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Asda Victoria Ring

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cakes

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 20:43
      Very helpful



      A sweet treat for all of the family.

      The Asda Victoria bun ring looks good and it is affordable. The Asda bakery have done well to produce this fruity iced bun ring for just under £1. I used to love iced buns but many of the supermarket bakery iced buns seem to be stale or dry before you manage to get them onto the tea plate, as soon as the soft bread mixture is exposed to the air the bread starts to develop a firmer crust that can be a bit off-putting. The Victoria bun ring seems to keep moist and the icing doesn't dry out in the same way, maybe this is because the whole bun ring is packed into a good thick clear plastic container that helps to keep it airtight. In the past I have bought iced buns that have been covered with a cellophane wrapper and when I have removed that wrapper the icing has been stuck to it and I have had to spread it back onto the top of the buns.

      The Asda Victoria iced bun ring is different, the bun ring consists of five good sized portions of fruity bread that are liberally coated with thick white glace icing on the top and each portion is decorated with a half a cherry.
      If you are going to use the Victoria bun ring all at once then it can be cut while it sits in the plastic container, if you are leaving a couple of portions for the next day then the remaining pieces can be kept fresh by resealing the plastic container with the sticky bakery tag.

      The bread mixture used for the bun ring is not spiced but it has been sweetened. The bun bread is really soft and once you bite into a piece of the iced bun you realise that a small amount of dried fruit has been added. The mix of currants and sultanas that have been added to the mixture is just and just enough to make the bun ring interesting.
      But the thick layer of white, sweet glace icing is wonderful. The glace icing is really gooey and sticky and from my point of view that is what makes the bun ring perfect.

      As I mentioned earlier the bun ring has five sections and believe it or not one helping is sufficient, the sweet bun ring is filling. I feel that it offers very good value for money, in essence you have five good helpings of iced fruit bread for just under £1.

      Asda say that the bun ring is suitable for vegetarians to enjoy. But it does carry food allergy warnings and they include wheat, gluten, soya, seeds and it may also contain traces of nut. Aida have used no artificial colours or flavours in this product.
      One portion of the bun ring contains around 160 calories.

      This Asda iced bun ring would make an excellent teatime treat for all ages. My grandson loves it but he ends up wearing as much of it as he eats.
      Next time you are in Asda pick one up and see what you think of it.


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