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Asda Go Large Chicken Triple Sandwich

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snack

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2008 11:56
      Very helpful



      Like many asda sandwiches it's not amazing but equally it's not expensive.

      Working in the building opposite a 24 hour Asda is a very useful thing, I don't go over very often but I know it's there in case of emergencies. The other day I had a sandwich emergency, ok it was more of a need, there was a need to get out of the office and have a wander in the sunshine and also a need to pick up something quickly before my next meeting.

      Asda have a wide range of sandwiches/baguettes/wraps to choose from but today I fancied Chicken. The Chicken Triple stood out and was reasonably priced at £2.20. (This being my first ever sandwich review will be a work in progress, I have already realised I really should have noted down the nutritional info).

      It has a combination of three sandwiches, each one a triangle made up of one slice of thin-medium bread. The first sandwich was filled with Chicken with Mayo and Salad, the next had Chicken Mayo with Stuffing and the last had Chicken Mayo and bacon.

      Basically you need to like Mayo. There's a fair bit in each one, though no where near as much as sandwiches I had recently in Belgium where the mayo was pouring out with each bite. In this case the sandwiches held together well and I managed to eat them whilst walking without any incidents.

      The Chicken in each one was cut up into fairly small chunks and was split about 50/50 with the other filling. The stuffing was the main thing to stand out, the flavour was quite strong and had the edge over the chicken, however I'm quite a fan of stuffing so the mix was fine for me. The salad seemed ok, there was a bit of cucumber, lettuce and tomato, which had a bit of cruch to it. The bacon was fairly thin and cut up into small pieces but this is good for a sandwich that you want to eat on the move.

      I don't have the box on me anymore as I did throw it away, and then have had to wait a couple of days for my suggestion to go through but the nutritional info basically was quite similar to many other pre-packed regular sandwiches. I.e. lots of salt - almost 3g which is about 50% of your daily allowance, along with a fair amount of calories and fat. There are also a variety of allergies, such as dairy, nuts, wheat, etc so make sure you check before you buy.

      In summary it is a decent sandwich for the price you pay, I like the mixture of sandwiches which is a nice variety that I like all of. I tend to buy a variety of sandwiches so it may be a while before I buy this again but I will keep it on my list of options.


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