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Asda Cranberry Wheats

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Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2009 14:38
      Very helpful




      I love cereals and have recently again been trying various different ones. One of the cereals I've sampled is Asda Cranberry Wheats.

      This can be found in only in Asda as it is specific to them however the equivalent can be found in other supermarkets such as Tesco. There are also similar cereals in branded names but you must be prepared to pay a lot more for them.
      They can be found in the cereal aisle alongside the other Wheat based cereals. These particular ones were right next to the bite size shredded wheat.

      They come in one sized box only and this weighs 500g. This is pretty average for a cereal box and Is the same as most others on the shelf. Currently you will be able to buy it for in £1.75 in Asda! This isn't overly cheap however comparing it to branded cereals this is a bit of a saving. Often there are offers on with the cereal but there are sadly none on at the moment.

      The box is not overly attractive. It is a an unusual orange colour however it is not overly bright and actually is quite dull. There is a red strip on the packaging too but this isn't very pretty either! The back of the packet gives all nutritional and ingredients information. This is set out well and is easy to read. There is often a competition on the back too or a promotion and information on how to contact Asda if you have any problems with it. On the front there is all of the usual information containing product description and the brand name and product name. There is also a delicious looking picture of the products inside. The stunning image is of the bowl of the cereal inside. The bowl is overflowing and the cereal has been splashed in milk.

      Inside the box, the cereal comes in a white bag which is the same as some cereal bags. Nothing too special there! The bag is easy to open and the shredded wheat bite size can be tipped out very easily. Often at the bottom of the packet there are lots of crumbs but this for me is fab! There is a really sweet smell to them. Its not overly strong but its definitely recognisable! They are very tempting though.

      Pouring them in to the bowl, the milk pours over easily. It does soak in and it actually mashes up really easily. This is good for me as I prefer mushed up cereal when it comes in this form. I always end up pouring even more milk over before mashing them down. Spooning some into my mouth the first thing I get is the texture. Because I have drowned them in so much milk, the main taste that I detect is the milk. It is very sweet though. There is a lovely wheat taste to the cereal too! They do taste very like the normal shredded wheat, very lovely and wheat like with a gorgeous sweetness to them. Inside the cereal pieces are delicious pieces of cranberry. They are not whole pieces but instead more in a syrup form. This is really sweet and tastes quite like raspberry! It cant be overly tasted and is not overpowering but its just enough to give them a lovely sweetness. I popped one in my mouth straight from the packet and it was delicious and crunchy and really quite enjoyable. It wasn't as crunchy as branded cereals of the same type but it was very pleasant. The milk at the bottom of the bowl when I had finished had turned gorgeous and sweet and I loved drinking it all with a straw. Overall the taste of this cereal was gorgeous and was very filling.

      A recommended portion size is 50g with 125 ml of semi skimmed milk which will give you 216calories and 2.7 of fat. This isn't too bad however I reckon I had about 200ml of milk and 55g cereal which bumps the calorie content etc up quite a bit!


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      17.01.2007 14:27
      Very helpful



      A great tasting cereal


      Every New Year I make a resolution to lose weight, and every year I break it within weeks. This year I was determined that I was going to eat sensibly. I needed to find a breakfast cereal that would be healthier for me, but didn’t taste bland. On one of my frequent shopping trips to Asda, I discovered something new to try.


      Cranberry Wheats are made by Asda. The size of the box I purchase was 500g and cost £1.38. This size box is the only one available for this product.

      The description of this product on the box is, and I quote “Mini shredded wholegrain biscuit cereal with a cranberry filling.”


      The box is very bright. In fact, this is what drew me to this product. The box is bright red and yellow in colour, with a picture of several pieces of cereal on the front. The pictures on the box really look like the cereal, which is good. For me, the box really stood out on the shelf, although the box I have is a different colour to the one pictured above. The one I have is by far brighter than this one.


      Opening the box is easy and inside is the white, sealed, plastic bag that is usually used to keep cereal in. Once opened, I have a quick sniff in the plastic bag to see if there is any aroma. I can’t actually smell any cranberries, but I can smell the wholegrain aroma that I associate with cereals such as Shredded Wheat.

      I take one of the pieces out of the pack. They are roughly 2cm by 2cm and look like small squares of shredded wheat. I break one in half, and the inside is filled with a red jam like filling, which is extremely smooth.

      The inside of the piece is not completely full of the filling. I would say that just the bottom half is covered in filling. I put one half in my mouth. The first impression I get is of how crunchy the cereal is. The second thing that hits me is the taste of cranberries in my mouth.

      Even though each piece is not packed full of filling, I would say there is more than enough in there. There is a slightly sharp taste to these, but it is not off putting in any way.

      I put a couple in a bowl and add some milk. After a few minutes in the milk they have expanded slightly and have softened. Now that they have softened, the first things I notice is the taste of the delicious filling. Even the milk cannot drown out the taste of these, and there is still the explosion of flavour that really gets my taste buds going.


      The box tells me that the cereal contains less than 3% fat and is high in fibre. In fact per 50g serving of this with 125ml of semi skimmed milk contains 216 calories and 2.7g of fat.

      This product is suitable for vegetarians. An additional note for allergy sufferers is that this product contains gluten and wheat, and may contain traces of nuts and seeds.

      To find out any more information about this product, you can telephone Asda on 0845 300 1111, or alternatively visit their website at www.asda.com


      This is a delicious tasting cereal which is very reasonably priced, and also good for you.

      This is one of those cereals which taste just as good whether you have it with or without milk. The pieces are just the right size that you can pop them in your mouth if you like eating without milk.

      Even though they are not packed full of the cranberry filling, for me there is more than enough. The taste of these once you bite into them really is wonderful. The taste of cranberries is quite unusual as I would say that they taste sweet, but are slightly sharp. Even though they are slightly sharp, it was not enough to put me off these.

      Another advantage for me is that my little boy likes them too. I gave him a spoonful of mine to try and he thought they were really nice. Every morning now for breakfast he wants ‘mammy’s special cereal’.

      The only downside about these for me, is the size of the box. Whilst most cereals are available in a variety of sizes up to 1kg, these are unfortunately only available in the 500g size. Whilst this is not a criticism of the product itself and is probably just me being a bit petty, it would make things a bit easier for me if they made a bigger box size.


      Yes I would. They are tasty, reasonably priced and good for you. They will definitely going on my shopping list to buy again.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review, Cath. xx


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