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Aunt Bessie's Ready to Bake 8 Fruit Scones

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Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2008 08:58
      Very helpful



      Nice enough to eat but I won't be buying any more

      I had seen the adverts on TV for Aunt Bessie's Ready to Bake Fruit Scones - you know the one where the two estate agents are trying to get people into the show home and they put the scones in the oven thereby attracting people by use of the smell.

      The scones looked lovely on TV and I could just imagine the smell so I just had to try a pack!

      You will find the packs of scones in the freezer section of your supermarket and they contain 8 fruit scones in each pack.

      The pack has the distinctive Aunt Bessie look in royal blue with red flashes. The front of the pack shows a picture of the scones as they look after being baked together with 'Ready to Bake 8 Fruit Scones'. There is also a caricature of the imaginary Aunt Bessie with her cuddly figure and rosy cheeks.

      The writing on the pack states' Delicious fruit scones - enjoy them freshly baked and still warm from the oven'.

      I bought these scones a few weeks ago and they have been in the freezer ever since - sadly I cannot remember how much I paid for them. I think it was about £2 for the pack but don't quote me on that!

      The other day I fancied something sweet and when I saw these in my freezer I figured that they would be just the job.

      I fetched the pack out and opened it. Inside the eight scones were nestling in a plastic (recycleable) tray in two rows of four so they were still intact. Sometimes I have bought this type of product only to find them smashed when I open the pack. As the packaging was robust I felt quite happy in taking four of the scones out and replacing the rest in the freezer for another day.

      At this stage the scones were flat, about 4 inches wide and about three quarters of an inch deep.

      The scones should be cooked straight from frozen. I put them on my baking tray - you are advised to brush with milk or egg but I didn't bother - and popped them into the over to bake. They will cook in 20 - 25 minutes at gas mark 6, 200 degrees C or 400 degrees F.

      As they cooked the smell that wafted through the house was lovely! It was a real 'home made' sort of smell if you know what I mean so I was looking forward to the results.

      When I fetched them out of the oven I was initially a little disappointed as they hadn't risen very much at all, but to be fair they did look exactly like the uncut scones in the picture on the front of the packet. When I make scones myself I always make them taller then these but I wasn't going to hold that against them.

      I decided to try a couple whilst they were still warm as advised by the writing on the pack. I allowed them to cool slightly so I didn't burn myself and then picked one up to cut it in two. That's where the problems started! Even though I used a sharp knife it didn't cut in two it just collapsed into chunks! I tried another one and the same thing happened.

      I buttered the resulting chunks and popped one into my mouth. Now this bit was good - they tasted delicious and were just the thing to satisfy my craving for something sweet. It would have been very messy if I had wanted to add jam and cream to the chunks of scone but as it happened I just fancied them buttered.

      I thought that the scones might be more stable when they had cooled completely but no, they still wouldn't cut properly so they wouldn't be any good when guests were coming! They did not look like the sliced scone on the front of the pack and certainly not like the ones on the adverts! Mind you that's no surprise is it? When have you ever know a truthful advert?

      The nutritional information per cooked scone is as follows:
      234 calories
      5.7g of protein
      34g of carbohydrates of which 12.9g is sugar
      8.4g of fat of which 2.4g is saturated
      2g of fibre
      0.3g of sodium

      In conclusion I was happy to eat these scones even though they were a bit of a mess once they were cut but I won't be buying them again. I will stick to making my own thanks.


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      Enjoy warm from the oven.

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