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Asda Smartprice Snowballs

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Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      26.12.2009 21:12
      Very helpful




      I like Snowballs. They are nice, sweet, slightly gooey and all round yummy. I have to say I used to always stick with Tunnock's ones, but sometimes I buy the Tesco Value ones as they are not bad either. So while in Asda last week I picked up a pack of their budget brand ones, as at 32p I thought they were worth a try.

      The packaging is alright. You get 6 Snowballs on the pack and they are in a plastic tray. I see the point of them sitting deep in the groove of the tray, as you tend to get a good few Coconut strands falling off them, but it isn't exactly environmentally friendly thesedays with so many companies reducing packaging. The whole thing is covered in a cellophane wrapper. You can't see the item through the pack as there is no see through part. The pack is just a plain white cover with the Asda Smartprice branding on it, and the only colouring is black and green.

      Now to the Snowballs. They are a bit smaller than the Tunnock's ones, but they are a good bit cheaper. Infact you can buy 2 packs of these for less than a 4 pack of Tunnocks, so you would get more Snowballs for less money. There is plenty of Coconut stuck to these, and as I mentioned a good amount of strands fall off these too. The outer part which is covered with the Coconut is a slightly rough kinda spongy thing, and when you bite through it then you get the Mallow part inside. There is a good amount of Mallow inside, and it fills the shell well enough. It is sweet, a little moist and soft of sticky, but not too much. It tastes light and fluffy as well.

      I don't have the pack to hand but I think a Snowball has about 85 calories.

      These are nice. They aren't quite as fluffy as the named brand and as I mentioned a bit smaller, but for economy these are great!


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