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Bauducco Wafers

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Brand: Bauducco / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2010 07:48
      Very helpful



      Cheap wafers that taste expensive, in flavours to suit everyone

      These Bauducco wafers are made in South America but also sold in their northern neighbour, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. A bit like Coca Cola, then. And bigger than McDonalds. There's no McDonalds here. It's hard to know with things like this whether they're so widely distributed because they're good or because the company's desperately trying to find a market for them, going further and further afield in the process, but I decided it might be the former, so bought a few packs when I saw them in my local grocery store. They looked familiar but I wasn't sure whether I'd had them before or just seen them in random places.

      These wafers come in a whole range of flavours, from the normal to the unusual. Locally I have tried the chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry and chocolate-sprinkle ones, while they also do a vanilla version. They come in large packs and small ones, which are a little larger than you'd expect for single-serve but, nonetheless, can be gobbled up in one go, especially as wafers are lighter (and less calorific) than cookies or chocolate.

      I really like good wafers, as I think they're a nice change from a chocolate bar or a cookie. They have a nice crunch and bite, but are also lighter than some other sweet treats, both in terms of calories and heaviness in your stomach. The crucial word, though, is 'good': cheap wafers are nasty, often soggy rather than crisp, and a disappointment when you accidentally buy them. Happily, this brand is definitely in the 'good' camp.

      The wafers are thin, long rectangles, shorter and stumpier in the individual packets than in the larger ones. Each one alternates layers of cream filling with layers of wafer, in a stack. The ratio is 3:4, cream:wafers, so you have top and bottom wafers, plus two middle ones, with the filing between each one. The wafers have that retro mesh pattern imprinted into them, and they look good, with a nice contrast between the pink or brown or white filling and the embossed cream wafers.

      The packaging can be a bit misleading, as for example on the strawberry one it looks like they have some kind of topping, when really they've peeled off the top wafer layer to show you what they look like inside. It also looks juicer and thicker than the cream you get, but before you think to complain there's a note that this is an 'illustrative picture' and not the real deal. These wafers come in a plastic wrap that is quite flimsy but somehow manages to protect the wafers while they're in transit, and I've never had the tragedy of tearing in to them to find nothing but crumbs waiting for me. There is a rip-here tab on the larger packs but whether or not it works is hit and miss - if it doesn't, you need teeth or scissors to get in. Once open, they go soft quite quickly, so they're best in Tupperware or a zip-lock bag but then they keep quite well, even here in one of the hottest and most humid places I've ever lived.

      The chocolate and chocolate hazelnut crème ones are not that different from each other. The chocolate is milk rather than dark, but doesn't taste especially cheap, though I'm not sure I'd want a bar of it without the wafer. The wafer layers also take the edge off the sweetness. I tried to detect a little nuttiness in the hazelnut version, but this might have been my imagination as I knew from the packet that's what I had been supposed to be tasting. They certainly don't taste like a Nutella Kitkat might, but they're not bad at all.

      The ones I call 'Chocolate Sprinkles' don't have a better description on the pack, as most of it is not in English. Basically, these are like the chocolate cream ones, but with the addition of vermicelli (chocolate ice cream sprinkles). It's a weird thing to add to a wafer, and definitely makes the texture a little bitty, almost lumpy, compared to the smoothness of the other varieties, but it works quite well, and is certainly something a bit different. They are surprisingly salty, as are the normal chocolate sort. I like salt so I didn't mind this, but my housemate commented on it.

      The strawberry kind were my latest buy following the surprising success of strawberry Oreos. Unfortunately these reminded me why I often don't like fruity biscuits, as the flavour was very artificial and overly sweet, like a strawberry-flavoured candy rather than actual strawberries. In this case I thought they needed less cream, something that I couldn't say for the other varieties.

      The thing that intrigues me about this brand is not so much an after-taste as an after-texture. When you swallow you're left with an almost glaze in your mouth, which feels like it's laminating your tongue. It's slightly odd, but not unpleasantly so. I can imagine some people finding it off putting, but I quite like it in a perverse way.

      These wafers melt in your mouth. They start off crisp but quickly give way to a softer feel, and are extremely moreish, perhaps with the exception of the strawberry ones. As wafer biscuits go, this is a brand I will buy again. They're not covered in chocolate - the only thing I think could make them nicer - but that makes them much easier and cleaner to eat in a hot climate such as this. They are a nice sweet treat that are not too laden in fat or calories, and they're cheap too. You can eat them alone, or have them with ice cream. Me likey. Me likey a lot.


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