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Asda Chocolate Cake Slice

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Cake

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    3 Reviews
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      15.08.2011 21:25
      Very helpful



      Not for me these!

      Firstly before I get on with this review I must tell you that although I am reviewing Asda's chocolate cake slices I am not reviewing the individual slab of cake that is depicted at the top of this page. Dooyoo in there infinite wisdom have told me to pop my review here so here I am!

      The Packaging:

      The six small slices of cake come in an oblong purple box and on the front of it we are shown a photograph of the slices and told that they are Asda 'Chosen By You', Teatime Treat, 6 Iced Chocolate Slices 'Soft chocolate flavoured sponge topped with rich chocolate flavoured icing' and that they are suitable for vegetarians and the best before date is clearly shown. On the back of the box other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart shown and contact details for Asda are listed. Inside the box the slices are lined up next to each other in a black plastic tray and covered by see through and easy to tear off plastic. Nice enough packaging and informative enough this is of course.

      The Slices:

      All these are, are small oblongs in shape of cake made from a dark brown and relatively fluffy looking sponge and then over the top there is a thin but even layer of dark brown chocolate icing which is sticky and looks moist.

      Taste wise well the sponge is simply ok. It has a light chocolate flavour isn't too dry and/or messy to eat and I like the fact its easy enough to digest basically in one mouthful as they really arnt very big slices at all. However the icing is bitty and sugary tasting and not smooth enough for me and just over the top sweet. Where as the sponge is delicately flavoured with chocolate the icing is too fake a chocolate tasting and far to sweet for me and my liking.

      Sadly although I was looking forward to sharing these with my mate and her daughter and the only one that liked them was her 2 year old and me...well I won't be buying them or eating them again!

      Nutritional Information per Slice (The Important Bits):

      Energy: 116Kcal
      Fat: 3.9g
      of which saturates: 0.4g

      Only available in Asda stores costing £1.00 a box


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      12.12.2009 09:19
      Very helpful



      One slice... for those who cant be trusted with a full cake

      I'm one of those people who cannot be trusted when it comes to chocolate cake, or any cake for that matter. If I buy a whole cake... I have to eat it and after one slice I go back for seconds (or more servings) despite not even being hungry. Therefore Asda individual chocolate cake slices are perfect for those like myself who have no self control.........


      Each chocolate cake slice comes in a clear triangular plastic container which fits the wedge of chocolate cake neatly inside. A label outlining this is a chocolate cake slice is on the front of the container. Inside of the packaging there is a small white plastic fork to eat the chocolate cake with if you are on the go.

      These are sold in the bakery aisles of Asda in the fridges but are also located at the front of the store in the fridges where the sandwiches are sold, as this is a "food on the go".


      Each chocolate cake slice costs 98p. Asda have recently ran an offer where you can buy two slices for £1.50 which is great if you are a couple or want more than one slice. Asda do sell full chocolate fudge cakes for £2 therefore this product appears expensive and will be if you want to serve a large amount of people but as a convenience product it is averagely priced in my opinion and great for individuals.

      ***Chocolate Cake Slice***

      Once you open the packaging you are hit with the sweet chocolately aroma. For me this is a mouth watering scent which is extremely pleasant.

      The chocolate cake is a triangular wedge of cake. This is a wedge about 4cm wide at the thickest point. The chocolate sponge is covered in a layer of chocolate fudge icing on the top and side of the cake and has a layer of this icing as a filling running through the cake.

      I personally find that I do not like the chocolate cake served cold and before I eat this I take it out of the fridge for 20 minutes or so. This makes the sponge less firm and the chocolate fudge filling and topping softens up making it a more enjoyable texture to eat. I also think this also brings out the chocolate taste of the cake. The chocolate sponge is chocolately but does not have too strong of a cocoa taste which I find is the case with some chocolate cakes. The soft chocolate fudge filling and topping is my favourite part of the cake. This is very rich with a sweet creamy chocolately taste with a perfect texture. This is soft and gooey but not at all greasy (I have issues with greasy icing!!)

      One major disadvantage with this cake is that it does not keep well and if you buy a slice which is close to its sell by date then it is not the most pleasant piece of cake to eat. The sponge dries out quickly and becomes quite tasteless. It is worth rummaging in the fridges at Asda to find the freshest slice as this really does make the difference and a fresh slice tastes like a completely different piece of cake!

      **Nutritional Information**

      Per slice
      401 calories
      33.3g sugar
      20.1g fat
      8.2g saturated fat

      Contains gluten, wheat, eggs and milk

      May contain nuts

      As this is chocolate cake it goes without saying it's not a product that is good for you nutritionally!


      This is a very tasty chocolate fudge cake slice and is a lovely treat, especially on the go. It is not the best chocolate fudge cake that I have ever tasted yet it is definitely not the worst. The chocolate sponge is just right (if you get a fresh slice) and the sticky fudge topping and filling adds moisture and is very sweet and chocolately but not too sickly. For those on a budget this might be slightly expensive considering Asda sell full chocolate fudge cakes for £2 but as a treat on the go it is worth indulging for the chocoholics amongst us.

      The only downside to the cake is that it dries out quickly and is more the fault of Asda's stock control system. My advice would be make sure that you check the best before date on the packaging and that you get the freshest piece of cake on the shelf as if the cake is nearing its sell by date the sponge is dry and the cake is less tasty. A three star product providing that it's a fresh slice!


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        14.10.2009 13:51
        Very helpful



        I wouldn't buy this, there are better options at the bakery.

        The chocolate cake slice, is an individual treat, it is one cake slice available from Asda's bakery. I do like the way you can buy many items for the individual rather than a whole cake. It is good for those who are single or have small families, or like mine, all like different things.

        Each chocolate cake slice costs £0.98 in Asda. They come in a transparent plastic case in which you can see the cake from every angle.

        Each typical slice is 100 grams and the below is based on per 100 grams / per slice.

        Nutritional Values:
        Energy - 1679 kJ / 401 kcal
        Protein - 5.3 grams
        Carbohydrate - 49.7 grams
        Carbohydrate of sugars - 33.3 grams
        Fat - 20.1 grams
        Fat of saturates - 8.2 grams
        Fibre - 2.3 grams
        Sodium - 0.2 grams

        Allergy advice:
        Contains gluten.
        Contains wheat.
        Contains eggs.
        Contains milk.
        May contain nuts.
        May contain traces of seeds.

        This item is suitable for vegetarians, if you are a vegetarian with taste buds though, I'd avoid it.

        I like cake and I like chocolate and although I am a fan of chocolate cake, I would happily not eat this, it is dry and being kept in a freezer/fridge doesn't help the flavour, it is cold and the sponge doesn't have that spring in its taste.

        The cake isn't moist and the fresh, it just tastes like it's been sitting around for a few days, not quite stale but harder than it should be.

        I appreciate this is the only way in which Asda can sell the single slices and keep them but I would rather buy an individual slice from the bakery section where the birthday cakes are. I think this would be more successful as people would see them and buy them, they are fresher and not kept in cold conditions.

        They used to do this cake with chocolate fudge, but have stopped for some reason, I must admit I did prefer that one due to the fact the flavour of the fudge was quite tasty on the icing but again, the cake was bland, so they seemed to removed the best bit and kept the dull, hard cake.

        I won't buy this again.


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