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Asda Large Party Cake

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Brand: Asda / Type: Ready made cake

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2011 11:27
      Very helpful



      my favourite cake

      When you approach the party cake section in Asda, you are given a whole host of cake options. Which cake you opt for with depend on who the cake is for, your budget, what size and preferrence of fillings and coverings. You may opt for a Thomas the Tank or Princess cake or perhaps a Thorntons or Traybake. Lots of choice so which one tempts us?

      *~*Asda Party Cakes*~*

      Some of the cakes available are made in different bakeries but Asda offer own brand party cakes. The basic, non character based party cakes offer 3 different options.

      *A small party cake for 12people
      *A bar party cake for 16people

      or you can opt for the Large Party Cake which is classed as being able to feed 18people. This cake is part of the Chosen By You range in Asda confirming it is a popular choice. The cake is described as being "a moist, golden sponge with a smooth buttercream and raspberry jam filling, covered and decorated with soft icing". It is suitable for vegetarians and contains no hydrogenated colours, fat or flavours.


      Held within a large yellow and black box, the cake can be viewed through a perspex window at the front. Around the box is all the ingredients, directions for cutting, nutrition etc and also a tempting sliced cake image on 3 sides! The box can be recycled with the exception of the perspex front.

      The cake itself sits on a silver, foil cake base. It is different from the image Asda provide as it has recently been updated. The cake is large and round and is carefully surrounded with a purple ribbon. The deep cake is generously topped with pure white icing. The top of the cake is beautifully decorated with colourful, edible balloons and stars confirming its birthday cake status! It is then sprinkled with some pink/purple sugar dust which is more suited to a female as opposed to the lads!

      *~*Ingredients and Allergy Advice*~*

      Sugar , Wheat Flour , Vegetable Oil , Pasteurised Egg , Buttercream (8.3%) [Sugar, Unsalted Butter (31%), Glucose Syrup, Water, Maize Starch, Acidity Regulator (Tartaric Acid)] , Raspberry Jam (7.6%) [Glucose Syrup, Raspberries (35%), Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) , Natural Flavouring] , Water , Glucose Syrup , Wheat Starch , Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids) , Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Diphosphates) , Dextrose , Humectant (Glycerol) , Maize Starch , Salt , Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) , Stabilisers (Tragacanth, Xanthan Gum) , Dried Egg White , Citric Acid , Plant Extract [Spirulina] , Colours (Carotenes, Paprika Extract, Anthocyanins, Beetroot Red) .

      Contains gluten, wheat, eggs, milk and may contain traces of nuts or seeds so avoid if allergic.

      *~*Preparation and Storage*~*

      Once you have blown out your candles, the cake can be sliced with a sharp, serated knife. Of course if you are serving straight away storage isn't neccessary. If you have cake left, it is recommended you pop it in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place. The cake has a best before of around 4weeks but I'm sure you will use it up before then!


      So cake is never going to be healthy but your birthday comes once a year so live a little. An 18th of this delicious cake will set you diet back the following figures :

      187 calories
      30.9g sugar (26.1g sugars)
      6.5g fat (1.7g saturates)
      0.1g salt

      *~*Availabilty and Price*~*

      The large cake is widely available in Asda stores and costs £6.50. The smaller one is priced at £5.00 and the bar cake is £7.00.

      *~*My Cake*~*

      One week ago today, I celebrated by 23rd birthday. I may seem a bit old for a cake but I have one every year and always ask for the Asda Party Cake. Although the design has changed slightly over the years, my love for this cake hasn't. I put the diet to one side to indulge in this treat and I am so glad to finally be able to eat it as it was sitting in my kitchen since Friday of the week before..unopened and calling my name! Last week, we took the cake to my Mums as we were going there for dinner and no I can tell you about it and make you all want a bit!

      The cake choice in Asda is admirable and plenty to suit all. When I told my son we were buying a cake for Mummys birthday, he added that I had to get a Thomas the Tank one but I resisted and got my favourite..Ryan shall need to wait til his birthday in May for his Thomas cake! This is probably the most basic cake you can get in Asda. I'm not into character ones or anything with chocolate or marzipan. I prefer a traditional birthday cake with all the right fillings and coverings.

      The cake itself is packaged safely and had managed to stay in one piece from Asda to our home. It is presented well on its silver tray but the ribbon doesn't seem to want to stay uncurled around the cake..not a problem as it was coming off anyway. I used to keep the ribbons in my childhood but have no use for them now. The reason we opted for the 18piece cake as opposed to 12piece is due to our large, 2 sided family and everyone likes cake except my Dad so there needed to be enough to go around us all and I was determined to get 2pieces as it is my birthday after all! The cake is very pretty and girly and it suits me perfectly!

      *~*Happy Birthday To Me!!!*~*

      The cake perfectly formed on the silver board was topped with 2 candles. My Mum forgot to pick some up so we ended up with an upside down 5 candle and a 3! I wasn't too fussed about candles but with there being 4 kids present, its lovely for them to help blow them out. We had a sing song and I made my wish which of course I cannot tell you all about! The cake before popping the candles on had a delicious, sweet vanilla aroma about it and was very tempting indeed.

      I got on with slicing up the cake with a sharp knife from my Mums block. The icing was firm to cut through but once underneath the icing, the knife swept down the cake was easy to slice through. I made the choice to slice the cake right down the middle allowing half for my family and half for my fiances family. The kids had stuffed themselves silly with sweets and food before so I cut several small pieces and allowed 2 for each adult and 1 for the kids. Very little crumbs came away on cutting and unlike some cakes, the balloon and star toppings cut through smoothly without crumbling into the cake. From one half, I managed to slice up 12 smaller sized pieces making this ideal for childrens parties. Served up on paper plates...whats the verdict?

      *~*Yummy Yummy For Mummy Boos Tummy*~*

      Considering I have been purchasing this specific cake for years, you can tell its my favourite. There is the right amount of each specified ingredient to blend together to be absolutely delicious. If you have a mouth the size of mine, you will have no problem fitting a bit of everything into your mouth. Depending on what piece you get changes the overall opinion of the cake. A piece from around the edge of the cake presents itself with a generously thick but not overbearing icing layer. These pieces would ideally suit someone with a strong, sweet tooth. Inside this piece a airy, light sponge sits filled with buttercream and red jam.

      An inside piece is a bit more messy as your fingers come into contact with the filling. The icing layer is pretty thin but sufficient for someone who likes cake but not got as much of a sweet tooth. Well I got a bit of each! I have an extra sweet tooth and birthday cake is my favourite. Icing can often be overpoweringly sickly but the Asda bakery have mixed this up just right. The icing is firm but soft and a delight to sink my teeth into. Each ingredients compliments its neighbour providing a delicious sweet experience. Whilst the icing holds everything together, the sponge is airy and light. It is moist enough without being wet or stodgy and doesn't produce lots of crumbs.

      My favourite part of the cake is the filling. The filling makes up around an eighth of the whole inside of the cake. The jam and buttercream when bit into together is perfect. The buttercream is delicately creamy and the jam is sweet with a sour edge. You can really pick up the jam taste as it takes a bit of an edge of the overall sweetness of the cake. I would say the outer pieces are the most delicious and the right level of sweetness is used to tickle my tastebuds. 2 small pieces was sufficient to allow me to feel I had a very sweet and tasty treat and everyone else loved their cake commenting how moist and sweet it is. Although there are only a few toppings ie the balloons and stars, they are made of heavy sugar and taste quite plasticky but they are fully edible!

      *~*Keeping My Cake Moist*~*

      When leaving my Mums, we wrapped the cake up in tinfoil. I've just had a piece and it was just as delicious and moist as the piece I had at my Mums. Past experiences have confirmed that this cake is still yummy to eat up to 3-4days after opening providing it has been kept in tinfoil and a container. It no longer lasts that long with us and the remainder of the cake is now used up!

      *~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*

      This Asda party cake is very high quality in taste. I can manage to make it last more than 18pieces and still allow a generous size for each piece. The design may not be fancy or full of character faces but you get more than you pay for. This is a traditional cake that would suit most wishing to celebrate a birthday without going overboard with expense. It is delicious and its sponge, buttercream, jam and icing mix is perfect and suitable for everyone! It is sweet enough without being too heavy and fills a wee hole for after a buffet or light dinner.

      It is my favourite cake and I wholly recommend it to you all :)


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