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Asda Christmas Cupcakes

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cakes

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2010 11:28
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      Delish Cupcakes From Asda

      We did quite a bit of our Xmas food shopping in Asda this year and one of the gems my mum found was this pack of 4 Xmas cupcakes for about £1.00.

      They are delish! There's something about the sponge that makes these cakes proper addictive, even more than cake usually is! lol The sponge has got a yummy vanilla flavour that I love and is lovely and light as you eat it. The cakes are quite a bit taller than I was expecting and because the sponge has got such a nice moist texture it makes them feel like a proper treat.

      The icing is yummy too. It hasn't got much flavour of it's own because it's plain white icing but it's got a wicked soft texture and has been piped onto the cakes quite thick so that makes the cakes even sweeter than they would be without the icing.

      The good thing about these cakes is that the sponge itself is quite sweet so mixed with the VERY sweet icing these cupcakes are a definate sugar overload! It's weird though because even though they are mega sweet they don't get overpowering as you're eating and funnily enough they're not sickly either..... unless you get in the mood and eat all 4 like I did one day before Xmas and then they gave me a proper nasty tummy ache!

      I love the santa and reindeer decorations on the cupcakes and it deffo makes them a lot more interesting because without those the cakes would be very white and plain. They'd still taste just as yummy but wouldn't have looked half as good on the table over Xmas!

      We was planning to buy these for Xmas day for the kids instead of Xmas pudding but unfortunately Asda had run out on Xmas Eve so they missed out.

      I think these cupcakes are delish, I'm not usually mad keen on Asda cakes because I think they always taste too sugary with not much other flavour. This is true with these as well because the only real flavour is the vanilla in the sponge, but for some reason it doesn't matter that much because they've got the balance of the cake and the icing just right.



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