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Asda Chocolate Flavoured Puffins

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Brand: Asda / Chocolate creamy filled biscuits.

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2009 21:37
      Very helpful




      Recently i've been on a bit bargain shopping. Not because I have to watch my money drastically, but it's surprising how many good supermarket label products are out there. Since there is no fancy advertising, and they won't catch your eye on the television then you have to look on the shelves for this type of thing, but you could save a good bit money doing this!

      These Chocolate biscuits are Asda's own version of McVities Penguin Buiscuits. They are very very similar, and I know I used to think Penguin Biscuits were boring when I was younger (I think my parents stock piled them as they were always in the house!) but I got a nice surprise with these.

      You can buy these in Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and these ones, which as just Milk Chocolate. You buy them in a pack of 8 individually wrapped Biscuits and they cost 62p, or you can mix and match on a lot of Asda Chocolate Biscuits and get 3 packs for £1.60. I'm not sure if this offer is currently on, but it usually is, and seems to be 1 of those long term always on offer offers.

      The packaging is alright. This pack is a medium-light Blue colour and it has a little picture of the Biscuits on the front. The wrapper is open slightly so you see the Chocolate Biscuit on the front. Each individual wrapper is also blue and has the word Puffin going up it in white lettering.

      Each biscuit is 25g and has 132 calories. Pretty standard when you think of the product.

      So the most important part, the Biscuit and the taste. The Biscuit is a quite hard Chocolate Biscuit. The taste is a little like Digestives, but not as crumbly. There is 2 parts of the Biscuit and it has a thin layer of Chocolate Cream sandwiches between the 2 bits of Biscuit. The whole lot of covered in Milk Chocolate. The Chocolate is thick enough, but not quite as Thick as Penguins, but since these are cheaper, why not just eat 2 at once and you will easily get the same taste effect! The Chocolate is Milky, and the Biscuit is sweet and a little crumbly.

      All in all a nice Chocolate biscuit, and at this price you can afford to have your biccie tin full!


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