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Asda Cheese and Garlic Slices

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2010 13:14
      Very helpful




      Garlic Bread is enjoyed at least once a week in our house, but often twice. On Fridays and Saturdays we often have Pizza and you just got to have garlic Bread to go with it. Although it is often the garlic Baguettes that we buy, a change is always nice.

      We got these the other week for the first time. We have had the Garlic Slices before, but don't often have ones with Cheese on them. Since we get plenty of Cheese on the Pizza then I don't feel the need to have anything else with Cheese on it. The scattering of Cheese didn't look that much anyway, so why not try them. The pack of 8 slices cost £1.40 and was part of the 2 for £2 offer which covered a few other Garlic Bread products.

      The pack was quite lage for these, and the slices were stacked on their sides end to end. They were on a plastic tray and covered with a cellophane wrapper. So you could easily see the slices before you bought them.

      The Slices are quite thick, well the same kind of thickness as a baguette slice. They are larger than a Baguette.

      You just cook these in the oven for about 6-8 minutes. I just placed them on the grid in the oven, but have a tray on the bottom of the oven to catch any stray bits of Cheese, which there was a few. The Garlic and Cheese was only on 1 side and there was a good amount on here. The Garlic coating was jsut a smearing of Garlic Butter which was tasty enough. The Cheese was more of a Mozzarella and some grated Cheese on top of the Garlic. This melted and covered the Bread well. The taste of the 2 different flavours went together well and although I think it is more the normal Garlic Bread without the Cheese I would go for, this was a nice change. Also you could just cook a few of these slices if you wanted and not have to make a whole Baguette.

      A good side for Pizza night.


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      02.05.2010 18:13
      Very helpful
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      See review.

      I have always been a fan of garlic breads, but found that once my husband had realised he could eat a whole one in a sitting, for me to have some I would have to cook one then eat only part of eat, easy for some of you but difficult from refraining eating the entire thing....well for me anyway!

      I love the garlic breads, but adore the garlic and cheese slices that we have occasionally from Domino's pizza, so after seeing these from Asda one shopping trip, they immediately got thrown in to my trolley!

      The product I will now review is - "Asda - 8 cheese & garlic slices".

      These particular slices are available in the pie and ready meal aisle, though they are suitable for freezing, which for a busy mum is perfect as I don't want to spend my entire week in Asda! (Yes I know that from my reviews many of you may think I live in there anyway!).

      The slices come piled in two's and held within a rectangular plastic tray, though be warned the tray is quite flimsy, fine when still covered with it's outer wrap, but once that is removed I have been known to drop the entire load!

      To cook these can be placed either under a grill and toasted until golden for 1-2 minutes, or cooked in the oven which takes a mere 5-6 minutes from chilled or an additional 1 minute extra cooking time if cooked from frozen, both cooking temperatures are equated as medium to high heat.

      When eaten these are delicious, crispy and reasonably cheesy. The garlic is recognisable but not over powering, which I have to say I am not too bothered by as I love garlic, but if serve at a party not something you would want to eat then sit and breath over someone!

      The cheese used on these slices is a mixture of mature cheddar and mozzarella, but is strangely not like any cheese I have ever seen, with the cheese not so much melting as setting in strands upon the surface of the slices, this in itself makes the slice crispy, but still tastes delicious, but again not over poweringly so.

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per slice,
      131 kcal,
      4.1g protein,
      16.1g carbohydrate,
      0.8g of which sugars,
      5.6g fat,
      3.4g of which saturates,
      0.8g fibre,
      0.16g sodium.

      Allergy advice states that this contains gluten, milk and wheat.

      Price wise these are available singularly for around the £1.20 mark, or as part of an ongoing offer at "2 for £2.00".

      For more information visit - www.asda.com.

      Thanks for reading x


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