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Asda Smartprice Cashews

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Brand: Asda / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2009 17:20
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      Cashew nuts are one of my favourite snacks; I love snacking and at least I can claim to do something good for my body if I eat nuts instead of crisps and co. in front of the computer. They are rich in magnesium and copper and compared to other nuts not too high in calories.


      Unfortunately all nuts ( maybe apart from peanuts) are incredibly expensive and normally not in my everyday student budget. These here however are Smartprice nuts, a great value with 98 pence for a 180 gram pack which will last for quite a while.

      As usual for this range they come in a clear plastic bag; I'm a big fan of package reduced things and even though I know that that this was not necessarily the main intention behind the Smartprice range it's still a big plus for me.

      The nuts are natural, that means they are not roasted and not coated with spices or anything. For many that makes them rather boring,however for me it is great! Like this you can use them in a lot more dishes from curries to cake instead of just eating them as a snack.
      And of course they have less calories than honey coated cashew nuts; 600 calories for 100 gram is still a lot but the nuts are far more filling than crisps.

      The nuts are light brown on the outside and creamy white on the inside. Usually the are all broken in the middle and not whole as seen in the picture above. However, they normally stay like that and I find hardly any small broken pieces in the pack. I did have a few oddly coloured ones but as it's a natural product this is hardly avoidable. And even these few odd ones tasted fine to me.

      Taste and texture are excellent, quite soft compared to other nuts with a lovely sweetish flavour. It's definitely one of m favourite nuts; the flavour is not as intense as chestnuts and not s bitter as hazelnut; it's more sweet and makes you want to finish the whole pack in once.
      For me there's no need to buy more expensive alternatives, the Smartprice ones taste exactly like cashews are supposed to taste and as a bonus they are not greasy at all.

      You can store them after opening the pack for qite a while, they'll stay fresh and soft for several weks if stored in a cool and dark place.


      I love using the Smartprice Cashew nuts in Chinese or Thai curries, they add this extra little kick that makes the dish really special. Thank god they are cheap enough to use them in a variety of dishes. I'm not a expert when it comes to backing but my choc-cashew cookies were a hit in my flat!

      For me it's clearly a 9 out of 10!


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