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Asda's Biccy Bites

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Brand: Asda / Type: Biscuits

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    3 Reviews
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      01.10.2011 16:47
      Very helpful



      A biscuit finger topped with caramel and milk chocolate that rivals Twix in taste, size and price.

      In the interests of writing a balanced review to compare Asda Biccy Bites with Mars Twix, I'm now feeling ever so slightly sick; well I did have to eat one of each just to be absolutely sure if I could find any differences at all between these two chocolate and caramel biscuit fingers.

      With many demands on our finances for more fun things, food is an area where I've cut back lately and started to try more shops own brand products. Asda Biccy bites have been one of the best bargains that I've found and they regularly leap into my trolley now.

      **What do they look like?**

      A Biccy bite looks like a Twix single finger and tastes like one too. They're bigger though, measuring a tasty 2.5cm longer than a Twix and they're a teensy bit deeper too. They weigh 29g each with a Twix just 23g, so all good there unless you're sneaking the Biccy bite in as a naughty treat when you're dieting. They have the same ridged texture on the top and sides but they are a completely rectangular shape with no curved edges.

      After taking that first crunchy biscuit bite it's hard to spot any difference in appearance, but ultra close inspection reveals that the caramel layer is slightly deeper with the biscuit base and caramel being equal in proportion. The thin chocolate coating is similar but Biccy bites are a tone or two darker shade of brown. Biccy bites contain 36% chocolate, 31% biscuit and 33% caramel.

      **The most important bit - what do they taste like?**

      The answer to that is easy - delicious! They are very sweet and perhaps a little more so than a Twix as there is more caramel present and this has a strong buttery, sugar taste, although condensed milk is the primary ingredient in the caramel. The biscuit is crunchy and what more can I say - it tastes like biscuit should. Without the in depth comparison that I've inflicted upon myself I would never have noticed any difference in the taste of the chocolate, but I would say that the creamy milk chocolate taste is not quite there with the Biccy bites; the chocolate is definitely a little more bitter and leaves a slight after taste at the back of the mouth. I'd say that the overriding flavour is the caramel and not the chocolate, whereas with the Twix the chocolate is more evident.

      **How are they packaged?**

      I love the packaging - I find it really appealing. The pack is a real deep bright green and a white friendly looking alien type creature features on the front tucking into a Biccy bite that's larger than he is. As well as a simple Asda logo there's an eye catching phrase - 'Hands off my Biccy bites' and arrows pointing to the photo of the bar identifying that there is super smooth choccy on the outside, scrummy stick caramel and crucially crunchy biscuit. I think that the packaging is clever marketing and in this way it bears no resemblance to a Twix. We're also informed that there are no colours, preservatives or hydrogenated fat and they are suitable for vegetarians. Greater detail is provided on the back in clear colour coded sections for ingredients, allergy advice (contains gluten, milk, wheat and soya and may contain traces of nuts and seeds), and storage as well as nutritional facts - oh no - there are 142 calories per bar, and along with the 113 calories in the Twix, I just ate 255 calories and put on a dress size just to let you guys know just how good Biccy bites are!

      The inner packaging around each finger is the same green with the logo and ingredients and nutritional information, but this time just the aliens' hand is featured making the index finger tip opposed to thumb 'ok' sign. This packaging is probably better for school packed lunches as it is more in line with other chocolate biscuits such as Rockies and Penguins whereas Twix's are seen as a sweet which many schools won't allow.

      **My thoughts**

      With Twix costing £1.23 for a pack of 9 and Biccy bites currently retailing at 85p for a pack of 7 or 17.5p compared to 12p each, for the miniscule differences that I've noted there seems no point whatsoever in paying more money for Mar's original version, especially when Biccy bites are also so much bigger and make a more fulfilling snack.


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        24.03.2010 20:00
        Very helpful
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        Just like a Twix....!

        My partner came home with these last week, and I have been very pleased with them. They are called "Biccy Bites", and they are basically a copy of a TWIX. Twix is my favourite chocolate bar, and these are a great alternative.
        You can also get bounty bar type chocolates, mars type, snickers and Kit Kat type biscuits in the same range, which I will definitely try next time I'm shopping.

        ~~ Packaging ~~
        The biscuit comes in a multi pack of about 7 single bars in a pack, all of these are individually packaged to keep them fresh, and allow you to take them out with you for pack lunches etc. I don't know why they have 7 in a pack though, it seems a strange odd number!
        The packaging is bright green in colour, with "Hands of my Biccy Bites" written across the front of the packaging. Underneath that it has something eating one of the biscuits on the front. I guess this is aimed at kids.

        ~~ The biscuit + taste ~~
        These chocolate bars are made up of a biscuit base, which is then topped in caramel, and then finally the whole thing is covered in chocolate, just like a Twix.
        The biscuit layer is nice and crunchy, the caramel isn't too sweet, and has just the right amount inside, and the chocolate is of a nice quality as well. The taste is not identical to the Twix, I think because the caramel tastes slightly firmer, but other than that, I think it's a very nice bar of chocolate.
        The only notable difference is that they are slightly smaller than a Twix, I'd say about 2/3'rds of the size, which doesn't bother me too much. Each bar is 29g in weight.

        ~~ Nutritional information ~~
        Per 100g:
        Calories - 467
        Fat - 25g
        Saturated fat - 16.4g
        Salt - 0.2g

        Obviously, this is really high in fat and calories, so steer clear if you are watching these!

        ~~ Ingredients ~~
        Milk chocolate 36% (Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose (Milk), Emulsifier (soya lecithins), Natural flavouring),
        Caramel filling 33% (Sweetened condensed skimmed milk, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, humectant) Biscuit 31% (wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, fat, reduced cocoa powder, salt, raising agent (sodium bicarb) emulsifier (soya lecithins).
        Milk chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 27% minimum, Milk solids 14% minimum.

        ~~ Cost ~~
        These are priced at 78p for a pack of 7 single bars. I feel this is very good value at 11p a bar, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again.


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          16.09.2009 14:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          See review.

          Always being on the lookout of cheap and cheerful things that my children can take in their lunchboxes to school or at present there childcare club, I jumped at the chance of buying the product I will now review, due in part to the special offer price and also due to the fact that my mother in law has brought them before for my kids an they really enjoyed them.

          The product I will now review is - "Asda's, hands off my biccy bites!"

          These are to all intents and purposes Asda's own brand of Twix's, albeit smaller in size and much cheaper.

          The one's I am reviewing are packaged in two's but they are available in single sticks too.

          Anyway, the one's I am viewing come in twos, with there being 7x42g packs within a multipack.

          The packet is a distinctive green colour, with all the relevant information present, product name, contents, and all the usual Asda information, free from artificial colours, flavours an free from hydrogenated fats.
          There is also a picture of the product oozing seductively with caramel.

          Within the outer there are 7 individually wrapped twin sticks, these are a lot smaller than Twix bars, being around half the size, this to me is perfect for the kids as even though they could eat a large one, I don't really want them to!

          The sticks look exactly like there more expensive cousin, the chocolate completely enveloping the bar with a ridge like effect across the top.
          When bitten into the chocolate is not that thick a covering but enough is there to hide the thick and crunchy biscuit base and thick caramel topping.

          First off after a good chomble on one, the picture of the oozing caramel is a little false, as even when not put into the fridge, the caramel stays pretty well set, aside from that fact though these were delicious.

          The nutritional information is as follows -
          Per bar,
          100 kcal,
          13g carbohydrate,
          9.2g of which sugars,
          4.8g fat,
          2.9g of which saturates.

          The allergy advice states that this product contains gluten, milk, wheat and soya, these may also contain nuts and/or seeds.

          Pricewise at present they are available for £1.00, this is the same through the rest of the range with there being copy sweets including bounties, milky ways and snickers.

          For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

          Thanks for reading x


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