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Belvita Honey & Nuts Breakfast Biscuits

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Biscuits

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    5 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 18:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not a bad snack but not a meal replacement.

      ===The Product===

      Belvita by Nabisco.
      'New Format'.
      Honey & Nuts with choc chips.
      Made with five wholegrains - 'designed for breakfast'.
      3.5 inch long oval biscuits.
      Bright yellow and orange box with image of large oval biscuit on the front with a mug of tea and some nuts and honey.
      Contains 3 x 4 biscuits wrapped in cellophane.
      Long shelf life.
      Produced by Mondelez International.
      Each biscuit is 58 calories and has 3.1 grams of sugar and 2.1 grams of fat.
      Rich in cereals and made with wholegrains.
      No colours or preservatives and contains Vitamns B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9.
      Clinical trials show that the carbohydrates are released slowly over four hours.
      3 x 50 gram packets in box and suitable for Vegetarians.


      To be eaten with a balanced breakfast. The biscuits provide carbohydrates, a piece of fruit provides vitamins and a yoghurt can provide calcium.
      So an ideal breakfast would be four biscuits, a yoghurt and some fruit.

      ===Allergy Information===

      May contain traces of milk, eggs, peanuts and sesame seeds.
      Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Hazelnuts, Soya\Soybeans.
      May Contain: Eggs, Milk, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds.


      Cranberry (new)
      Milk and Cereals
      Honey Nut
      Fruit and Fibre
      Crunchy Oats
      Forest Fruits

      Yoghurt Crunch with fillings of:
      Live Yoghurt
      Honey and Live Yoghurt.


      A 300 gram box costs £2.59 or a 600 gram box £3.99.
      I bought my box of 150 grams for £1 at my local Spar garage shop.

      ===My Opinion===

      I bought this packet of biscuits as it was on offer at my local garage.
      Personally I do not wnat to have biscuits for breakfast, but to have as a snack or a little treat I find them fine.
      For breakfast I would find them too sweet and not substantial or filling enough. Even the box suggests you have some fruit and a yoghurt with your four biscuits for breakfast - but give me a bowl of porridge any day!
      I thought these were just Honey and Nut - and when I found some dark bits here and there in my biscuits I assumed it was a dark bit of nut. However reading the box it states that these biscuits also contains choc chips - though not in enough quantity to be noticeable by taste - but you can see a bit of them here and there - but very sparse.
      To my palette I do not detect and honey really or nuts. They are quite sweet and to me taste almost identical to the Milk and Cereal ones I also bought. In fact all the ones I have tasted so far taste much of a muchness.
      Also reading the ingredients shows that these have more sugar and fat than the Milk and Cereal ones too.
      These biscuits come wrapped in cellophane in groups of four so they are handy to carry in your bag - but will crumble easily if squashed.
      The Grocer magazine apparently suggest that Hobnobs have more fibre than these biscuits - though I must admit Belvita do add vitamins. Oddly the vitamins are shown slightly different on the box and Tesco website - but only a minor difference relating to vitamin B6.
      Definitely not a healthy option in my opinion - either for myself and definitely not for children.
      To my mind it would be a bad habit to get children into the mindset f having biscuits for breakfast.

      ===Star Rating===

      3 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Yes - if on offer.




      Cereals 62.2% [Wheat Flour 42.1%, Wholegrain Cereals 20.1% (Oat Flakes, Wholegrain Wheat Flour, Wholegrain Barley Flour, Wheat Flakes, Wholegrain Rye Flour, Wholegrain Spelt Flour], Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Chocolate Chips 3.1% (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)), Roasted Hazelnuts 2.5%, Honey 2.1%, Raising Agents (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate), Flavourings, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Vitamins Mixture (Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9).


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        11.04.2013 13:12
        Very helpful



        Perfect for eating on the go

        Honey and nut Belvita breakfast biscuits

        I'm sure most of you will have seen the advert a few years ago for the Belvita breakfast biscuits. I had never thought of eating biscuits for breakfast, but did occasionally buy cereal bars for eating when I have to rush out the door without breakfast.

        I saw these on offer in the supermarket a while ago and bought a box. They were priced at £1.50, reduced from £2.49. They come in a yellow box made of thin cardboard, which has information about the biscuits on.

        In the box there are 6 packs, and each pack is sealed in clear plastic. There are 4 biscuits in each pack, and these are honey and nut flavour with chocolate chips. There are only a few chocolate chips in each biscuit, but there are enough for you to get a taste, without making the biscuits too chocolaty.

        I have not noticed much taste of honey or nut in these, the main taste is of the wholegrain cereals. The biscuits are oval in shape, brown in colour and have a raised design of oats on the top.

        Each biscuit contains 58 calories, 3.3g sugar, 2.1g fat, 0.5g saturates and 0.1g salt. As there are 4 biscuits in a pack, these numbers are multiplied by 4 for a portion. The biscuits are quite filling, and I start to feel full by the third one, so a pack of three would be enough. I always manage to eat the last one though, wouldn't want it getting lonely!

        I purchase these breakfast biscuits often, but only ever when they are on offer, as £2.49 is a bit too much for me to pay for these. The idea of breakfast biscuits may seem strange, but it really does work. I often chuck a pack in my handbag on the way out the door, although sometimes they do end up in several pieces by the time I go to eat them!

        4/5 stars as they are expensive and dont have much honey/nut taste, although they are great tasting and nice and filling.


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          05.09.2012 09:19
          Very helpful



          Not right for me

          I am a biscuit addict and so when I saw this product I thought it looked brilliant and gave me a good excuse to eat biscuits for breakfast! There are several different flavour varieties available and I opted for the Honey & Nuts version. The RRP for a pack of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits is a mighty £2.49 which I think is quite expensive considering you could buy a pretty nice box of cereal for around the same price, or less. I got my pack on offer at Tesco's where they were reduced to half price at a more reasonable cost of £1.24.

          Product description: "As biscuit lovers, we have worked closely with our own nutritionists to bring you a new and exciting choice for breakfast: Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are delicious, crunchy biscuits specially designed for breakfast. They are carefully made and baked so that as part of a balanced breakfast, the carbohydrates are regularly released over 4 hours to keep you going all morning."

          Within each box of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, there are six individually wrapped servings. A recommended serving size is one packet consisting of 4 biscuits. But, these did not turn out to be the quick "grab and go" breakfast food that I was expecting. After reading further information on the packaging, what I noticed is that these biscuits are not intended to be a whole breakfast food or meal replacement, but instead they recommend that you should eat additional foods to make sure that you get your full intake of nutrients at breakfast time. I think this is a bit pointless, as what I would want from a product like this is to give me a quick and easy breakfast replacement that is convenient to eat on the go without any hassle, fuss, preparation or mess. As recommended on the box, you should not just eat a pack of 4 breakfast biscuits. You also need to eat a low fat yoghurt, and a portion of fruit, and a cup of tea or coffee. Doesn't seem so quick and easy now! If I had the time to be messing around with fruit, yoghurt, biscuits and tea then I wouldn't need a product like this as it would mean I had enough time to prepare a proper breakfast in the first place.

          Honey is one of my favourite flavours so it was an easy decision to buy the Honey and Nuts variety of these biscuits. The biscuits are made with wholegrain cereals, honey, nuts, chocolate chips, and even have added vitamins. They are quite thin and have a very crunchy texture. I find that eating four of them leaves my with a very dry mouth so I always have a drink on hand to sip at as I'm munching away. The chocolate chips don't really add much flavour to the biscuits, and they do seem to have more a natural flavour with the sweetness of the honey and small chunks of nuts and grains are visible in the mix.

          As advised by Belvita I have been including other elements to my breakfast when I eat these biscuits. I have been drinking a whey protein shake in the morning on my train journey into work, and then having a pack of biscuits with a cup of tea, and sometimes also a portion of fruit, first thing when I arrive in the office. There are also a few nice features of these biscuits which help to make them appear reasonably healthy for a biscuit. They are rich in cereals, made with wholegrain, provide a source of fibre and various B viatmins (B1, B2, B3, B5 & B9), and they are free from colours and preservatives. I do think that the breakfast helps to fill me up surprisingly well and I feel it's quite healthy. However, I am still always getting feelings of hunger throughout the morning, firstly around an hour or so after I've eaten (which I just ignore) and then more noticeably at 11.30ish which is still quite a while before my lunch time. I wouldn't say that I can agree with the claim that this helps to keep hunger away for a full four hours. If you have made the mistake of not eating anything to go with the biscuits then I imagine you'd end up starving half-way through the morning.

          Nutritional information per 50g pack of 4 biscuits:
          Energy - 976kJ - 232 calories
          Protein - 4g
          Carbohydrates - 34g - of which sugars - 12.4g
          Fat - 8.4g - of which saturates - 2.4g
          Fibre - 1.6g
          Sodium - 0.2g - equivalent as salt - 0.44g

          Overall I can't really recommend these Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. There is nothing wrong with the flavour of them and they are quite tasty if you can ignore the dryness or counteract it with a nice cup of tea. My main problem is that they don't really suit my needs when it comes to a breakfast food. I would rather just have a protein shake and meal replacement bar if I'm pushed for time, or prepare a better breakfast of cereal, porridge or eggs if I have the time at home to do so. These biscuits did not really offer the quick fix that I was looking for and I feel that they are overpriced as well. Not something that I would buy again.


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            21.02.2012 02:15
            Very helpful




            After trying the Milk and Cereals variety of this biscuit and enjoying them, my Mum went to the local supermarket again and brought back a box of this variety.

            Belvita Breakfast biscuits are a fairly new item, you may have seen them advertised on Telly where there is a pretty woman eating them and a man ridiculing her for eating biscuits for breakfast. He then spills an entire bottle of ketchup all over his breakfast and sighs, because he's spoiled it!

            These biscuits are in mini cellophane packets of four, and there is six cellophane packets per box. A portion is one pack (four biscuits), which seems quite generous! Once you tear open the cellophane pack, each biscuit is a flattened oval shape with a bumpy top (where the oats and nuts and chocolate chips are) and a smooth underside. Each biscuit is around the size of the palm of my hand (I have medium-sized hands, I would say!).

            The taste of these biscuits is pleasant, you get the honey-infused oatiness of the biscuit itself, then the milk chocolate chunks start to melt on your tongue and you can crunch into the hazelnuts too, which I wasn't too keen on. I'm not a big fan of nuts anyway so it's just personal preference. Overall, though, I thought the taste of these was quite nice, rather tastier than the Milk and Cereals variety, which was nice, but a little bit plain compared to these!

            A good thing about these biscuits is that they've been baked slowly so they claim that the carbs are released throughout the day to fill you up for longer. I can confirm this is true, I had these biscuits at around 10am and wasn't hungry until 2pm! Belvita also claim a good serving suggestion for these biscuits is to have them accompanied by a cup of tea, a portion of fruit and a pot of fat-free yoghurt.

            These biscuits have been on offer every time I've seen them, at £1. The full price is around £2 which I think is good value considering you're getting six portions per box (24 biscuits in total). That means you can have one pack for breakfast every day a week apart from Sunday (but you'll be relaxing in bed with pancakes then, won't you? ;D ). They're available in all good supermarkets.

            Per four biscuits, you are consuming 200 calories. These biscuits contain barely, gluten, wheat, lactose, nuts, soya, cocoa, milk and oats and may contain poppy seeds, egg and traces of peanut, so if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you should avoid them.

            I enjoyed these biscuits and I will continue to get them, I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't have time to sit down for breakfast, or anyone who fancies a change from fry ups, toast and cereal!

            Julia xx


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            25.05.2011 19:41
            Very helpful



            Gorgeous breakfast!

            For breakfast I am a creature of habit. I like a piece or two of toast and then if I have some room left a bowl of cereal and not very often do I diversify from that at all!

            However the other day I was chatting to my mum on the phone who for years now never has breakfast and she mentioned that she'd taken a real liking to these and changed that habit of a lifetime and so when I spotted them a couple of days later on offer in my local Asda store at a mere pound a box I felt intrigued to try them out as in my opinion mums always know best lol.

            The Packaging:

            The biscuits come all wrapped in clear plastic in sections of 6 packets with 4 biscuits within each in a large yellow box an on the front of that box there is a photograph of the biscuits and we are told that they are Nabisco Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Made With Wholegrain 'Honey & Nuts' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. Other information all over the box includes being told a bit about the product, the weight is stated (which in this case is 300g), ingredients, allergy advice and a full nutritional chart is shown and contact details for Kraft (the manufacturer of the product) are stated. Its a nice bright and very informative box this one!

            A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Box:

            As biscuits lovers, we have worked closely with our own nutritionists to bring you a new and exciting choice for breaks fast: Belvita Breakfast are delicious, crunchy biscuits specially designed for breakfast.

            Rich in cereals
            Made with wholegrain
            No colours or preservatives
            Source of fibre
            Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 & B9.

            They are carefully made and gently baked so that, as part of a balanced breakfast, the carbohydrates are regularly released over 4 hours to keep you going all morning.

            The Biscuits:

            As I mentioned before they come in packs of four and you get four thin brownish coloured, thin looking biscuits each with a raised picture of a wholegrain on the top.

            They smell lovely and sweet and are unmessy to deal with and we are recommended to nibble a pack of four of these with a low fat yogurt, a portion of fruit, a cup of tea or coffee and contain approx 20% of your guideline of our daily recommended energy intake.

            My mother was right these are simply a wonderful take on breakfast. Light, crunchy and made from wheat flour (as well as other types lol) they are lightly infused with a sweet and syrupy tasting honey with a few small, crunchy hazelnuts scattered throughout and some small chocolate chips which are milk chocolate which melt in your mouth and give a wonderful feeling of just being naughty and eating biccies for brekkie whilst not being naughty of course lol.

            I love the natural sweetness these have, the wonderful crunchy texture and I can even be a little dunker with these if I want to and surprisingly they are rather filling too yet light on the tummy and I find after eating these with a cuppa first thing that they really do stop me feeling hungry quite so soon as my usual breakfast choice!

            Wonderful for any time of day I love these and at almost £2.00 a box usually if not on offer I am happy to pay that for 6 days breakfast supply (in all good supermarkets etc).

            Nutritional Information Per Biscuit:

            Calories: 58
            Sugar: 3.3g
            Fat: 2.1g
            Saturates: 0.5g
            Salt: 0.1g


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