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Asda Carrot Cake Slice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cakes

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2010 21:41
      Very helpful



      Nut free carrot cake is delicious!

      Carrot cake is one of my all time favourites, but there are two downsides to purchasing a carrot cake from a supermarket. The first downside is that they almost always contain nuts. I have an intolerance to nuts, which makes eating them very, very unpleasant and painful. The second downside is that you can only ever seem to buy a whole carrot cake. I only ever want 1 slice to satisfy my cravings, and I know I couldn't be trusted with a full one! This is where the "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" comes to my rescue. A nut free carrot cake in a single slice portion you say? Surely not! I came across this miracle one day whilst hunting for a delicious treat in the dessert chiller cabinet in Asda, and I've never looked back!

      This "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" can only be purchased from Asda stores, so don't go looking for it elsewhere! It is housed amongst the other chilled desserts, which are usually kept in a cabinet all by themselves. In my store, these cake slices are sat on the top shelf of the chiller cabinet, which can make them a bit of a pain to see/get to when you're only 5'1 like me, so keep your eyes peeled when on the hunt for them.

      When it comes to price, you really can't beat this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" on being value for money. At only 98p, this cake slice really is a steal. It's difficult to find any sort of dessert now for under £1, especially not one of substantial portion size anyway! Whether you're on the go, or simply looking to treat yourself after tea time, this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" is perfect for every kind of pocket.

      These "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" are packaged in individual portions, meaning you now don't need to purchase an entire cake to enjoy a piece for yourself. I think this is a great idea as the single serving portion size is perfect. The slice comes contained inside a transparent plastic wedge-shaped container which houses the slice perfectly due to its shape. This also allows you to see the product within, which is a heck of a temptation device! Inside the container you will also find a plastic disposable spork (a spoon with a fork-like edge to allow you to eat your cake with ease). The container is sealed with a large orange sticky label which is printed with all the information about the product. The portion of the label attached to the front of the container has the Asda logo, and the name of the product along with a photograph of the product within and a little information about what it is. The portion of the label attached to the bottom of the container features all the important information including ingredients list, nutritional information, dietary and allergy advice and contact details for the company.

      To look at, this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" looks like any normal slice of decent carrot cake. There are two layers of the orangey-brown sponge, between which a layer of off-white cream cheese frosting is sandwiched. There is a second generous layer of cream cheese frosting smothered over the top of the cake and down the back side. Small strands of carrot and diced pieces of pineapple can be seen throughout the cake sponge, and add to the overall delicious look of the cake.

      The smell of this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" is definitely something to drool over. The first scent that hits you upon opening the plastic container is a spicy, cinnamon scent. The smell of carrot cake is very distinct, spicy and sweet with a little kick to tingle your nostrils. I love the smell of carrot cake, possibly because I love the smell of cinnamon, and it is definitely noticeable in this carrot cake. Once you've been wafted with the cinnamon-y goodness, you are then hit with a wonderfully sweet and intoxicating sugar smell from the cream cheese frosting. All good carrot cakes are topped with authentic cream cheese frosting, and it has its own distinct super sweet and sugary scent (not cheesy at all). This carrot cake is no exception, as the layers of frosting give off a wonderfully sweet whiff.

      When it comes to carrot cake, I've eaten plenty in my time to know what a good one tastes like, and this one is pretty good! Okay, it doesn't compare to home made carrot cake, but for a shop bought carrot cake this is damn well decent. The sponge itself is moist, fluffy and avoids being dry. The lack of nuts within the sponge itself allows it to be fluffy and airy instead of crunchy and claggy. The taste is definitely sweet with a spicy kick from the cinnamon. The carrot and pineapple bring the sweetness whilst the cinnamon added into the sponge brings the warmth and depth. The cream cheese frosting is smooth and creamy, with that tell tale sugary sweet flavour. The frosting alone could become pretty sickly if eaten to excess, however the rich spicy sponge balances it out perfectly. The combination of sweet, spicy, warm and creamy is something to die for. It truly is. This is the reason why I love carrot cake so much. Yummy!

      I completely and absolutely love this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice". I do particularly love the fact that the cake is supplied in a single serve amount, as this helps me control my portions. If I were left with an entire carrot cake, my willpower would undoubtedly fail and I'd eat the lot, so this single serve portion is perfect for me. Being on a diet doesn't necessarily mean you have to deprive yourself of treats, and I certainly don't. I have this slice of cake on a Friday as a treat for doing so well during the week, and it completely satisfies my need for sweet goodies. The cake itself is moist and has the perfect balance of cake and frosting. Carrot cake has the tendency to dry out and become hard to swallow, but this cake is definitely light, fluffy and moist. The cream cheese frosting is absolutely delicious, and there's just enough throughout and on top of the cake to get a taste of the frosting with each bite of cake. I'm a huge fan of carrot cake, and 99.9% of the time, shop bought carrot cake contains nuts. This really frustrates me as I have nut intolerance and so cannot enjoy carrot cake as much as I would like to. This is the only carrot cake I have come across in a shop that contains no nut pieces, so is perfect for me to enjoy safely. Hooray! I'd completely and utterly recommend this "Asda Carrot Cake Slice" to anyone that is a fan of carrot cake, and wants to treat themselves to a little something sweet and yummy.

      Nutritional Information per 100g slice:
      Energy: 377kcal
      Protein: 3.4g
      Carbohydrate: 53.8g
      Of which sugars: 43.9g
      Fat: 16.5g
      Of which saturates: 5.3g
      Fibre: 1.7g
      Sodium: 0.21g
      Equivalent as salt: 0.5

      Cream Cheese Frosting (30%) [Sugar, Butter (Milk), Full Fat Cream Cheese [contains Salt], Glucose Syrup, Water , Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)] , Sugar , Wheat Flour , Egg , Carrot (9.0%) , Vegetable Oil , Pineapple (3.0%) , Water , Modified Maize Starch , Cinnamon , Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate) , Mixed Spice [Fennel, Coriander, Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Clove, Cinnamon, Caraway] , Dried Egg White , Baking Powder [Raising Agents (Diphosphates, Sodium Bicarbonate), Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate] , Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) .

      Allergy Information: Contains gluten, wheat, eggs and milk. May contain traces of nuts and seeds.

      Dietary Information: Suitable for vegetarians.

      Weight Watchers points: 6 points per slice.


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