap numbers onto the on screen keyboard, so the stylus is quite useful for this.

      As I gradually understood how to operate Android Smartphones, using this little Pulse became much more straightforward, the phone has a camera built in, which although not of a fantastic high quality, is perfectly acceptable and usable - I learnt to sync my email and Facebook account to the relevant applications that were already installed on the phone. I was able to very simply upload my photo's to wherever I wanted to send them, I learnt how to use the "Apps Store" so that I could download other applications - all in all my opinion of this phone, once I had mastered the art of using this type of phone, my opinion was very high indeed.
      I changed my browser settings so that when I was at home, I was able to use my home wi-fi internet for all my surfing, browsing and up or downloading - which as this little phone was PAYG was very easy, and the peace of mind of not using up all my phone credit was great.

      The charger for this phone is the same as the other smart phones, I used to charge it up overnight each day - however the battery strength was actually very good and would last a few days if the phone was just on standby.
      To send texts and make or receive calls, I found this phone very easy.

      To go back however to what I said before - if you didn't know any better, then this phone would be brilliant.
      In the last year or so of not having or using this phone, both my husband and son have got themselves nice new phones on contract one is an Iphone and the other a Galaxy - I assumed that I would be able to use their phones easily - and I must emphasis on the "easily" I am afraid that with this particular little phone you do get what you pay for. When I use the families other phones, my finger slides across the screen, the apps open and change with easy, when I use the little phone I either have to jab the screen almost with the stylus or I use my finger and end up tapping away and nothing happening, and then when it finally does I realise that I have been tapping slightly off the edge of the app icon and have opened the wrong programme up totally.

      Obviously at around the £40 mark, this phone is certainly the cheap end of the market, it is exclusive to T-mobile only and personally I am not convinced that their tariff is the most competitive.
      Now that I have found the phone again (and I do not have anything more than a basic PAYG Nokia these days, with no online access) I have charged the phone and spent a few hours playing with it, updating some apps etc. I spend a lot of time on online shopping sites and forums and have noticed that a lot of companies now offer free apps and I feel I have missed out somewhat - so the phone will stay at home, as a spare and run off Wi-fi only.

      Would I recommend this phone? Probably not, it may compare averagely with other cheapie smartphones, but it certainly does not compare favourably with the popular models on the market. Having said that though, if you only want a budget phone then I can certainly say that it works ok and seems reliable, just not as smooth as it could be.
      My phone was £30 from T-Mobile a couple years ago, and Tesco are selling the identical model, but in black, for £40. This is probably a good thing that they have changed the colour, as the pink paint has chipped and flaked and looks very shabby, showing the black casing underneath, so having the phone in black is probably a very good move.


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