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Asda Party Snax

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Brand: Asda

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 15:28
      Very helpful



      A great tasting, varied snack; ideal for sharing or for parties.

      As many of you may know, I am a frequent shopper at Asda. I was strolling around Asda one day with my partner (which we often do!) and he spotted these Asda party Snax (hot 'n' spicy jalapeno pepper flavour).

      When he showed them to me, my first thought was " I don't think they will taste all that great". I am not sure why I thought that, but to be honest, they just looked sort of cheap and as if they wouldn't taste very nice. How wrong was I? .....Very wrong!.

      That evening, I was staying over at my partners. We had eaten dinner some hours earlier and then we were both getting a bit peckish again.

      We like to sit down in front of the Television and snack sometimes!.
      He pulled out this snack. He started to eat them and offered me some and I thought I may as well try them out.

      They are absolutely delicious and extremely Moorish. Lets put it this way... if you enjoy hot and spicy snacks... you will love this one! What I also like is that there are different shaped snacks in the packet and also it is a mixture of maize snacks, potato snacks, rice snacks and wheat snacks. Its not often that I have found such a varied snack all in one large bag!!

      Each bag contains 100g and the snacks come in twist shapes, sort of round shapes with holes in them and square sort of shapes. The flavouring is amazing. Needless to say, once opened these do not last long once me and my partner start eating them. In fact, we will often eat the whole bag between us!

      I know that they are called Party Snax and they are excellent for that sort of occasion or family gatherings; anything where you might be making a buffet for example. They are not really filling and especially with the maize snacks; its easy to eat loads!!

      They only cost a £0.94pence per bag which I think is cheap.


      Potato solids and potato starch
      Sunflower oil
      Jalapeno pepper flavour
      Rice flour
      Lactose (Milk)
      Onion powder
      Malt vinegar Powder (Barley)
      Milk powder
      Chilli powder
      Citric Acid
      Ground parsley
      Ground oregano
      Chilli extract
      Colour (paprika extract)
      Wheat flour
      Maize flour
      Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of fatty acids)
      Acidity regulator (Calcium phosphates)
      Colour (Caratenes)

      *Allergy Information*

      Contains gluten, milk, wheat and barley


      Half the pack contains 238 kcals.

      *Asda Party Snax are also available in Soured cream & Onion flavour*

      I wouldn't think it likely that children would enjoy this snack and it may be too spicy for them, although some may enjoy it.

      As I said, if you like hot or spicy foods and snacks you really must try these out. I highly recommend them!!


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