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Asda White Finger Rolls

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bread

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2010 23:54
      Very helpful



      Delish Rolls For Your Hotdogs

      The gas has run out in the bbq but the weather has been so nice this week that at dinner time me and my sisters have been eating in the garden. It's only us at home in the day so I can cook up whatever we want without having to think about doing something different for my mum and dad. This week I've been doing the same sort of stuff as we'd have on the bbq because most of it is quick under the grill and it's easy to do everyone what they want.

      Yesterday we had hot dogs, just sausages on buns really with onions and sauce. I'd used some fancy sausages from Asda and being as I was in there I also brought a pack of these White Finger Rolls, I usually love the Tesco ones because they have got a wickedly chewy texture but took a chance on these because I couldn't be arsed with going to another supermarket! You get 6 in a pack for about 69p and the rolls are all joined together so you have to pull them apart and then you get that yummy thin slice of soft bread to pull off and munch on. lol

      These are wicked Finger Rolls, they've got a yummy chewy crust and are lovely and soft inside. They rolls have got a delish white bread flavour, that's the best I can do about the flavour because bread is deffo hard to describe the taste of!

      They went wicked with the sausages, I just cut them in half and put the sausage in the same as I would have done if we'd got the bbq out. Being soft they soaked the fat up that come out of the sausage lovely and then when I put ketchup on mine and fried onions the roll soaked the flavours of them up as well. My sister had mayo on hers because she's a freak and that made the roll go a bit slimey with the grease off the sausage.

      You could have them with a cold sandwich but I don't think they would be as nice as with the hot sausages and that's not because there's anything wrong with them but just because there are better sandwich rolls out there.

      Recommended..... as good as the Tesco ones that I always buy and went wicked with our sausages!!!


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