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Asda Christmas Lebkuchen Selection

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Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2010 01:08
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      Highly recommended, fun to eat

      I do love sweets and my husband brought me a box or ASDA Lebkuchen selection of German gingerbread so sweet bread how some people call it, among other things..
      For an ASDA product I though this comes in a lovely presentation red cardboard box. I am used with they basic white packaging when it comes to ASDA's own brand.

      When I was a child gingerbread used to surprisingly hard for some reason but I was please to discover that the ASDA Selection is not like that at all in fact quite the opposite.
      The box looks very small but it was 250grams of gingerbread variety which is more then enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. Is also does not contains any artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fat. I am not surprised as they are baked in Germany and the Germans are well knows for good quality and interesting sweets.

      How does it tastes?

      Well inside the box there are different shapes like stars, heart rounds or squares. Each shape seem to have it's own flavoured, some are completely covered in dark chocolate, others have just the bottom, there are some with jam and icing too, marzipan, fruit filling, milk chocolate, sugar glazed almond hazelnut and cinnamon are some of the flavours you can detect. Is bound to find one that you like and share with family, friends or your loved one.

      The are really fluffy and not exceedingly sweet. I do not like when thing are overpowering in taste. Is just a good balance of sweetness.

      After you finish with the product you can put the cardboard part in the recycling bin but sadly some of the plastic can not be recycled.


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        20.12.2008 12:26
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        Seasons greetings in a box.

        I truly love Christmas, I don't know whether you had realised this fact yet! (LOL!), and there are many reasons for this.

        There is of course all the presents, and hopefully the goodwill to all men, you can legitimately be drunk at 9am Christmas morning and no-one bats an eye-lid and finally my favourite..... Food!

        The product I will now review is something that I only seem to buy at Christmas, though I am sure they can be purchased at other times.

        The product I will now review is "Christmas lebkuchen selection".

        I have always been a fan of these delicious German biscuits, soft and flavourful they always remind me of Christmas, this is due in part to the Christmas spice that is found in every mouthful. Also as a child my dad would always buy a bag of these to keep in the cupboard, the ones of my youth were plain soft biscuits with the merest suggestion of icing with the occasional biscuit having a spatering of jewel like sprinkles adorning there tops.

        The ones I will now review are as nice, if not a little more grown up!

        The box is a lovely distinctive colour (burgundy), with there being a large picture in the centre of a selection of the biscuits within presented attractively on a plate.
        There is also the usual information on the box. There is the product name, brand name, weight (250g), best before date, the Asda brand guarantee which states this product is free from artificial colours, additives and hydrogenated fat. And for good measure there is also a picture of a Christmas tree, awww very festive!

        The box opens from the front, this is to give you a better view of the biscuits within, of course I didn't realise this fact until I had opened it and practically destroyed the box, oh well, they didn't last too long anyway!

        Inside the outer box there is a plastic tray containing the biscuits, this is wrapped again in a clear cellophane packet for extra freshness.

        I will try to keep this reasonably brief but I feel I would be obiing you if I didn't list the individual biscuits -

        Dark chocolate covered cubes - These are slightly larger than a stamp but are around ½" thick. These are layers of lebkuchen, which for the people who have never tried them is a soft and sweet gingerbread with seasonal spices, fruit filling and marzipan.
        These are quite nice but not my favourite, it reminds me of a three layered liquorice alsort, with it even having a slight liquorice taste to it.

        Spiced marzipan half round - These are about an 1" in size and is deemed as one of the simpler biscuits in the pack, and this makes them one of my favourites.
        The top of the "round" is very lightly glazed with a thin white icing glaze, while the base is a nice layer of dark chocolate which compliments the spices perfectly.

        Sugar coated lebkuchen slice - This is again very similar to the half round biscuit, though this has no dark chocolate but a thick layer of white marzipan across the base of the biscuit, again very nice.

        Dark chocolate lebkuchen heart with a fruit filling - These again feature the obligatory gingerbread, this is topped with a delicious spiced apple filling and then covered with dark chocolate.
        Again this is very nice, but feel my taste buds may be slightly more appreciative to the less "fussy" biscuits in the box.

        Dark chocolate covered pretzel - This is as the name suggests a chocolate covered pretzel. This is right up my street, a plain gingerbread pretzel covered in thick and tasty chocolate, perfect!

        Milk chocolate lebkuchen heart with a fruit filling - This is again the same as the dark chocolate covered ones, though In fairness until reading the description on the biscuits I had no idea there was any difference!

        Sugar glazed almond marzipan slice, half coated in chocolate - These are truly delicious, these biscuits have more bite to them, not quite as soft and to me more flavourful, definitely one of my favourites in the box!

        Iced hazelnut and cinnamon spiced lebkuchen star - These again are lovely bit far too small in my opinion, before anyone asks me, if I have not specified a size on a biscuits that is because they are the standard biscuit size, these however are absolutely tiny.
        These are barely what I would term as a "mouthful" but are delicious none the less!

        In terms of quantities there are around, (on average), 2 -3 of each variety, that really is more than enough. If you are not a fan of spiced biscuits you really will get bored with these quickly, there is only a slight variation between each type.

        The nutritional information is as follows -

        Per biscuit -
        44 kcal
        0.7g protein
        6.9g carbohydrate
        4.2g of which sugars
        1.5g fat
        0.5g of which saturates

        There are also quite a few allergy advice notices (as you would imagine!)these being that they contain gluten, nuts, wheat, egg and soya.
        This product may also contain traces of other nuts and/or seeds.

        I purchased these for the price of £1.90ish, which is slightly more than I would normally pay for this sort of thing, but as it's a very occasional treat who am I to argue!

        These are lovely and a firm favourite in my house. The fact that I am the only one in my house that likes these is also a bonus, it means that I can leave an open box and when I come back to it they will still be there! Amazing!

        For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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