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Asda Indulgent Vanilla Whoopie

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2011 00:03
      Very helpful



      A cake thats got very little going for it, even it's name doesn't save it!

      I am a little bit of a fan of a sweet treat every now and again, so a late night snack of mine is normally something sweet and sticky - perhaps not good for me but I'm alive so why not! So in my latest hunt for something tasty looking I went to Asda and due to the somewhat fancy looking packaging, and the fact it had the word 'Indulgent' attached - well I am apparently a consumer sucker and thought I'd give it a try! Especially since I nabbed the last one, and I think I may have annoyed the lady behind me - I had to resist the whole 'too slow!' joke... Although it was tempting!

      ~*~ So What is a Whoopie?! ~*~

      Well it sounds rude doesn't it, not entirely sure where on earth this name came from - I'd assume it's something American, but never mind. This 'Whoopie' is 'a plain sponge sandwich filled with vanilla flavoured creamy crème patisserie and marshmallow, topped with fondant and mini marshmallows.' Hungry anyone?!

      ~*~ Any Good?! ~*~

      In one word.... No...

      From the outside this cake looks amazing, it's very pristine looking sat in its fancy case that by the way if you nearly drop and try to catch you will cut yourself on - hazardous for your waist and your skin all at the same time... How do you do it Asda?! It's an aesthetically pleasing cake, I will give it that - but once you have taken it out of the box, if you can get it out without ruining the cake of course, that's when the story begins to change...

      My first complaint about the cake is that you can't actually take a chunk off it with all layers included because it will slip off the top, and just make it impossible to eat, also beware you need a fork - perhaps a knife too.... Or maybe that's just me being a little bit useless, so one slice off and it will fall over make a mess and well just reveal its innards to you! Well, they aren't too attractive after all...

      So when you open the packaging I'll give the cake its due it does smell really quite nice - it's got a very sweet smell to it, that just smells like you are in a cake factory, it's a smell that does linger in your nose for a while though I will say. If you manage to get it to a plate in one piece, and a slice then the fun begins... (I use that term loosely!)

      The first bite made me gag slightly, I'm a fan of cakes and marshmallows but my lord this was so sweet I wanted to be sick - the fondant on the top, that is perfectly fine, sticky and sweet just how I like it. The marshmallows even better, they do get a little bit soggy since they absorb the moisture out of the fondant but they are still edible without wanting to be ill. Even the top part of the sandwich of sponge is edible providing it's not been touched by too much of the patisserie, it's quite hard and doesn't taste of much more than the packaging, but since it is practically drowned in the fondant it can be eaten.

      Now the creamy crème patisserie and the marshmallow combination in the middle of the sponge - well whoever decided to put that combination together should be shot, because it tastes foul, the patisserie on its own tastes like something gone off! I just can't even begin to explain the taste, it's meant to be vanilla flavoured and it is, but it has a taste that lingers in the back of your throat that makes it seem slightly off. The texture is fine, it's very smooth and that isn't a problem, it is just the taste of something that has been sat out on the side for a few days!

      The marshmallow bit in the middle is fine, it's a little bit gritty in places I found but that might just have been mine, but it's the fact that it is swirled in with the creamy crème just doesn't do it any favours because you can't separate the two it makes it hard to eat. So I'm afraid to say I did just eat the top part of the sponge and the fondant, because the bottom sponge was very moist with the crème, and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it!

      Not recommended at all!!!

      ~*~ Nutritional Information ~*~

      Per Whoopie...
      560 Calories..
      5.2g of Protein...
      87.3g of Carbohydrates...
      20.9g of Fat...

      So not only does it taste vile it doesn't do a lot for your body either - also it is not suitable for anyone with any of the common allergies, as it contains gluten, and traces of nuts and seeds... So I'd steer well clear if you have any taste, or buy it for someone you don't like very much!

      ~*~ Where can I buy it?! ~*~

      Do you really want it? It's in Asda if you really have to have one, and they are 75p individually, you can buy a two pack but they are more expensive!


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