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Asda Smartprice Teacakes

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Type: Breads/Cakes

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2008 22:36
      Very helpful



      What do you expect for 29 pence?

      These little atrocities are really something make a mention of! Me and my friend were persuaded to buy these because at 29pence for 125g, they really are a bargain for a last minute tea party/picnic and I can understand why people buy them because if you are on a budget then they are a bargain buy.

      Taste wise these teacakes are vaguely edible and they aren't the most horrific thing I have ever eaten but they are by no means something I would bother reaching for a second one of.

      For those who have no idea what a teacake is, it is traditionally a marshmallow on a crumbly biscuit coated with a thin layer of chocolate, which is what Asda Smart Price teacakes are essentially. The biscuit on the bottom of these is chewy rather than crumbly but then this does help to keep the whole thing together and save making a mess while eating (I am struggling for positives can you tell). The marshmallow is too sweet and too sticky and isn't as fluffy as you would have from a better quality buy but it does suffice. The saving grace of these teacakes is that they are coated with a thin layer of chocolate and (being the kind of child that liked to play with my food) some satisfaction can be derived from trying to lick or crack off the chocolate without 'harming' the biscuit or the marshmallow. Childish I know but infinitely more pleasurable than actually eating the rest of it. In fact if there was someone who wouldn't mind eating the marshmallow and biscuit after I had sucked off the chocolate then I would definitely consider buying these again as the chocolate is pretty standard.

      All in all this product is too sweet, leaves you feeeling a little sick and is really not the best kind of teacake you can get but if you are hosting a party on a budget then I think this product might be worth it. Like I have said they aren't disgusting so you dont have to worry about your guests complaining about them and they do look rather nice laid out on a plate once you have taken them out of the nasty white Smart Price package!


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