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Toshiba Portege G910

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2009 15:45
      Very helpful



      At the end of the day, you get what you paid for and for a small price this phone is worth it.

      The Portege G910 is now on sale at an extremely cheap £109 (£159 after £50 cashback), and yet its specifications will probably rival £300 - £400 smartphones at first glance. So what makes it so generously priced? Is this some kind of a mistake? It's most definitely not... read on!

      --- the BASICS ---

      The G910 is a Windows 6.0 powered smartphone. This corresponds to Windows XP of an equivalent desktop system (with 6.1 being Windows Vista). The phone supports a 800x480 high resolution 3" TFT touch screen, has a 2 megapixel camera, Wifi, GPS, 3G and a fingerprint reader.

      --- USABILITY ---

      As I will always point out the most important thing a smartphone needs is speed. The N95 8GB (another phone I have reviewed) has a very decent response time (due to it being powered by a dual-core processor). The G910 however, the minute you switch it on, will takes minutes to load up. The loading screen does look nice though.

      Moreover, once you are in the operating system, more often than not you will notice a lag in opening programmes. The accompanying stylus becomes a sort of a weapon to the screen as you impatiently repeatedly taps away.

      The fingerprint reader is more of a novelty rather than a necessity. It will not be possible to use the reader as an authentication method to switch on the phone. Rather it is used as a way to open specific programmes - e.g. Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player.

      (Sound and Multimedia)
      Overall, the sounds of this phone is good - using the headphone. The speaker is extreme poor (for music), but the ringing is nice and loud and you will definitely not miss a call. The call quality is reasonable.

      As this phone is powered by Windows Media Player you can easily open your windows multimedia files on the phone. But whether you would want to is another matter. The music files are fine, but the video department is seriously lacking. This phone cannot even play back the videos it took - that's how ridiculous it is.

      (Internet and Messaging)
      With a QWERTY keyboard this phone is well suited to internet and text messaging. However the phone, when opened, is fixed at a weird 160 degree of so angle - there is no option to flip the screen the whole way
      round. So you would have to place the phone on the table to best use it.

      (Screen and Camera)
      The 3" internal screen is very crisp and clear - provides good readability. There is also a small screen outside (around 0.6"?) which is black and white and provides basic information such as time and missed calls - so when the user closes the phone they can also see the information. This also lies another weak point of this phone - how to call someone when the screen is shut. There is a 4 way key but no keypad - so to call someone you will need to navigate through the extremely small screen and scroll through your contacts - a struggle to say the least.

      The camera of the phone works well. The module being a 2 megapixel is a standard for a mid-range phone like this. Video is also of standard quality. No VGA but QCIF works nice enough.

      --- CONCLUSION ---
      This phone is very cheap for its features. It is only after you have bought it that you will realise the saying "you get what you paid for". There is a recent firmware released that promised to patch up some of the software issues - like the slow video playback. But it will never fix the hardware problems. However despite all the negatives this phone is still really cheap for this price and I would recommend it definitely.


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