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Asda's Yoghurt Coated Raspberries

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2008 20:32
      Very helpful



      Not as healthy as i'd like, but a welcome change to chocolate!

      After years of my husband being really underweight he has suddenly realised that the dreaded "beer" may have caught up with him, of course I think he is fine the way he is but in the true tradition of marriage he just won't listen!

      This being the case he has decided to start this "healthy eating lark!", which of course involves him deciding to do it and poor old me to implement it!

      This is how I came across the product I will now review. My husband and I have got into a habit of eating a pudding of some description after dinner, whether it be something with custard or cream, or sweets.

      To wean us of the dreaded and extremely fattening sweets section I have been buying pots of fruit in their own juice, or popcorn, this is when I noticed these. I always buy yoghurt raisons for my son as he is under the impression that they are sweets.... Don't know who told him that one! (lol, ain't I sneaky!).
      Next to these I noticed a whole new range of yoghurt covered products so decided to buy a couple.

      The product I will now review are "yoghurt coated raspberries".

      ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

      The packaging is very simple, the raspberries come in a small, squat, round tub, clear in colour. There is a very plain blue label on the front, this states the products name, the fact they are new and the words "snacking" in bold text.
      The lid is again clear and sealed to the tub with a small plastic tag, once removed the lid can then be very easily lifted off. There is also a ridge around the top off the tub making it resealable as you will not be able to eat all the contents in one sitting.

      ~~~~~~ THE CONTENTS, TASTE AND SMELL ~~~~~~

      As the tub is clear you will have no problem viewing the contents before opening, each ball shaped yoghurt raspberries is twice the size of a malteaser (sorry suddenly couldn't think of a comparison!), and the colour is cream with a lovely blush pink colour mottled over the top, ok so far so good.
      As you prize open the lid the will notice the smell of the product is subtle but extremely decipherable.
      First you get the milky creaminess of the yoghurt coating then the real sweetness of the raspberries, delicious.
      So now I'm desperate to try one, I pop one into my mouth and the yoghurt coating slowly starts to melt, ok so I'm a biter not a sucker (please no rude comments!), as I bite through I was expecting a soft chewy centre but was surprised to find the yoghurt hid a freeze dried fruit.
      As the initial shock quickly wore away, and the crunching had died down, I found I really liked the taste, the slightly sour taste of the yoghurt cut through the sweetness of the raspberry beautifully, not making them too sickly, although I found I could only eat a couple in a sitting.
      I did however find after eating them the yoghurt left a coating on my tongue which although not unpleasant, was not desirable, though this has not stopped me from eating them!

      ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~~

      For a 150g tub the values are -
      740 kcal
      5.2g protein
      90.6g carbohydrate
      82.0g of which sugars
      42.6g fat
      37.0g of which saturates

      That makes these 20 weight watchers points a tub, which in all fairness is bloody high however you look at it. The only upside is the fact that I am trying to get my husband to eat healthier as well as help him to lose a few pounds so as an occasional treat I can't really see a problem with them.

      There is an allergy advice label on the tub stating that these contain milk and soyaand may contain traces of seeds and/or nuts.

      ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

      These are an Asda branded item and are relatively new, they are £2.00 to purchase and again to me that is a bit of a down side, but again for something that is a bit different and also something eaten occasionally I am not too concerned.

      ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

      Yes these are expensive and yes they are very calorific, but looking at them from the health side of the argument they contain yoghurt and fruit which to my way of thinking is not a bad thing, and the fact they are absolutely delicious to boot is a complete bonus.
      So would I recommend them..... Yes, in my house they are considered as the new sweets!

      For more information on this and the other new brands available in Asda's snacking range visit -

      Thanks for reading x


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