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Asda Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crostini

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2009 16:17
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      See review.

      After winning a £10 voucher for Pizza hut at my daughters school bingo last year, I knew I would have to spend it soon as the expiry date was fast approaching, after carefully deciding what to have, and realising I could only afford two salad bar bowls to take away, I was introduced to feta cheese. This being the case and the fact that I enjoyed eating it immensely I decided to get some from the supermarket and make my own Greek salad of sorts ( I don't DO olives, they always look slimy to me!).

      As much as I enjoyed it the first time around, I did find it was as substantial as I would have liked, so I knew I had to buy something to up the filling factor, but not take away from the delicate taste and balance of the meal, that is how I came across these.

      The product I will now review is - "Asda , olive oil sea salt crostini"

      These particular crostini come in a blue and clear plastic sealed bag, there is the briefest of information on the front, just the name and a large clear panel to see the product within.

      There are 90g of crostini in the bag, this is quite a large amount due to the actually size of them. Each crostini is around 1 ½" in length and half that in width.
      At a guess I would say there are around 20 slices per bag, for me that was two sittings!

      The slices at a glance are a nice and golden colour with there being a splattering of what I can only describe as black dots running through it. They are very crunchy with me even going as far as to say that anyone with mouth or teeth problems should probably avoid, I am having such difficulties at present and they did make my mouth ache a little afterwards.

      The taste is nice and subtle at first, the sea salt flavour mingling beautifully with the olive oil and a slight wheat taste too. After a second or two after finishing the slice the black pepper kicks in, due to the high amount of "black dots" running through each one it really does add a new and spicy layer to the proceedings, my daughter ate one and then carried onto drink a pint of pop saying how her mouth was on fire......ok bit of a drama queen, but these certainly pack a punch!

      The nutritional information is as follows-
      100g (bearing in mind there is 90g in a bag, not sure why they couldn't give us that amount instead!),
      452 kcal,
      61.1g carbohydrate,
      3.9g of which sugars,
      17.4g fat,
      2.0g of which saturates.

      Allergy advice states that this product contains wheat and gluten, but I am pretty sure you could have worked that on out for yourselves!

      Pricewise these are available in Asda for around the £1.47 mark, though currently these are on offer for "2 for £1.50", and yes I did buy two!

      These are a lovely product the perfect accompaniment to a salad, or even as a nice nibbly snack, my husband ate his bag like a packet of crisps, and they were just as nice that way too.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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