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Asda Fruit Shortcake Biscuits

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4 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Biscuits

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    4 Reviews
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      01.05.2011 13:37
      Very helpful



      A decent biscuit, sweet tasting; goes great dunked in hot tea!

      I usually buy another brand of fruit shortcake biscuit; in fact there was a great offer at Iceland which still may be on, but as i havn't had the chance to get to Iceland more recently i decided to buy this ASDA brand. I was gutted recently when i went to my cupboard to find that my favourite brand had all gone!! Anyway, thats another story!

      The current Asda packet i have is mostly purple in colour re the packaging and is quite appealing; suitable for the contents. It is in ASDA'S chosen by you range. The biscuits are as the packaging states 'golden sweet and crumbly and packed with currents' They taste quite good and dare i say it, almost as good as my favourite brand, though not quite as nice.

      The funny thing is, is that normally i don't actually eat raisins; i would never eat them on their own and i do not like fruit cake. I will just about eat a hot cross bun and i definitely don't like curries which have sultana and raisins in them. Hence, there are only certain things that i will eat containing raisins and these are most definitely on of them. I love dunking them in my tea. The other great thing about them is that for a biscuit they are quite low in calories. There are only 37 kcals in one biscuit which is great. There are so many biscuits full of calories, so its a real treat to find one which is not only lower in calories but which tastes pretty decent too. This means i am quite happy to eat about 5 of these in one go! (as part of my calorie controlled diet)


      Wheat Flour
      Vegetable oil,
      Currents (11%)
      Glucose syrup
      Raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonates, diphosphates)
      Partiallly inverted sugar syrup
      Colour (curcumin)

      There are no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats.


      The product may contain traces of nuts/sesame seeds and it also has wheat, gluten and oats

      These biscuits are suitable for vegetarians.

      Currently these biscuits are priced at £0.89 pence for a 250g packet in ASDA. Thats not a bad price for a reasonably sized packet . I think these biscuits deserve a 4 star rating; well worth buying.


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      08.05.2010 12:36
      Very helpful



      Another great product from Asda

      When we go on holiday, my girlfriend always packs our hand luggage full of biscuits to keep me quiet during the flight. Last time we went away, one thing we had was Asda fruit shortcake biscuits. They cost us 71p for a 200gram pack, so worked out much cheaper than aeroplane food.

      The packet was green in colour and had a picture of one of the biscuits on the front, on the back of the packet they had the ingredients and nutritional information. The pack did have an 'open here' tab, but this didn't work for me, which left me in a bit of a mess covered in crumbs, this didn't impress my girlfriend.

      Each biscuit is about 6cm in diameter and dusted in sugar, the edge of the biscuit has been shaped a little which makes them look nice. You can easily see the raisins in the biscuits, it doesn't appear that Asda have scrimped here. The pack probably has about 25biscuits, which was just the right amount for me on a six hour flight.

      The taste of these is lovely, really sweet with a nice crunch. The raisins are nice and sweet, pretty chewy too but I prefer them like this, they are very moareish, which made it easy for me to eat the whole packet. I tell myself that the raisins are giving me one of my five a day, makes me feel much less guilty whilst munching!

      They do make a bit of a mess on your lap which can be a bit embarrassing when the flight staff are checking you are wearing your seatbelt!

      I managed to eat the whole pack fairly quickly, but if you intend on keeping them a while, they should be kept in an airtight container. They are suitable for vegetarians but may contain traces of nuts.

      Each biscuit contains 37 calories, 1.6grams of fat and 2.1grams of sugar, not the healthiest biscuit but eaten in moderation you should be fine.

      I would recommend these to anybody to give a try, they are a good cheap snack and perfect to take on days out as they don't melt or anything.


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        28.04.2010 19:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Crunchy biscuit, fruity currants and sweet sugar - the perfect biscuit

        I'm not a huge fan of biscuits but I do often find myself sneaking a packet into the basket during a shopping trip, especially when my husband comes shopping with me as he always seems to lead me down the biscuit and chocolate aisle!

        Fruit shortcake biscuits are ones that I don't often buy as I usually stick to chocolate ones but whenever I do see them on the shop shelves, I can never help myself and have to buy a pack, even if I know that the pack will be empty within only a couple of days.

        The biscuits are a kind of circular shape with a jagged edge and are very thin. The actual biscuit is made from shortcake but, because it's so thin, it isn't quite as hard and doesn't really have the same texture as normal thick shortcake but is still quite crumbly and crunchy.

        The biscuit is then dotted with small pieces of soft currants which are quite sweet and fruity and I like to tell myself that eating these biscuits is actually good for me because they contain fruit! The top of the biscuit is then sprinkled with lots of sugar and this is what makes the biscuit taste so deliciously sweet.

        A pack of these costs 71p which is around the same price as in all the other supermarkets. I've tried the Tesco fruit shortcake biscuits too and there really isn't much difference in taste.

        The only problem with these biscuits is that they really are so addictive. Whether it's because the sugar is so sweetly addictive, or they're so thin that a few is never enough, or just because the mixture of soft currants with crunchy biscuit tastes wonderful - either way, these are some very tasty biscuits.


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          07.04.2009 15:20
          Very helpful



          Lovely barrel and tummy filler!

          I adore shortcake type biscuits so when I saw these priced at 51p a packet in my local Asda I was in a naughty mood and bought a couple of packets of for myself to munch through that night whilst watching the soaps in bed lol!

          The Packaging....

          Slightly different to what is shown on the review photograph these come in a 'tube' shaped green packet (only green and not blue as shown) and in white writing I'm told they are Asda Fruit Shortcake Biscuits 'Packed with currants and crunch' the best before date is stamped clearly on in black ink and I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians. On the back of the packet all in black writing I'm given a list of ingredients and given allergy and nutritional advice, storage details are given, contact details for Asda are listed, size is stated (250g) and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging but I would appreciate an at a glance nutritional pye chart thing on the front but there isn't one so hey ho! lol. Can't moan for the price!

          The Biscuits....

          Well I had 32 biscuits in one packet and counted 30 in the other! Anyway the biscuits themselves are not very large but are round and golden with slightly fluted edges to give a real home baked look to them. Marked with little holes all over the top with a small helping of coarse sugar over each and flat on the bottoms they have no real smell to them at all but look attractive enough.

          Appetising? Yes they are. They look great and I was impressed I could see lots of currant pieces through the little holes and also impressed that neither of my packets contained broken biscuits!

          Taste wise, well they're really lovely. Crunchy, light, fruity and naturally sweet (opposed to tasting full of sweeteners) you can really taste the flour and the moist fruit in these. Although called shortcake, well they don't taste that way really as they are rather crunchy and not all that buttery but a nice, fresh flavour they really do give!

          Suitable for a quick dunk they actually are, not messy to eat at all, not greasy to the taste and leave no horrible after-taste they are really value for money and now a firm favorite of mine and totally recommended!

          Allergy Advice....

          Contains gluten, wheat and oats
          May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds

          Nutritional Information Per Biscuit....

          Energy 37Kcal
          Protein 0.4g
          Carbohydrate 5.2g
          of which is sugars 2.1g
          Fibre 0.2g
          Sodium 0,03g
          equivalent as salt 0.1g

          Only available in Asda stores.


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