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Asda Mini Toad in the Hole

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2009 12:10
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      Potential party spoilers

      You have probably guessed from the number of reviews I have written on Asda party food that Mr Lools and I pretty fond of the food from this range. However our party food eating was put in jeopardy after a bad experience with one of the products in the range Asda Mini Toad In the Hole.


      Asda Mini Toad in the Holes are part of the party food range. The packaging is branded consistently with the Asda party food range; a deep red cardboard box with a very festive look to it. There are 12 Mini Toad in the Holes per pack. There is an image of the Mini Toad in the Holes on the front of the box. Light, Golden Yorkshire puddings with mini sausages inside. These look very appealing and tasty from the image on the packaging however the image is nothing at all like the actual product.

      The cooking instructions are on the packaging. The Mini Toad in the Holes should be cooked at 200 degrees for 15-18 minutes.


      A pack of 16 Mini Toad in the Hole's cost £1. This appears very good value and is the same price as other Asda party food and a similar price to food from the Tesco party food range. However you will be wasting your money buying these as this product in my opinion is virtually inedible therefore £1 is far too much to pay for what only can be described is greasy sausages on a crispy mess!

      ***Mini Toad in the Hole***

      The Mini Toad in the holes when frozen are 12 separate solid lumps of pastry with a mini cocktail sausage in the centre of them. Mr Lools put these on the oven tray which is a larger size oven tray and popped them in the oven as per the instructions on the packaging and left for 15 minutes. When he returned to the kitchen (with me in tow) to take the mini toad in the holes out of the oven for us to consume as a snack we were left rather surprised. The 12 separate lumps looked like they had melted into one large greasy, burnt crisp with 12 mini sausages sat on top.

      The Yorkshire Puddings had not risen in fact they had seeped across the tray and covered the tray as one doughy mess that was like a large crisp and about 10mm thick. This was completely inedible and we binned the "mini toad in the holes". What was even more disgusting is that the tray was left completely swimming in grease.

      I blamed Mr Lools for this first cooking disaster and was convinced that he had not followed the instructions on the packaging as "there was no way Asda could get away with selling such a poor product". So we bought another pack of Mini Toad in the Holes and I put them in the oven this time to try out.

      I actually had to apologise to Mr Lools as the products were really THAT BAD. On the second try the "Yorkshire Puddings" did rise slightly and did not end up as a greasy/ burnt crisp stuck to the oven tray but they could still hardly be classed as Yorkshire puddings. The Yorkshire puddings rose to less than 1cm high and were a doughy, greasy sticky mess which tasted overly eggy and particularly salty. Again the Yorkshire puddings had melted together but it was easier this time as the dough was softer to cut into 16 pieces. The mini sausages also tasted awful. These were not at all meaty they just had a very salty taste to them and very extremely greasy and in one small 2cm party sausage I cam across two pieces of fatty gristle.

      However I didn't even manage one of these mini toad in the holes before I threw it away. Mr Lools who lets nothing go to waste and usually eats food regardless if he likes the taste or not managed two of these before admitting defeat and describing these as vile. Needless to say Asda Mini Toad in the Holes will not be gracing our freezer or buffet tables any time in the near future!

      **Nutritional Information**

      Per toad in the hole
      62 calories
      3.8g fat


      These are undoubtedly the worst product in the Asda party food range. The sausages are greasy, grisly and salty and the Yorkshire puddings can hardly be called Yorkshire puddings as they do not rise and end up as a burnt greasy mess. You certainly won't be partying if you serve these at your buffets! Not even a one star product these really are that bad!


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