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Asda Cheese & Tomato Bruschettas

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2009 12:57
      Very helpful



      Part of the Asda party food range costing just a quid!

      I've had these Asda Bruschetta's in my freezer for a few weeks now and as we had a few friends round last night to exchange Christmas Cards we decided to put a few nibbles out to munch through whilst chatting. These are a bread based snack with a cheese and tomato topping, similar to pizza but the base is actually like a circle of crusty French stick rather than doughy, flat bread.

      My box was similar to the one pictured, but this year Asda have had a bit of a re-design with the illustrations on the box but they are essentially the same. Containing 9 mini bruschettas these are best heated through from frozen and only took around 20 minutes to cook in the oven.

      Only around 4cm in diameter and probably a couple of centimetres thick these are an ideal buffet food and once cooked through take on a pleasant golden brown colour and have a lovely tomato smell to them. The cheese topping melts nicely and mixes in with the tomato, the cheese doesn't have a strong flavour so doesn't overpower the bread or tomato and essentially these are like eating cheese on toast but made with crunchy bread and with tomato.

      Biting into one the bread is crispy on the outiside but sof in the middle and crumbles between your teeth; the topping is well flavoured and compliments the bread nicely. The tomato is on the tangy side which goes well with the savouriness of the cheese and together these make for a tasty, satisfying snack which are delicious and make a great party food.

      Costing just a pound from Asda these are excellent value for money and prepared with other party favourites like sausage rolls and sandwiches make for a cheap spread to lay out for when you have company or if you just fancy something quick and tasty to cook. Nutrition wise a single bruschetta will provide you with 67 calories and 2.6 grams of fat so not that bad at all really.

      Asda always provides excellent party food at this time of the year and is always cheap and cheerful with the majority of their range only costing a pound, ideal to stock up on and stick in your freezer for when unexpected company turn up. I have no criticism whatsoever with these and can safely say that our company enjoyed them just as much as we did.

      Available instore and online from Asda normally found in the freezer section along with the other party food choices, highly recommended by me and thoroughly deserving 5/5 Dooyoo stars.


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        04.11.2009 13:05
        Very helpful
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        Cheese and tomato bruschettas from Asda great for parties and snacks

        For three years now there has been one product from the Asda party food range which Mr Lools has called his definite favourite Cheese & Tomato Bruchettas. Shamefully we have gone through 8 boxes of this product already and Asda have only been selling their party food for just over 5 weeks now!


        Asda Cheese and Tomato Bruschettas are part of the party food range. The packaging of the bruschettas is branded consistently with the Asda party food range; a deep red cardboard box with a very festive look to it. There are 9 bruschettas per pack. Nine Cheese and Tomato Bruschettas is written in white font and there is an image of the cooked products on the front of the packaging. These look very appealing and tasty from the image on the packaging.

        Inside of the box the bruschettas are in three sealed plastic bags. Three bruschettas in each bag. Therefore you do not need to store the product in the cardboard box if you are running out of space in the freezer as the sealed plastic bags are much easier to store than the bulky cardboard packaging. And if you choose to you do not need to cook all of the bruschettas at once you can keep some stored in the freezer to eat at a later date.

        The cooking instructions are on the packaging. The bruschettas should be cooked at 200 degrees for 18-20 minutes.


        A pack of 9 bruschettas cost £1 in Asda. I think this is very good value and a similar price to the other supermarkets party food ranges. In addition to this being a very good price for "buffet/ party food" I also think that as a quick snack this is also very good value.

        ***Cheese and Tomato Bruschettas***

        As soon as you open the oven and remove the bruschettas from the oven you are greeted with a very pleasant scent. A golden baked scent of fresh bread, with a hint of tomato.

        The bruschettas themselves also look very appealing. Each bruschetta is about 1.5cm thick with a crusty edge and are circular pieces of bread about 4cm in diameter. The topping has just the right amount of tomato on top of the bread with a grated meted cheese covering.

        As soon as you bite into the bruschetta the tangy tomato taste hits you. This is very sweet and although it is a tangy taste not at all bitter. As you take the initial bite this is very crunchy as you bite through the crusty base of the bruschetta. The centre of the bruschetta is still crispy but not quite as crunchy as the outer edges are. As you chew the bruschetta you can taste the cheese topping. This quite a mild cheese yet has a very creamy taste to it. The amount of cheese on top of the bruschettas is just enough to give taste to the product without overpowering the taste of tomato and the soft baked bread base.

        **Nutritional Information**

        Per bruschetta
        67 calories
        2.6g fat


        The Asda Cheese and Tomato Bruschettas will definitely be part of my party food selection this Christmas. The bruschettas have a crispy base with a tasty topping the tangy tomato topping compliments the creamy taste very well. A firm favourite in the Lools household and a tasty evening treat we look forward to in the lead up to Christmas.


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