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Asda extra special maple smoked barbecue crisps

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    1 Review
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      24.12.2003 21:36
      Very helpful



      uess what. It?s another crisps review!! I must admit I do like to splash out on posh crisps. I always loved Marks and Spencer?s handmade crisps and was delighted when Walker?s Sensations made their debut. Other posh crisps followed. I was shopping in Asda and noticed they had a range of posh crisps. Most of them were similar flavours to what I have already tried before but these was one flavour that jumped out at both of us and said buy me I sound wonderful. These were Asda Extra Special smoky maple barbeque flavour hand cooked crisps! The amusing thing about these crisps is it was quite a while after w saw them that we actually tasted them. We thought we had bought some but when unloading the shopping no yummy crisps were in sight. They must have fell out of the trolley before we bought then=m as they were not on the receipt. Anyway I am waffling and you want hear about these crisps! What are they? Asda Extra Special Smoky Maple Barbeque Flavour Hand cooked Crisps are Asda?s jumping on the bandwagon of Sensations, hand cooked crisps and kettle chips. They are described on the packaging as ?Carefully selected potato, sliced and hand-cooked in pure sunflower oil to retain the full rich flavour and goodness?. It all sounds so nice. It makes them out to be crisps hand chopped by a wee wifet and then frying them in her kitchen but we know they are done in a factory! They also make them sound almost healthy but we shall see when it comes to the nutrition panel on the packet. The crisps can be bo8ght in any Asda and come in a 150 gram bag and they cost about £1.20 The Packaging. They look pretty classy. The packet is mostly gold to get across the luxurious nature of this range. There is a big picture of the crisps in a white bowl on a red and white gingham table cloth already for Mr and Mrs sophisticated to share with their friends at a cocktail party. The crisps on the packet look golden and perfect. Do the actual crisps resemble the p
      icture at ll. I was about to find out The smell On opening the bag I have it a good smell. I got an aroma of sunflower oil, salt and flavouring there was a hint of sweetness perhaps this was the maple! They smelled yummy so I grabbed a handful to try The Appearance The crisps were very pleasing to the eye. Most of them were of a decent size. Some of them had that folded over when frying look about them. The colour of the crisps was quite dark with an almost pinky look to them. Again this must be the maple in them! The taste and texture. These tasted really good and yummy. They were not too strung but had sweetness and dare I say it an almost earthy taste to them. They do have in them onion, garlic, tomato powder and dried honey to get that sweetness It was quite hard to pin the flaour down though. It was just so nice. They were defiantly rustic. They were quite thick but Duskman reckoned Brannigans were thicker. They had a pleasing substanialness to them. These were real men?s crisps. The texture was also quite rough and gritty. I felt real potatoes were used in these without much interference with them unlike some such as discos which are very unpotatoey. They were not too salty either though you did get a powerdery residue on your fingers. They were great. I fell instantly in love with these crisps. Duskman and I easily polished the whole bag off. The boring bits. Vegetarians will be glad that they can eat these little culinary gems. However dieters take note these are not for you as 50% of the calories come from fat (I?m not sure how that works out as it says there are 27grams of fat per 100 grams) and the calorie count is horrific 100 grams of these babies set you back 487 calories. They are also not suitable for those with gluten or wheat intolerances. However on the plus side there are no artificial colours or preservatives. If you are in the area of an Asda, want to impress y
      our friends and do not care about your waistline please buy a pack of these. I can assure you, you will be impressed as much as I was.


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      Handmade flavoursome crisps.

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