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Almondy Cheesecake Raspberry

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Brand: Almondy / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2008 14:50



      A shame that Gluten free has to be boring and second rate, this product was a huge disappointment.

      I was drawn to the packaging and chose this cheesecake for my Brothers last family meal before he moves to live in New Zealand this week. It is his wifes favourite food.

      When I opened the box, panic set in, followed by horror. The cheesecake MUST have been put in the wrong box!!!? What was inside was a sad, dull looking cheesecake. The cloudy lacklustre toping wasn't spread to the edges and was filled with air bubles. At first I couldn't see the base but on cutting the cheesecake (rather optimistically) found it.

      The taste could have made up for the poor presentation, but it also failed to impress. A soggy base, below average cheese cake and bland topping. Overall a huge disappointment and to be honest a bit embarrassing. No one ate it except my brother, who did so not out of kindness, but to further embarrass me in a mocking fashion.


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      18.08.2008 19:44
      Very helpful



      Cheesecake with a soft spongy base

      When I spotted this on offer I thought it's just the thing for me.

      1. It was on offer with £1 off.
      2. Almondy - I love anything almondy.

      That's where the bargain ended....

      It's a nice box with a Swedish flag in one corner and the words NEW! in the other corner with a nice photo of a luscious looking raspberry cheesecake. It also states it's gluten free.

      On the reverse of the box is a little story....it states :

      Two young Swedish men, Kent and Lennart, had a dream of building a boat and sailing around the world when they discovered a secret recipe from 1890, for an irresistible cake that was unlike anything they had ever tasted before. History doesn't reveal how much they ate but we do know that this experience was to change their lives forever. Now, instead of sailing, their passion lies in baking this tårta (as we say in Sweden) and sharing the unique Almondy taste with so many more.

      It said on the box, defrost for only 60 minutes. However on the reverse it says 'Remove packaging and defrost before serving (duh) At room temperature, wrapping removed. Slice 1 hour; whole cheesecake 2 hours.

      My initial disappointment was when I took it from the box and it seemed much thinner and smaller than I would have expected, you'd be pretty mean to slice it into 8. On the back of the box it says that it has 6 - 8 servings? I think not! More like 5/6!

      The base was not what I had expected, it wasn't a biscuity base like the photo implied but more like a soft sponge cakey texture, there was a slight hint of almond but that was all.

      The cheesecake itself was nothing out of the ordinary, a bit bland and the raspberry topping was a bit of a let down, not as tangy as I'd hoped.

      Ingredients are cream, sugar, egg white, cream cheese (11%) raspberries (8.5%), butter, glucose syrup, antoxidants, gelling agent and flavouring.

      I was horrified to learn that 1/8th of a cake had 8.4g fat of which saturates were 5.5g which I thought was high. All that cream cheese....

      It also said on the reverse WARNING! May cause addiction! Not in my case....

      Needless to say I won't be buying it again £1 off or not!

      Normal price £2.75 for 400g cheesecake.


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    • Product Details

      Gluten free cheesecake.

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