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Asda Shortbread Mini Bites

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      27.03.2010 08:06
      Very helpful




      We often buy a couple of items from this range, but had never tried these ones before. After picking up 1 of the ones we normally buy, we decided to try these. We always buy from here in packs of 2, as they are on a 2 for £2.50 offer which gives a bit of a saving, but not that much.

      These are found up at the Bakery in our local Asda. I think they are baked in store, and they are in a large plastic box, so you can see the goods clearly before you buy. There is only a sticker on the front with the ingredients and best before date on it.

      You get 20 mini bits of Shortbread in here. They are quite a fair size and if you look on the Dooyoo picture you will see that they aren't some little cube size. They are round, and thick enough.

      These were tasty enough when eaten. They were a bit crumbly when you bit into it, and although there wasn't a creamy taste that you can get with Shortbread, these seemed slightly buttery, and although quite dry tasting I don't think they were overly dry.

      I'm used to eating Chocolate Chip shortbread, so this seemed perhaps that bit duller, but these were nice enough, and yes I think we would buy it again. A nice enough product for a not bad price.


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      22.07.2009 16:50
      Very helpful



      See review.

      Like me, my son has a real penchant for chocolate, but has also got a very sweet tooth, this can include almost anything, yoghurt raisins, chocolate bars, banana chips and the product I will now review on his behalf (lol!).

      The biscuits that I will now review are - "20 shortbread mini bites"

      These particular biscuits are sold as fresh, these are to be found in the bread aisle in Asda, there are a selection of different varieties including these, there are chocolate crispies, mini gingerbread men, ,mini muffins.....etc

      For the full list visit - www.asda.co.uk

      My son always goes for these biscuits, as they are more substantial in size than the afore mentioned products... my son is very cute I can tell you!

      The packaging itself is a large lift up lid, clear plastic tub, the biscuits within being visible.

      The biscuits are around 2" wide and around ¾" thick, with the top half of the biscuit being almost domed shaped.
      The biscuit is ridged across the top, giving the illusion that it will be rough in texture, this is far from the truth.

      When you bite into the biscuit you are presented by a crumbly yet slightly moist and soft biscuit, due to the size of it, you feel that you are eating something substantial.

      The taste again is lovely, sweet and incredibly buttery, just the way shortbread should be, though as nice as these are they never will top the Scottish shortbread fingers of my youth!

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per ¼ box,

      494 kcal
      5.9g protein
      59.3g carbohydrates
      21.1g of which sugars
      25.9g fat
      10.0g of which saturates

      These are stated as being suitable for vegetarians, but contain gluten, milk and wheat.
      These may also contain traces of seeds and/or nuts, so beware!

      Unlike some of the others in the range, these actually have a reasonable shelflife, if opened then kept in an airtight container, these can last a good 4-5 days, though if you have children like mine, it is unlikely they will still be there after that time!

      As mentioned before these are an Asda product, they are also part of an ongoing offer, for two 400g tubs of the afore mentioned varieties they can be purchased for £2.50, not bad as a single box is around the £1.50 mark.

      These are a lovely treat, from my point of view they are great dunkers, though you will have to have a slightly larger tea as these babies suck up liquid like a sponge, they can also be dunked and not fall to bits as easily as some others!
      From my sons point of view these are sweet, crumbly and delicious, they are a good size and due to the prize something that mummy will not grumble about being added to my shopping trolley!

      Thanks for reading x


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