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Asda Crisps Prawn Cocktail

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5 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Crisps

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    5 Reviews
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      22.02.2014 01:00
      Very helpful



      A cheap weeks worth if crisps for less than a pound

      Asda chosen by you prawn cocktail crisps

      Price 85p for a pack of 6

      The price 85p for a pack if 6 packets of 25g crisps is brilliant, there isn't much these days you can buy for 85p.
      As I work 6 days a week I tend to take a pack lunch and I can't say no to a bag of crisps so when I saw these in Asda I thought why not a weeks worth for less than a pound.

      The taste
      Well, you can tell they are prawn cocktail flavoured but the flavour is quite bland and it's more of a light sprinkle of flavouring. There is definitely room for improvement. The bag is also mostly air and a lot of the crisps were crumbs which I'm sure is to do with the mishandling of the products rather than the suppliers fault... Well I presume. I could be wrong.

      Each 25g bag contains
      Typical values Per 100g Per bag
      Energy 2174kJ 546kJ
      521kcal 131kcal
      Protein 5.3g 1.3g
      Carbohydrate 53.4g 13.4g
      of which sugars 2.1g 0.5g
      Fat 31.0g 7.8g
      of which saturates 3.8g 1.0g
      Fibre 3.6g 0.9g
      Sodium 0.41g 0.10g
      equivalent as salt 1.0g 0.3g

      The table above I had to look online for because the best before stamp covered the fat and carbohydrate section on the bag which is probably not purposefully done but I wish I had looked before buying. It's quite high.
      These crisps are also made with sunflower oil.

      For those with allergies these crisps contain :-

      I have opted for different crisps for next week but I will buy these again in the future you can't go wrong for 85p but I definitely would buy again if they were more expensive as I feel there is a lot of room for improvement.


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      29.11.2009 22:26
      Very helpful



      Delish Prawn Cocktail Crisps That Are BETTER Than Walkers!

      We did our big shop in Asda this week and I picked a multipack of their own brand prawn cocktail crisps up, you get 8 x 25g bags for £1.35 or at the minute they're on offer at 3 packs for £3.00 so that's a good saving.

      These crisps are yummy, as soon as I bit into the first one I realised they are loads nicer than Walkers prawn cocktail. The crisps are a bit crunchier than Walkers because they are quite thick cut, they're a lovely colour and look like they've got loads of flavouring on them.

      The smell as you open the bag is quite fishy but sweet too and that's exactly how they taste as well. I think the flavour is mega moorish and I couldn't stop dipping my hand in the bag once I'd started. They've got loads of salt on them and that mixes with the sweetness of them nicely, if you lick the flavouring off you'll find out that most of the crisps have got a yummy burned flavour like they've been cooked a bit longer than Walkers.

      I really like these crisps and am happy to swap to Asda's own from Walkers. They're not greasy at all and are cut to a nice size, there's nothing bad I can say about them.

      I had a bag on a butty last night and it was yummy, the flavour went wicked with the butter and soft white bread and it stood out a lot better than Walkers do because their prawn cocktail crisps are proper bland now. I'm getting peckish now I've written this so will go and have another bag now I think, I don't reckon I should buy them very often because there's 131 calories and 8.4g fat in each bag and I've already eaten 5 since yesterday! lol


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      28.04.2009 02:33
      Very helpful




      I have been trying to be a bit more careful with my money these days and am trying to find ways to stretch every penny I have as far as it goes, living on a student loan with a job that pays under minimum wage isnt the easiet task that has ever came my way.

      Though after looking at what I spend in a week I have noticed that I spend far to much on food, eating out in particular, so I have deciding that buying my packed lunches in advance is probably the best way for me to save money and not starve all day.

      A pack of 8 of these crisps costs just under £1.30, this is much cheaper than the 50p that I spend everyday in the vending machines in uni. Asda crisps come in a variety of flavours as well as prawn cocktail, others include salt and vinegar and cheese and onion and also variety packs with different flavours in them and many more.

      These crisps in my opinion taste great, I have never ate a Prawn Cocktail in my life so I cant compare them to the real thing, but they have a nice flavour that isnt too weak or too strong. They also have a nice texture, they arent too greasy and are nice and crunchy, just basic crisps, though there is nothing wrong with that.

      There is 25g in a bag and per bag there is
      130 calories
      1.3g protein
      13.6g carbohydrates
      7.8g (fat)
      1.0g (of which saturates)
      0.3g salt

      As you can see they arent really healthy, though as a little treat now and then they wont really do you any harm, all good things in small doses is the key, I dont plan to eat these in my lunch everyday.

      Allergy Advice
      Contains gluten, milk and barley.

      Food facts
      No artificial colours ir flavours, no hydrogenated fats, made with sunflower oil.


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        06.08.2008 17:55
        Very helpful



        Good to feed a family

        ASDA Prawn Crisps

        I have recently tried the ASDA own make crisps, and although not as tasty as the leading brand, walkers, the crisps are actually quite nice. They cost around 90p per bag which contains 6 bags, so not bad to feed the family, eh.

        Some crisps are tastier than others and some packs are more flavourful as others. I would not say that the consistency of taste of these crisps is as good as other brands but for a fraction of the price I don't think I have a good enough argument to moan. Some of the crisps also are quite crushed, but this really doesnt bother me.

        These crisps have around 130calories per bag and are pretty standard nutritional wise amongst the other brands in this crisp market.

        As far as I am aware you can get cheese & onion, a mixture of meaty flavours and and packet with salty type flavours.

        Go and try them for yourself, you never know you might just enjoy them xx


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        17.07.2008 19:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A decent bag of crisps

        Last week my mum decided we'd try Asda instead of Morrisons for our weekly shop just to see if we would spend less there. It turned out about the same but it did mean that we bought a lot of Asda's own food rather than Morrisons own it being Asda be shopped at. One of the Asda's own products we bought were their Prawn Cocktail crisps, which I will now review.

        The crisps come in a very simple looking 25g bag. The bag is pink in colour, which for a start is a good thing as at least this is the colour most people associate with this flavour. The bag isn't however a deep pink as is so often the case but a subtler pink more towards the baby pink end of the spectrum. The bag also has a couple of gold stripes on it probably to make it look more superior or something like that.

        On opening the bag you aren't exactly hit by a strong smell of any sort but if you put your nose closer to the bag, and I did for this review, a nice smell greets you and makes the crisps seem quite enticing. Better still whilst near-enough putting my nose in the bag I also caught sight of the fact that the bag was reasonably full, which is always a bonus.

        On closer inspection the crisps looked pretty normal, a golden sort of colour with the expected pinkish dust, the flavouring, on the top. Furthermore none of the crisps had black bits on them and most were uncrushed, which is often something that doesn't occur with cheaper brands.


        Nutritional Information - Per 25g bag
        Calories -
        Protein -
        Carbohydrates -
        Of which sugars -
        Fat -

        So how did they taste? Well not to bad to be honest. The taste wasn't as strong as with a Premium brand such as Walkers but it wasn't too weak either. Speaking honestly I'm not too sure how to describe the taste of Prawn Cocktail crisps so all I shall say is that the flavour was how I expected them to taste and wasn't different from other Prawn Cocktail brands, which I shall take as a positive thing.

        However I do have two problems with the crisps. The first one being that the flavouring isn't distributed very well within the bag meaning that some crisps have a much, much stronger taste than others which taste extremely plain. My second fault with the crisps is the fact that they are not as crunchy as I would have liked. I like crisps to have a certain crunch when I bite them and then to become softer as I chew. These I'm afraid just didn't have that crunch and so although they weren't really soft they just weren't perfect for me.

        Despite this however I would still recommend Asda's crisps, as they are prefect for people on a budget costing only 94p for 6 bags. They are also great if you have a lot of packed lunches to make, as once again they don't cost a fortune. The taste isn't that bad either and they are certainly more than edible with a decent flavour.


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