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Aunt Bessie's Chocolate Roly Poly

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Brand: Aunt Bessie's / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2010 17:45
      Very helpful



      Very quick and easy pudding


      I first became aware of Aunt Bessie's products about 10 years ago. I had seen an advert on television for Yorkshire Puddings and I liked the idea of hassle free Yorkshires. Since then I have become a bit of a fan of hers as I have found the range of products to be good quality and easy to produce even for a non-cook like me.

      I usually buy Aunt Bessie's Jam Roly Poly, but when I received my on-line order from Tesco this week it was out of stock and this was the logical alternative product they selected. I suppose I should be grateful that it was this rather than something else from the range because it now includes: a vegetable and potato range, main dishes, ready meals, sauces and savoury section.


      I think the price of the Chocolate Roly Poly is very competitive, indeed for a 300g packet that advises it will feed a family of four costs just £1.28. When I searched my local Tesco I could not find a similar branded or shops own product on sale to compete with this.


      Although the package is not the eye catching product I have ever seen it is still quite effective. It comes in a rectangular box 8" x 4". The front cover is dominated by an appealing looking chocolate roll, which proudly displays the chocolate within it. I have to say it looks very appealing!! It has the Aunt Bessie logo that appears on all her products.

      While on the bottom of the box you have well-designed and very readable details of the product. It advises you how to cook the product either by Microwave, which only takes two and a half minutes, or by conventional cooking in the oven, which takes 25-40 minutes. It also gives a long list of ingredients, nutritional information and guidelines on recommended amounts a portion of Chocolate Roly Poly has in relation to what the average person should have a day.


      Initially when I opened the box and pulled the tray containing the pudding out I was disappointed. The chocolate looked fine and there was a slight smell of chocolate, but what annoyed me was quite a lot of the runny chocolate has come out of the pudding. This made the product look sticky and messy.


      Chocolate Flavoured Sauce (29%) (Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Cocoa Powder, Maize Starch, Skimmed Milk Powder, Flavourings, Salt), Wheat Flour, Vegetable Suet (Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil & Sunflower Oil), Wheat Flour), Water, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Whey Powder (from Cows' Milk), Baking Powder (Raising Agents: E450, E500, Wheat Flour), Salt

      ==Allergy advice:==

      This product contains: Gluten from wheat and cow's milk. It is suitable for vegetarians free from Preservatives and Artificial Flavours

      ==The product:==

      It was so easy to prepare this product, I choose like most I think would to Microwave it as it takes a maximum of two and a half minutes. I decided to have it on its own but I can imagine many would like to have it with either a hot chocolate sauce or custard.

      Once the product had cooked I took it out and immediately was greeted by a very rich and appealing chocolate smell. The product had not altered while cooking and I made a big mistake. I tried to take the product out of the silver tray it came in and onto a plate to divide it up and it literally fell apart. I was left with an unappealing mess which had I been serving friends or family I would have been acutely embarrassed by.


      I took my first spoonful of the pudding and was immediately impressed with it. I had expected because I served it without a sauce for it to be dry and lifeless but it was not at all. It tasted like a hot chocolate sponge, which was rich with a strong and slightly runny chocolate sauce.

      I really enjoyed the taste and found it a very pleasurable experience. It had a real feel and taste of quality, which was superbly backed up by a rich dark chocolate source, that although sticky to the touch tasted wonderful.


      Initially I enjoyed the very rich chocolate sauce that supported the hot chocolate sponge. It certainly made my taste buds water, although after a couple of mouthfuls I found the Roly Poly was too rich for me and made me feel a little sick. Not only that when the sponge tasting pudding cooled it became a little harder in texture and certainly didn't taste as good. The pudding has a very thick chocolate sauce which is distributed liberally throughout it and my initial concerns that it had all seeped out were groundless as there was more than enough to give the pudding the rich flavour throughout.

      For me the big advantage of this product is its convenience. It is very quick and easy to produce and can be left if Microwaving the product until after the first course has been completed. Although I would definitely recommend you only take it out of the tray when you serve it up into the individual pieces, as it can go horribly wrong when it crumbles.

      Not only that, this product is sold frozen, so that you can either eat it on the day of purchase or freeze it for another day, as it can be stored there for a month. The only thing you can't do is re-freeze it after it has thawed out.

      I also believe this product represents fantastic value for money. Although the box advises it serves four people I think they would get very small portions. I think if you served it for three you would get a more generous pudding and one you would enjoy more. But regardless at this price it is a treat that can be enjoyed even for those on a tight budget.

      I do recommend this as being well worth trying. It is probably not something you would want to have on a regular basis as it is very rich and high in calories, sugar and saturates. The products richness also means you do not want too much of it as it can be quite sickly to each too much of it.

      For more information on this and other Aunt Bessie's product go to the wonderful web site that includes all the products sold, recipes, cooking tips and new product information. The web site is: www.auntbessies.co.uk

      Per individual portion (quarter of the product 75g)
      Calories: 274
      Sugar: 14.6g
      Fat: 9.2g
      Saturates: 4.6g
      Salt: 0.3g


      I thought this product was well worth buying, it is good value for money. It is a good quality product with a very impressive and rich sauce that tasted superb. I think like all Aunt Bessie's products it is made to make our lives easier and convenient while the quality of the product really shines through. My only advice is don't each too much of it as it is high in calories and can be a bit sickly if you eat too much of it. All in all I was quite happy Tesco delivered this but I still prefer the Jam Roly Poly!!

      Thank you for reading my review.

      This review is published on both Ciao and Dooyoo under my user name.

      @CPTDANIELS February 2010.


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