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Asda Mini Quiche Selection

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2009 11:21
      Very helpful



      Average priced average tasting mini quiches

      Before I start my review for Asda Mini Quiches it is probably worth noting that quiche is not one of my favourite foods. I will eat a piece of quiche every now and then but it would never be my first choice and it would be a food I will eat if there is nothing else to eat. Therefore in order to give a more rounded view on this product I have drafted in Mr Lools to help me out.


      Asda Mini Quiches are part of the party food range. The packaging is branded consistently with the Asda party food range; a deep red cardboard box with a very festive look to it. There are 12 items per pack. There is an image of the cooked product on the front of the box.

      The cooking instructions are also on the box and the mini quiches should be cooked at 200C for 15-18 minutes.


      A pack of 12 mini quiches cost £1. I think that this is very good value although you can pick up a larger standard quiche in Asda for around 79p therefore you are paying slightly for the novelty of "mini quiches". M & S also sell mini quiches for around £2.50 which are more expensive but taste far nicer. Tesco's mini quiche products are slightly cheaper and you get 16 mini quiches for £1 however do not taste as nice as the Asda mini quiches.

      ***Asda Mini Quiches***

      Per pack there are 12 mini quiches. There are 3 different flavours so per box you get four of each flavour. The flavours are mushroom, cheese and bacon and ricotta and spinach.

      My favourite flavour is the ricotta and spinach quiche. This is not overly soggy like some quiches in this flavour are and has a rich creamy taste to it without being too salty or too bland.

      The mushroom flavoured quiche has a nice savoury scent and taste to it. The quiche would benefit from slightly larger pieces of mushroom to be contained in the filling to give a stronger mushroom taste as the flavour is slightly bland especially in comparison to the strong tasting pastry.

      The cheese and bacon flavoured mini quiche is probably my least favourite because the filling is overly salty tasting. The initial taste is of creamy cheese however as you chew a meaty bacon taste is apparent. This is a little too salty especially in the aftertaste.

      I feel what lets the quiches down is that the pastry crust is too thick and dry and has a slightly salty taste to it. If there was less pastry on the quiches I feel these would be far nicer and the pastry taste would not overpower the fillings. In particular with the cheese and bacon flavoured quiche the filling is already salty and this is made worse by the salty pastry base.

      **Nutritional Information**

      56 calories
      3.6g fat


      I'm personally not a fan of quiche therefore these are never going to be a favourite party food of mine however I did not find these pleasant yet not unpleasant. The fillings taste nice but the mini quiches are let down in my opinion by the thick salty pastry bases and crusts. Mr Lools also found that these were average and "not as nice flavour wise as the mini quiches from M & S" (which are double the price of these from Asda) but "nicer than the Tesco mini quiches which are too soggy". A reasonable price for an average product.


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