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Asda Green Olive Bread

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2009 21:16
      Very helpful



      Yummy, yummy!

      There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread. Especially lovely white bread with a crispy crust and fluffy inside - yum! Well, yes now there is something better than that actually! Think of that lovely soft white bread - picture it now, ready to spread on some gorgeous creamy butter...mmmmm... And now imagine that again with some juicy green olives thrown in to boot! And now you have Asda's Green Olive Bread...

      I didn't really used to like olives much. They were just one of those things you get on pizzas that I tended to pick off. But then I think one too many trips to the continental market got to me and I suddenly changed from olive hater to olive lover. So when I noticed that Asda were selling an olive bread I just had to buy a loaf and give it a try.

      The loaf is small-ish at 400g (around half the size of a standard sliced Hovis) and costs £1.20. This does seem quite a lot really and, given that we're generally on quite a tight budget when it comes to the weekly shop, I must have been feeling a little extravagant when I splashed out on this purchase. But I'm so glad I did! When you open the clear packaging you immediately get a whiff of that GORGEOUS fresh bread smell. The Olive Bread is part of the range that Asda bake in-store so you know your loaf has been freshly baked and that's completely confirmed when that bakery smell jumps out at you from the packet! The loaf itself is rustic looking - not misshapen but not in the typical loaf tin shape like your other standard breads. You can see some bits of olives sticking out of the crust and it just looks incredibly appetising. Once you slice through the crust you find what is really just a standard white bread with bits of olives baked into the mix. The bread is SO soft and SO fluffy though and there seems to just the right amount of olives to satisfy my olive cravings but not so many that they get in the way of the bread.

      The temptation now would just be to sit and eat the whole lot on it's own with a bit of butter but no, no, no. IF you can hold back the greed long enough, you will find that this is the PERFECT savoury accompaniment to any soup (great for some dunking action) and makes a lovely base for such delights as cheese on toast.

      This really is a gorgeous bread - a little pricey maybe but really worth it. Yes, it's just white bread with olives thrown in BUT it tastes really yummy and my taste-buds love it!


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