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Asda White Chocolate Brownie Mix

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cake Mix

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2011 11:41
      Very helpful



      i prefer cupcakes!

      Asda offer various cake mixes which offer a simple alternative to home baking. The range includes chocolate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and sponges.

      {Brownie Mix}

      Asda offer a few different brownie mixes including fudge, cheesecake and cookie dough brownies. Alternatively you can purchase plain chocolate or in my case, white chocolate. Today I will be reviewing the Asda White Chocolate Brownie mix which is part of the Chosen By You range at Asda.

      This brownie mix is described as being "plain brownie mix with white chocolate chunks". The mix claims to offer 9 brownies. The mix contains no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or flavours and is also suitable for vegetarians.

      {Packaging, Contents and Baking Instructions}

      A purple and black cardboard box showing some delicious cooked brownies and various bits of information is available on the shelves. The box can be recycled. Inside, a large, plastic packet of white cake mix is present. Preparing and baking these brownies is simple.

      *Set the oven to 170c/Gas Mark 4
      *Line a 7inch square baking tin with oiled foil or greaseproof paper
      *Empty the mix into a bowl and add 75ml of cold water
      *Beat with a wooden spoon then transfer into the tin
      *Smooth out the top of the mix and bake for 15mins for gooey brownies or 18mins for cake like brownies
      *Allow to cool in the tin before removing the paper and cutting in to 9squares.

      {Ingredients and Nutritional Information}

      Icing Sugar , Wheat Flour , White Chocolate (14%) [Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Natural Flavouring, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins)] , Vegetable Oil , Egg Albumin , Cornflour , Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Phosphates) , Natural Flavouring .

      Avoid if allergic to gluten, milk, wheat, soya or egg.

      Each brownie contains 139calories, 18.1g of sugar and 2.1g of saturated fat.


      The complete brownie pack is 284g and is available from Asda stores or www.asda.com. It is priced at 97p.

      {My Thoughts}

      As you all know, I love to bake and often make sponges from scratch. I have never attempted brownies from scratch to be honest and usually prefer a sponge anyway as I find the milk or dark chocolate brownies too rich for my tastes.When I spotted this brownie mix in Asda last week, I decided to buy it as I fancied the idea of white chocolate brownies. At less than £1.00 a though it would be a nice treat for us. I have had good experiences with the Asda cake mixes so was sure this one would be a success.

      The presentation of the cake mix is simple yet attractive. The one extra ingredient aspect is a good one as it allows this mix to be ideal for baking with younger children. It is also an ideal mix to have in the cupboard for unexpected visitors being due as water is readily available from the tap. All I need is my trusty plastic bowl, wooden spoon and a cake tin. I didn't have a square cake tin so used my round tin and lined it with some greaseproof paper and put the oven on before I started.

      {Chunky Monkey!}

      The brownie mix is quite substantial being a thick powder with various small white chocolate pieces being recognisable. It doesn't need sieved though and simply pours into the bowl. I measured out 75ml of water in my jug and poured it straight in to the bowl. 75ml is more than enough to moisten the mix. I used my spoon and gave it a good mix up for around 2minutes and the mix turned creamy and smooth except for the delicious looking chunks which became more apparent. The mix had a biscuity aroma and a quick taste test proved tempting as the mix was deliciously sweet.

      The mix poured nicely into my lined tin and filled it up to near the top. I smoothed it out with a spoon but it is rather difficult to smooth it out as it is rather chunky! I like slightly gooey brownies as cooking too long can result in dry brownies (as far as I know!). There wasn't much smell coming from the oven which was rather disappointing but a quick peek through the oven door, I noticed the mix rising slightly around the edges and lightly browning though the middle looked gooey. Towards the end of the 15min cooking time, a sweet chocolately smell greeted me and on removing the tin from the oven, the brownies looked delicious.

      {Cool Me Down, Gobble Me Up}

      Leaving the circular brownie in the tin, I resisted temptation. I will admit, I didn't leave it to fully cool as I do prefer a brownie to be slightly warm. Removing the brownie was a nightmare. Despite having used greaseproof paper, the whole brownie fell apart in to pieces when I tried to transfer it to a plate. The topping was almost crispy whilst the outer edges were a golden, spongey colour. The inside wasn't as gooey as I expected. In the end, rather than being able to serve these brownies in squares or any other shape, we had to scoop it out and in to a bowl for consumption. Ok for a dessert but not ideal if you are planning on serving to guests.

      We had ours plain though a scoop of flavoured ice cream or dessert sauce would compliment the brownie nicely. Despite the issue with removing the brownie, the actually brownies were simply delicious. The different textures complimented each other perfectly. The brownie dessert was soft, light and had a homebaked, fresh taste. The outer "crust" had an almost chewy, caramel taste. A lot of the white chocolate chunks had settled on the bottom of the tin rather than stay near the top and allow the cookies to actually look chunky.

      The dessert wasn't overly thick and was very sponge cake like just with added sweetness. Any chocolate chunks which remained were sweet and chewy. The cake was full of flavour and tasted homebaked as opposed to being a packet mix. I personally couldn't eat much of the mix so foiled wrapped my bowl and kept it fresh until the next day. The brownie melts in your mouth and leaves a chocolatey aftertaste which is a little artificial.


      Whilst I was pleased with the taste of this brownie mix, I wasn't impressed with the final, baked brownie as it simply fell to pieces (hence no picture). The pieces I ate were rather sickly after a while and they really aren't healthy for you. I feel the mix created a more spongey cake than a brownie offering so despite being cheap and easy to prepare, I wouldn't buy this again and cannot really recommend it as a brownie mix.

      Thanks for reading :)


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