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Asda Continental Croissants

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4 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Breads/Cakes

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    4 Reviews
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      03.04.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      better than cereal!

      A croissant is a crescent shaped pastry product. Croissants are often found in continental buffets at breakfast time. Supermarkets offer their own range of croissants.

      ~Asda Continental Croissants~

      'French style, light and buttery croissants'

      If you go down to your local Asda today and pay a visit to the bread and cake section, you will find a few packs of croissants. They currently offer 'Extra Special' croissants and also a range of regular croissants. The Continental Croissants are available in packs of 4 or 8, in mini form or with 40% less fat. These croissants are part of the 'Chosen By You' range. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats. They are also suitable for vegetarians.

      The croissants are presented in a plastic tray with a purple and clear bag. You can also buy chocolate filled croissants.

      ~Ingredients, Nutrition and Cooking~

      Wheat Flour , Unsalted Butter (27%) , Water , Sugar , Whole Egg , Yeast , Salt , Skimmed Milk Powder , Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid) .

      Each croissant contains 189 calories, 2.6g of sugar and 5.9g of saturated fat.

      These croissants are best served warm. They should be popped in a preheated over at 180c for 4 minutes.


      4pk - £1.10
      8pk - £1.64
      12pk of mini - £1.88

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love croissants and buy them from Asda regularly. I get bored of breakfast bars, toast and cereal so always look for something a bit more fancy for breakfast. Whilst no pre-packed croissants compare to the fresh croissants from the bakery near my sisters home or indeed the croissants you get on holiday in France, these Asda croissants are a pretty good alternative.

      They are neatly packaged and each croissant is a good size. They are light weight yet substantial and have a lovely, golden appearance. These croissants are tasty cold and aren't too dry or messy to eat. I personally prefer to heat them up in the oven. They are quick and easy to prepare and within a few moments, my kitchen is filled with an amazing aroma. These croissants when warmed up make for an ideal hot breakfast and I personally eat two in one sitting.

      These croissants alone have a nice, buttery flavour and taste fresh. I like to split a warm croissant in half and fill it with something sweet. Butter melts perfectly into the layered 'bread' like inside of the croissant but the firm, golden 'casing' (which I feel resembles the shape of a crab) holds the filling in well. A scraping of strawberry jam on top of the butter goes down a treat and really enhances the flavour of the croissant. Chocolate spread is also delicious though I am aware some like ham and other savoury foods - not for me as I have a sweet tooth!

      These croissants have a lovely 'moist' texture and are slightly chewy to eat. They 'casing' has a light sweetness which compliments the buttery bread/pastry inside. These croissants (even when warm) aren't as messy as others I have tried. The pastry doesn't seem to flake away and is more bread like than it is pastry in my opinion. The filling isn't too heavy and one croissant is quite filling. Providing I wrap my packet up properly in the cupboard, each croissant remains fresh. They smell delicious and always taste fresh.

      Overall I can highly recommend these Asda Continental Croissants. They represent good value for money and are a treat to warm up, fill and eat. They aren't the healthiest but are yummy so I can see past the nutritional statistics. My fiance likes them too so we can recommend them! We usually buy the 4pk as they are short dated.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        21.04.2010 19:54
        Very helpful



        A yummy breakfast

        I usually only have time for a quick and simple cereal or toast breakfast in the morning before work, but at the weekend I like to have something a bit nicer and more satisfying for breakfast. I sometimes buy these croissants from Asda as I do really love the occasional croissant.

        These are a round crab-like shape with quite thin and crispy ends at the front and a larger and thicker bit in the middle at the back. The croissants have a crispy and flaky outer edge and inside the pastry is very soft and fluffy.

        They can be eaten either hot or cold but heated up they are much nicer. If eaten cold the outer edge is a little bit dry. If you heat them up in the oven for a few minutes though, it gives them a bit of warmth and moisture and stops them from being too dry. When heated, they are also a bit less flaky so you don't end up losing half the croissant on your plate!

        When hot, butter melts into these really well and makes them really moist and quite sweet. I always put some jam on mine too and this makes them even sweeter and fruity and I could easily eat the whole pack for breakfast with a nice glass of milkshake or fruit juice!

        A pack of 4 croissants costs 88p which I think is quite good value for such a delicious breakfast treat. They also come in a pack of 12 mini croissants for £1.68 but I'd need far too many of these for a satisfying breakfast so I prefer to stick to the bigger and more fillings ones.

        For a deliciously tasty and different breakfast I love these croissants and I'm now going to go and put them on the shopping list!


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        26.02.2010 10:02
        Very helpful
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        A nice breakfast alternative

        I occasionally buy these croissants as a special treat for a weekend morning. During the week breakfast is so rushed that I like to have a more leisurely affair at the weekend. At £0.88 for four or £0.22 each, a mini variety is also available at £1.69 for a pack of twelve. They are not a cheap alternative to cereal or toast but for the odd time I buy them it isn't overly expensive.

        The pack is made from a thin plastic that has heat sealed ends. Inside is a plastic tray with four croissants sitting on it. The plastic outer wrapping does open easily but I always end up with it tearing across the top meaning I have to store away what's left in an airtight container. The packaging would be much more effective if it were some type of re-sealable bag.

        Once opened the product doesn't have a particularly strong smell. There is a hint of a doughy sweet scent but it isn't overly powerful and doesn't excite my taste buds. The croissants look good. On first inspection I can see that the pastry is a lovely golden brown colour and has a nice flaky texture.

        Although this product can be eaten straightaway, I always pop them in the oven for a few minutes to warm through. The instructions recommend 4 minutes at 180ºc in a pre-heated oven. Whilst they are warming through there is a lovely baking aroma filling my kitchen. I find this makes them more appealing as I anticipate the delicious goodness I'm about to enjoy. I don't normally time how long they are in the oven for, I just have a quick touch every now and again and if they feel crispy on top but still squishy in the middle that is when I get them out the oven. If they get over cooked they tend to be crispier in the middle and a little tough around the edges and do have a tendency for the tops to burn so please do not leave them alone for long.

        I usually have two for my breakfast as one just isn't satisfying enough. I like to slice them horizontally across the middle and put a little butter or chocolate spread as a filling. Butter melts into the soft centre and gives the croissants a soft but not at all soggy texture. Chocolate spread sits on the top of the dough and is a nice alternative as long as it too thick as it gets very sickly if you put too much on.

        I'm not one to really look at the nutritional values of these sorts of products as I know it isn't going to be good news. These come in at 187 calories, 2.6g sugar and 11g of fat per croissant. They are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans' egg and milk as well as gluten and wheat.

        I really enjoy eating these. They have a nice crispy outer coating of pastry that flakes away and the soft centre tastes buttery and is lovely and soft. I do find them a little bit dry on their own so it is probably necessary to add some kind of accompaniment, which in turn adds obvious calories. They are a little messy as some of the outer pastry tends to flake away whilst eating so this is strictly a sit down and eat product in our house. This is not a particularly healthy or quick breakfast but as a special treat they are delicious and well worth a try.


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          02.08.2008 04:19
          Very helpful



          A really nice breakfast!

          Croissants to me are a must. Being a very bread friendly person of course I love the mighty croissant! I have written one or two croissant reviews in the past and I end up eating whatever my mum buys and recently I been getting the same one each week and I've reviewed them so I was glad when new ones turned up!

          The Packaging....

          Clear, lilac and purple recyclable packaging with clear tray inside that the croissants sit in. On the front I'm told they are Asda, Continental 4 Croissant's, 'a classic continental breakfast with fresh coffee and fruit preserve' and next to that there is a photograph of a croissant next to it. I'm also told they oven bake in 4 minutes, that they are suitable for vegetarians and they can be served hot or cold and the best before date is also stamped on. On the back I'm given heating up guidelines, ingredients, allergy advice, how to store them, nutritional information and contact details for Asda.

          Heating Guidelines....

          Oven bake for 4 minutes on 180c/350f or Gas Mark 4.

          The Croissants....

          Look lovely before cooked. Golden in colour, dense to the touch, very slightly flaky if your rough with them, smells buttery and is a decent size. They are pleasing to the eye.

          Now I've cooked mine, eaten them cold and my favourite way of heating them through is to pop them on a toasting rack over the top of the toaster for a couple of minutes. It's just simple but you have to remember to watch them!

          So uncooked they taste nice enough of course. You can taste the butter they have a slight sort of malty sweet taste and these are the first ones I've had that have said they can be eaten cold!

          Cooked they go slightly crispy on the outside. If you cut the middle open (as I do when toasting) the butter within the croissant melts into the bread making it a little greasy and a little bit moist.

          I love to eat them warm as I'm not adverse to a bit of grease at all. They are not messy, not too greasy and are strong enough to put some butter and jam on or whatever.

          I'm really keen on these. They do leave a slightly odd aftertaste which I can only think is the butter they contain but it isn't unpleasant or anything! Basically they are really nice!

          Very nice!


          Wheat Flour, Butter (24%) (Milk), Water, Sugar, Egg, Yeast, Skimmed Cows Milk Powder, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Flour Treatment Agent (Ascorbic Acid)

          Allergy Advice....

          Gluten, Milk, Wheat, And Egg


          88p for 4
          £1.58 for 8
          Only available in Asda.


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