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Asda The Simpson's D'oh Nuts (doughnuts)

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      24.08.2009 18:32
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      Recently I headed to Asda with the intention of buying some yummy jam doughnuts. However when I got there I was sad to find that all the bags of jam doughnuts had sold out! Determined to have a doughnut anyway, I was left with the choice of either custard or iced doughnuts, which was an easy choice! Iced doughnuts it was, and the best option seemed to be a pack of The Simpsons 4 Iced Ring D'oh Nuts.

      The doughnuts come in a clear plastic tray with a cardboard slip around it. The slip is bright red, yellow and black and has the Simpsons logo on it along with a large picture of Homer enjoying a bright pink iced doughnut. This branding is sure to appeal to kids and anyone who is a fan of the cartoon.

      Inside the tray the doughnuts are attractive but look a little insipid as the icing is only slightly pink tinged and the sprinkles are very pale and pastel coloured. However once you get them out of the box and put them on a plate they look and smell appetising.

      The taste of the doughnuts is Ok although a little bland. They are nice and soft and doughy but the icing doesn't have much flavour and the lack of jam makes them a bit plain for me. They are not doughnuts I would go out of my way to eat again and I let my partner eat the other three in the packet!

      Another thing that annoyed me was the nutritional information. The information was not given per doughnut but per 100 grams, and as the packet did not say the weight on it, it was impossible to work out how many calories you were consuming unless you weighed the doughnuts yourself. The calorie count is unsurprisingly high: in 100 grams there are 397 calories, 20.2 grams of fat and 48.4 grams of carbohydrate. It does not say how much sugar or how much saturated fat there is. Also, I counted eleven E numbers in the ingredients, so these are not really very healthy.

      A pack of these doughnuts cost £1.08 from Asda which is not too expensive and is no pricer than Asda's own brand iced doughnuts. However I would not buy them again unless they were the only thing available and I was desperate for a doughnut!


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        29.07.2009 14:39
        Very helpful



        See review.

        As mentioned in a previous review my daughter has suddenly developed a real penchant for doughnuts, unfortunately my son and my husband do not share the love, so when I buy any they have to be cheap to justify buying something for one person in the house without the option of sharing, yes I know that sounds arse backwards but my money has to really stretch!

        The doughnuts that I will now review were bought as A, they appealed to my daughter (god bless branding!) and B because they were the cheapest!

        The product I will now review are - "The Simpson's - 4 iced ring D'oh nuts"

        As with most of the full sized doughnuts available to buy at Asda they always come in a large plastic tray with lid.
        The tray is clear with the colourful doughnuts being visible within, there is also a cardboard sleeve that simply slides off the tray, this contains all the relevant information that you would expect to find.

        When the tray lid is prized open, (this tray lid is held down by two indented buttons, these clip back onto the base to keep the ones that you don't eat straight away fresh!), the smell is lovely, there is a nice doughy smell, the kind you always get with fresh baked things and the sweet smell of the icing glaze that holds the topping onto the doughnut.

        On top of the glaze there is healthy amount of colourful sprinkles stuck on the top, though with most things these days it is obvious they do not contain any artificial colours as they are not as bright as they once would have been!

        To eat these there is a silly little rule that we have to follow, when I say we I mean me and the little 'un, at least we get two eat from the box!

        The donut has to be perched on the finger and eaten like this, please don't ask why, it was the same when I was a kid, we had to eat sugared doughnuts (the ones without the hole!), without licking our lips, and no I could never do it!

        The taste is delicious, there is the sweet bready consistency and taste of the doughnut, fresh tasting and soft, though extremely filling.
        Then there is the sweet claggyness of the icing, sticking the doughnut to the roof of your mouth....yum!

        The nutritional information is as follows -
        Per 100g,
        397 kcal,
        48.4g carbohydrate,
        20.2g fat.

        The product also states that these are produced in a factory that handles tree nuts (!?).

        The only downside to this product is the fact that they should be consumed on the day of purchase, though we do have one on the day then one the day after, and they are still fresh and delicious, but do keep them in the fridge!

        As mentioned earlier these were brought from Asda, but are not an own branded product, so may well be available elsewhere, though I have never seen them before.
        To buy these cost me 99p for the tray of four full sized doughnuts...bargain!

        For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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