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Asda Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cakes

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    4 Reviews
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      25.11.2010 19:00
      Very helpful




      Saturdays after shopping it out treat time, and on most Saturdays that involves a buy from ASDA's rather good bakery department. Firstly because that is where we do our weekly shop and secondly because after experiencing some of their bakery wares we have found them to be of great value and quality.

      Chocolate Muffins

      ASDA don't just do muffins in a variety of flavours they do all kinds of cakes and we tend to swap around every so often. I do like it however when it is muffin day, and I'm not honestly that fussed as to which flavour we get although if forced to choose chocolate would be high up there.
      At £1.14 roughly for the four muffins the value is exceptional in comparison to other muffins currently available in a wide choice of stores. The four large muffins sit proud in the plastic tray, which has apparently been specially moulded to fit the monsters. Apart from size the packaging is very basic and I guess that is reflected in the price, nothing fancy just a good plastic tray and a plastic bag to caver it. Add a label and four muffins and voila.

      On open the sealed bag the whiff of chocolate hits you smack in the gob, and you are anticipating the next few minutes when you are going to be devouring these chocolate mountains. At 3 - inches high they are already big but then consider the diameter of about the same then you have one huge muffin.
      They are dark, dark brown in colour, which gives the indication of lots of chocolate flavour to come. The top is crackled and moist and overflows the cake case, which houses the whole muffin. Removing the cake case reveals a soft spongy chocolate muffin, which smells a looks divine. In the interest of not making a mess I usually break a piece of instead of trying to take a bite of the large cake.

      A rather large chunk in hand it is time to see if all the anticipation was indeed warranted. Soft and springy, with the moist top I placed a piece into my mouth. There were piece of real chocolate dancing with the sponge so my tongue decided it was going to dance to. In turn my taste buds joined in and there was a chocolate party erupting in my mouth. I wasn't complaining though the mingling of real chocolate, chocolate muffin and the sticky moist top was pure perfection. Everything was chocolate, and my taste buds and tongue were having an absolute ball.
      Another bite kept the party going and so it was until the huge dark monster had been consumed, I did consider having another muffin but decide one was suffice being that they are big. I might have managed to eat two but it think all that sponge and chocolate on my tongue would have been just a little too much.


      At just of 23p per muffin the value speaks for itself, as to the quality and taste it took ages for the party in my mouth to stop. Delicious is a very over used word in the cake world but these muffins are most definitely IT. If chocolate isn't your bag man then the Blueberry ones are equally as delightful.


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        24.03.2010 14:31
        Very helpful



        Very good muffins at incredibly low cost.

        I love cake and I love chocolate so it is a no brainer that I love chocolate cake and one of my favourites right now is the fantastic chocolate chip muffins from Asda.

        These muffins are sold in a plastic box containing four large muffins and costing £1.49 although they can be reduced to a pound for the four quite regularly and they are exceptional value for money at that price.

        These are very moist and very tasty and have a huge amount of chocolate chips through them and the chocolate chips are very decent tasting chocolate.

        I enjoy these on their own with a cup of tea, I enjoy them with a nice double cream poured over them but mostly I love them with custard.

        These muffins are of course sweet but they are by no means too sweet and certainly not sickly, the main taste is one of chocolate and not a sugary one, but being so large and being that they are a moist muffin they are very heavy on the belly and when eaten with custard are very, very filling indeed.

        There aren't actually any calories or that listed on the box but it doesn't take a genius to know that these will be very fattening and therefore not one for the dieters.


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          23.01.2010 17:35
          Very helpful




          We are currently having our kitchen removed and a new high gloss red one fitted. I am super excited but at the moment we are living in a fine layer of dust and the kitchen is out of bounds. For a cleaning freak like me i am struggling to sit back and leave the mess take over.

          This morning the children woke up with their usual hungry bellies, and as i couldnt get into the kitchen, i decided to pop up to asda to get a few bits and bobs for breakfast.

          One of the things i picked up were these double chocolate chip muffins. They were on display and on offer, reduced from the usual 1.75 to a staggering £1. I knew that if i took these home i would be mummy of the year so popped them in my trolley post haste.

          There are four of these large and delicious chocolate muffins in the clear plastic packaging. I love the way that not only can you see the muffins inside the container but also you can recycle the packaging and that is something that is important to me.

          When opening the plastic container the deliciously rich chocolate aroma fills your nose. They certainly fill you with anticipation as the smell is fresh and alluring.

          The taste of the muffins are delicious. They are not at all dry unyet they have a good consistency and do not crumble to pieces when eating. The intense flavour of chocolate is delicious. However the chocolate is not too sickly and the large chunks of chocolate chips give the muffin more flavour and texture which is heavenly. I found the flavour of the chunks delicious, if not somewhat confusing. the chocolate chunks were plain chocolate. However it states on the packaging that it was dark choclate chunks. When having a good scour of the labelling it says in the list of ingredients that it is plain chocolate chunks so this is conflicting!! but what ever chocolate are in the chunks they are substantial and tasty.

          Although there are 4 chocolate muffins in the box I would say that due to their large size one muffin can be quite easily shared between two. My children shared one and they were more than pleased with their portion. I prefer for them to share as the muffins are very high in calorie and fat content and so they are only bought as an occasional treat.

          I on the other hand could not restrain myself and ended up eating the whole muffin. I have to say though the cake is so light that i did not feel particulary bloated or sicky after such a large portion. The only thing i felt was piggish and mad with myself for being so weak, but hey i need something to keep me sane in the midst of all this mess.

          I would buy these muffins again and i would even buy them at their normal retail price. But I would not buy them on a regular basis as they are a delicious occasional treat, which makes them all the more special.

          Now hurry up and fit my kitchen hunky husband or i will turn into a jelly belly if i have to eat any more takeaway breakfasts!!

          Nutritional value per 100g:
          energy 421g kcal.
          protein 6.7g
          carbohydrate 45.2g
          fat 23.7g

          Contains gluten, milk, wheat, egg and soya. May contain nuts and seeds.



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            19.10.2009 20:12
            Very helpful



            Just heaven.

            Although I find our Asda superstore very hard to navigate I must say that in general I am impressed by the whole set up. As soon as you walk in through the doors there are stacks of weekly bargains in front of your eyes and it is all you can do to resist filling your trolley before you have reached the beginning of aisle two.
            The cafe is often filled to the gunnels so we tend to buy a treat and then wait until we get back home to fill up on hot coffee and cake. Muffins are a great if not rather fattening treat but life is nothing if you don't spoil yourself every now and again.

            The Asda double choc chip muffins are one of our little pleasures in life and if we succumb to a packet then eating them is almost as good as making love.
            A pack of four bakery double choc chip muffins will cost you about £1.60, so for 40p each you have a very decent sized cake and more than some can manage to devour in one session.
            The four muffins are packed into a plastic packet that is secured with the bakery label and each of the muffins has been individually baked in a white paper muffin case.

            I can walk past the cherry, the blueberry and the plain with chocolate chips but ask me to walk past the double chocolate chip variety and I find that hard.
            When you are a closet chocoholic it is tricky avoid an impulse purchase and I find that it is easier to go with the flow and just live for the moment.
            There are two of us and four muffins - No, that doesn't mean two each ! It means that one pack lasts us two days.

            The main attraction of the chocolate muffin is the `stickiness`, you remove the plump muffin from its white paper nest and find that it just yields beneath your warm fingertips.
            I love the crust of the muffin and that part has to be savoured, hence it is left until last.
            The Asda double choc chip muffins are laden with good sized chocolate chunks and that makes them doubly attractive. The man-sized chocolate chunks run all the way through the mixture and each one you encounter along the way has to be sucked, crunched and heartily enjoyed.
            The chocolate sponge is the deepest shade of brown that you could ever imagine but that doesn't mean that it tastes too rich.
            I would say that the balance is just about right, the texture is sheer perfection and the whole experience is out of this world. Calorie laden they may be but the muffin mixture is as light as a feather.

            But, there is one small detail that I feel compelled to point out - Asda double choc chip muffins ( or any muffins come to that !) are high in calories. For every 100g of muffin there are 441 calories and a huge amount of fat and sugar sits lurking in that pristine white paper case.
            But there is a consolation, the Asda muffins can be enjoyed by any vegetarian and they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives .
            There are the usual allergy warnings that are vitally important and they include nuts, gluten, wheat, eggs, milk and soya.

            I agree that the Asda chocolate muffins are more than moreish but I feel that one is enough to satisfy my cravings. Eat more than one and that would be verging on gluttony.
            If you are going to enjoy a double choc chip muffin then why settle for second best - just pop along to Adsa and treat yourself.


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