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Bolands Jam Mallows

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Brand: Bolands / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2010 22:04
      Very helpful




      Although I am not a regular visitor to the biscuit aisle, I bought these recently as a treat. I fancied a little something away from chocolate, having indulged plentifully in that over the Christmas period! These little mallow moments caught my eye, not least because of the bright red outer wrapping brandished with fluffy lettering.

      They're made by Bolands, belonging to the Jacobs Fruitfield food group, a company best known perhaps for cream crackers. Sometimes they are sold under the name Mikado.

      The pack has a net weight of 250g, and there are 20 biscuits in a pack, packed in a semi-rigid inner container divided into ten compartments with two biscuits per compartment. Each biscuit weighs just under half an ounce (for those old enough to remember imperial) or 12.5 gram.

      The manufacturer describes these as "Soft, crumbly biscuits topped with mallow and raspberry flavour jam, sprinkled with coconut."

      The rectangular base biscuit is about the depth of a rich tea or digestive, and the mallow is piped the length each side into five small peaks with a similarly piped raspberry (no pips) jam strip down the middle. Coconut is sprinkled over the mallow and the jam.

      The biscuit is soft - I'd say of similar softness to a chocolate teacake, but is not particularly crumbly and I think it could be improved by being a little shorter and crunchier. It is also a little 'gritty' and there is a slight taste of bicarb. The mallow is quite well balanced with the biscuit, neither too much nor too little, and has a slightly fluffy texture, which is not too sticky. There is also sufficient flavour from the jam. The coconut is also nicely balanced in quantity against the rest of the topping.

      I notice the taste of the biscuit after the raspberry and mallow. Although also noticing the coconut, it is probably noticed most at end - I'd estimate several minutes spent chasing individual flakes of dessicated coconut.

      Because the biscuits are stacked in twos, the underside of the top biscuit does tend to stick itself to the mallow of the one beneath it, but overall the packaging does a good job of keeping the biscuits to their proper shape without risk of squashing or breakage. So as not to squash them yourself, there is also a tendency to handle them delicately removing them carefully from the packet in pincer grip fashion,

      These biscuits are gone in 2 or 3 polite bites, and except for chasing the coconut, are easy on the palette and the jaw. A slightly firmer biscuit, as mentioned earlier, would, however, offer a better variety of texture.

      They are definitely not dunkers, but perhaps most appropriate for the party style tea. Also, probably a welcome addition to children's lunch boxes, but hubby might get a few queer looks from colleagues if packed in his!

      Unless consumed quickly, the biscuits, once opened, are best transferred to an airtight container as recommended by the manufacturer. This is a good idea, because I don't think you'd want the biscuit base any softer.

      Allergy advice

      Contains wheat and tree nuts, and manufactured on equipment that produces product containing milk, soy and in a plant processing egg.

      Nutritional information

      Calories per biscuit 53, protein 0.5g, carbs 9.1g (of which sugars 0.4g) fat 1.6g (1.0 saturated)


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