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Asda Fruit & Grain Cinammon and Apple cereal bars

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cereal Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2008 00:29
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      Good for the money but in my opinion not worth the saving for taste

      So as the 'credit crunch' dominates the news it's only to be expected that we all look to save a few pennies where we can.
      This is how the Asda Fruit and Grain Bar Variety Pack found its way in my shopping trolley.
      The Kelloggs nutri grain bars are usually part of my weekly shop as I keep one in my handbag whilst out and about with my daughter to stop me impulse buying sweets when were out and about.They usually cost around the £2 mark for 8 bars so when I saw this ASDA variety pack along the shelf at £2.18 for 18 bars there was no way I wasnt going to try them!
      The Variety box contains 18 individually wrapped bars. 6 x apple and cinnamon, 6 x blueberry, 6 x strawberry.
      The box itself is colourful and eyecatching and the picture of the cereal bars on the front are mouthwatering.
      The logo on the front 'A whole bowlful of cereal goodness on the go' is appealing as is the ' with added vitamins and iron' and the '1/4 daily calcium healthier for your bones'
      In fact on paper so far these bars are the bees knees!

      On opening the box though things for me go downhill.
      The individual packaging although bright is to me cheap looking. Bright green/ purple/ red depending on flavour with the words 'ASDA fruit and grain' in large white print. Those of you who make packed lunch for their 'branded' darlings will understand when I say theyre not really the thing to be seen with in your lunch box..
      OK so the packaging doesn't really matter does it ? No perhaps not if the product was to die for but personally for me they are far too sweet. Alot sweeter than my usual brand and alot crumblier and |I found that all 3 flavours left me with a nasty almost saccharin-like aftertaste.

      The nutritional information differs slightly for each flavour but approx per bar as follows:

      calories 128
      protein 1.5g
      carbohydrate 24g of which sugars 12.4g
      fat 2.8g of which saturates 0.7g
      fibre 1.7g

      contain gluten, wheat, oats and egg
      may contain traces of nuts and / or seeds

      Yes they were alot cheaper and yes my 4 year old will still eat them but no I wont be buying them again.


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        24.09.2008 16:47
        Very helpful



        Good value and nice tasting for every day use not a treat

        Product - Asda Fruit and Grain Bars (Multipack)
        Taste - 4/5 Above average
        Packaging - 3/5 Average
        Price - 4/5 Cheaper than brand names and just as tasty

        Asda fruit and grain bars come in various flavours, the multipack I bought contained 18 bars with 6 strawberry, 6 blueberry and 6 apple flavour. My favourite are the apple but all flavours are of equal and adequate quality. The bars consist of soft oat based bars with a sticky fruit flavoured filling. Im not a sweet toothed person but I find that because the bars aren't huge, they can be quite enjoyable. I think that two in a row however, would turn my stomach because they are very sweet. The bars are quite average with regards to calories however as I have said they are quite small so can be a good snack to tide you over to your next meal. I think there are better energy type bars on the market, however compared to the leading brand who make a very similar product, they are just as good and a lot cheaper. The packaging is standard for this sort of product - cardboard box with individually wrapped bars therefore not for the environmentally conscious but no worse than most other brands. Overall a good basic product for those on a diet or a restricted budget.


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