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Asda Coconut Bites

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Brand: Asda / Type: Biscuit

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2010 02:07
      Very helpful



      My mate prefers these to real Bounties!

      When it comes to chocolate I'm a real lover of it! Whilst in Asda browsing the shelves the other night (me and my mate who I'm staying with at the moment adore late night shopping y the way lol!) we spent 200 quid on food in minutes! One of the things we stocked up on was loads of chocolate and these at £1.00 seemed a nice little buy and having the Vegetarian symbol on them meant my mate was all for purchasing them seeing as she's a Vegetarian and fed up with gelatin being in so many products that we want to buy!

      The Packaging:

      Long light turquoise plastic wrapper which is oblong in shape. On the front of the of the wrapper all in black writing I'm told that they are Asda 'Hands off my coconut bites' 10x25g snack size bars and that they are tropical on the inside and have really chunky chocolate and that they are an Asda brand, free from artificial flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat, suitable for Vegetarians and the best before date is clearly stamped on and there is a cartoon man creature holding a photograph of the chocolate on there too. Other information on the back of the packet includes a full nutritional rundown chart, ingredients and allergy advice is stated, the weight of the product is given which is 250g and contact details for Asda are listed as usual on Asda's own branded products. Nice packaging, doesn't look cheap and/or nasty and the chocolates inside are lined up single file!

      The Chocolate:

      If your familiar with Bounty bars then this is half a one you get in a standard pack of those! Oval shaped and chunky looking, rippled to the top and flat to the underside the milk chocolate is a little over sweet in my opinion but your teeth do crunch through it and it does melt in the mouth well enough. The centre of the bar is a huge thick, moist block of desiccated coconut which really does taste of sweet coconut and only that against the milk chocolate.

      Tasty enough and good quality however although to me these are very much like Bounties and of good size and offer amazing value for money they are too sweet for me and the chocolate isn't creamy and thick enough for my liking. Also they are not individually wrapped which is rubbish if you want to put pop one into a packed lunch!

      Great value not the best chocolate bars though!

      Nutritional Information Per Bar:

      Energy: 119 Kcal
      Protein: 0.9g
      Carbohydrate: 13.2g
      of which sugars: 11.7g
      fat: 6.9g
      of which saturates: 5.8g
      Fibre: 1.4g
      Sodium: Trace
      equivalent as salt: 6g

      Only available in Asda stores.


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      18.02.2010 17:18
      Very helpful



      A cheap and tasty chocolate treat

      After trying Asda's Whirly Bites a couple of weeks ago I decided that it might be worth trying out a couple more of their own brand mini chocolate bars 'bites' and therefore Asda's Coconut Bites found their way into by basket and dually tested out last night. These are equally as good value as the Whirly Bites; as for the price of £1 you get 10 lovely little bars.

      Asda Coconut Bites are basically mini Bounty's but of course Asda's variety and much cheaper. Unlike both Asda's Whirly Bites and Caramel Bites however they do not come individually wrapped and all ten bars are simply placed on a small cardboard tray and then wrapped together in a large packet. The packet is a tropical turquoise in colour and has a picture of the product itself in the middle with a cartoon character chomping away on it. 'Hands Off My Coconut Bites!' is then written or more honestly scrawled in black next to it. The colour of the packet really does make the product catch your eye on the shelf and has a slightly more sophisticated feel to it than the packages of the other two products mentioned. All in all though the packaging doesn't really matter because it does its purpose and delivers the product to you in great condition. It would however have been nice to have found the bars individually wrapped because in this way you can pop one in your lunch box or handbag.

      The 'Coconut Bites' like I have said are roughly like mini Bounty's and resemble Each 'bite' is rectangular in shape, about 6cm x 3cm x 2cm, making them smaller than both the whirly and caramel bites but still a suitable size for a quick treat and perfectly suitable for the small hands of children. Each 'bite' has a sort of cross hatched pattern on the top again making them not too dissimilar from the ever popular Bounty. On first glance all you can see is a milk chocolate rectangle but when you bite into it and look at it end on you can then see that beneath the thick milk chocolate is a beautifully moist coconut filling.

      At this point you can also taste both that thick and deliciously creamy milk chocolate and the deliciously sweet and sticky coconut filling, which has a really tropical taste. Both the chocolate covering and the coconut filling are in my opinion totally delicious and the fact that they have a completely different texture to one another makes the whole 'bite' a real treat.

      For all you that like to know the calorie values of food products I have reproduced the values per bar below:
      Calories - 121
      Protein - 1.0g
      Carbohydrate - 15.1g
      Of which sugars - 13.3g
      Fat - 6.3g
      Of which saturates - 4.1g
      Fibre - 0.7g
      Sodium - 0.05g
      It is also worth noting here that 'Coconut Bites' are suitable for Vegetarians and are free from artificial colours and flavours. They do however contain milk and soya and many contain traces of nuts and seeds.

      Like with both the 'Whirly Bites' and 'Caramel Bites' I can't find a single fault with these sweets and my mum who is a great Bounty fan even gave them a top mark. I know for certain that I'll be purchasing these again in the near future but I just hope that they decide to individually wrap these 'bites' too.


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