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Asda Assorted Sticks and Twists

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2009 20:58
      Very helpful



      OK but I probably wouldn't buy again

      I always here people say that doing your grocery shopping online saves you money as you don't get tempted by things you don't need. What are these people talking about?! I always end up with ridiculous amounts of stuff, and things I would never even have noticed in the supermarket - ASDA's sticks and twists being a prime example.

      Sticks and Twists are basically a box of assorted bread sticks. In the box you get salted breadsticks, sesame seed bread sticks and puff pastry cheese twists.

      They come packaged in a plastic carton which is wrapped in a purple wrapper which has a picture of the contents and all the other information you would expect to find. Inside the sticks and twists are in a plastic tub, and I was surprised to find that whilst the salted and sesame bread sticks come grouped together and sealed in plastic packets, the cheese twists were just lying in the bottom of the tub, and as a result a couple had become broken.

      Something worth noting, is that you don't get an even amount of each item. There were only five of the cheese twists, whilst there were a lot more of the sesame and salted sticks - although saying that there were still more salted ones than sesame.

      So what do they taste like? Well as there is essentially three products here, so I'll review the tastes individually.

      Cheese Twists - Well these were the ones I was looking forward to most and unfortunately I ended up being really disappointed with them. I had expected these to be like the cheese straws I sometimes buy from the bakery which are gorgeously soft puff pastry. In actual fact, they were really hard and the taste was awful. I could detect a cheesiness, but the overall taste was almost chemically and they left an awful after-taste - I'm now glad there was only five in the box! They were described as being 'melt in the mouth' by the packaging, but that certainly wasn't the case - like I said they were very hard.

      Salted Breadsticks - these were by far the nicest of the three. They were just normal bread sticks in appearance - like the sort you'd find on a restaurant table. They had a good crunchiness and although the taste was very dry, I suppose that's how they're meant to be and they went great with dip. Don't be put off by the word 'salted' either, although you can tell there's salt there, I wouldn't describe them as having a salty taste.

      Sesame Breadsticks - In appearance, these look very similar to the salted breadsticks - thin and shiny, the main difference being that they have an outer coating of sesame seeds. The seeds are stuck on well and don't flake off everywhere either. To be honest I'm sort of on the fence with my feelings towards these. They were nice and more than edible, however thanks to the sesame seeds they had quite a nutty taste and there was an after-taste of peanuts which I really wasn't keen on.

      A box of these sticks costs just £1 which isn't too bad, especially if you were having a party, as these wouldn't look out of place on the table.

      Overall these were OK, but if I wanted bread sticks again, I think I'd go for something else, considering that I only really liked the salted breadsticks out of the three!


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