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Asda Smart Price Multipack Dip Selection

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Brand: Asda / Type: Dip

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    2 Reviews
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      20.12.2009 19:08
      Very helpful




      I'm not a huge fan of Dips with Crisps or Veggies. I do like either 1000 Island, or Cheese and Chive, but I get bored after a few dips. I bought this last year for our annual Christmas Eve Buffet at the house and i've just bought it again this year for the same reason.

      You get 4 different Dips in the pack, so that should satisfy most guests. Then again there is always 1 that doesn't do down as much as the others, isn't there?

      This was a bargain 96p for the 500g pack. Each dip is 125g, and that is plenty for the odd dip into. Found in the chiller section.

      Packaging isn't that exciting. The pack is like an octagon shape, with the Dip compartment all seperate. They are quite deep and quite wide, so again easy to dunk into. The lid gets peeled off. The lid of it looks a bit cheap with the Asda Smart Price reference and the colouring, but if you are a bit of a label snob, once the lid is off then there is no other references of this being a budget buy.

      So what are the Dips?

      Yoghurt and Cucumber
      Onion and Garlic
      Cheese and Chive
      Mexican Style Chilli

      They were all nice, but my favourite was still the Cheese and Chive. This had a nice creamy taste and the Chive was quite sharp, but not too much. The Mexican Chilli had a bit nip to it, but wasn't overly spicy, The Onion and Garlic certainly was Garlic-y with some yummy raw onion seasoning through it, and the Yoghurt and Cucumber was light and quite refreshing tasting.

      All the Dips had quite high calorie and fat content. The calories range from 147-289 per 100g, and the fat is all around 21g-24g per 100g.

      The use by date is pretty good as well. I bought this pack on the 18th December, and it is use by the 28th.

      All these Dips had more flavour to them than I expected. I thought for the price that these would be bland and a bit watery, but they were tasty, flavoursome and although not that thick, they coating what you were dipping well enough.

      Worth a try, especially for the variety and money.


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      15.12.2009 22:55
      Very helpful



      Very nice dips ... great on a buffet table :-)

      Asda Smartprice Multipack Dip Selection

      I recently had a night in with 'the girls' to have a catch up before Christmas and laid on a few nibbles to have with our many bottle of wine.

      I paid 96p for this four dip selection pack. With 125g of each dip, that is 500g in total.

      **Yoghurt & Cucumber**
      Tangy and tasty, full of flavour and perfect with tortillas, carrot sticks and celery. 147 calorie per 100g and 12.0g of fat. This is quite high and could definitely be made a lot healthier at home with fat free yoghurt.

      **Onion & Garlic**
      This one is not the dip you should chose if you are expecting to be enjoying a kiss. The onion and garlic flavours are quite prominent. It is very creamy and full of lovely garlic flavour. With 239 calories and 22.9g of fat per 100g this is definitely not one for a weight watcher!

      **Cheese & Chive**
      Yum, this is my favourite of the lot. With lovely creamy cheese mayonnaise mixed with chives this is packed with great taste. 253 calories and 23.4g of fat per 100g with is definitely not the healthiest of options.

      **Mexican Style Chilli**
      I was pleasantly surprised by this dip because with its pinkish colour I expected thousand island or marie rose dressing and instead got a slight chilli kick. This is tasty, the chilli not overpowering but definitely present. 230 calories and 21.2g of fat.

      Overall I really enjoyed the flavour of these dips, as did my guests, finishing of almost the whole pack during our evening. I served Tortillas, both plain and flavoured, celery, carrot and cucumber sticks for dipping.

      I think that this dip selection pack is great value for money and I would definitely buy this again. I did notice that the use by date is 14 days ahead from the day I purchase, which I think is really good. All the dips were enjoyable, yet packed with calories and fat, but for me it is okay as a once in a while treat.


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