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Border Strawberry & Cream Shortbread

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Brand: Border / Type: Biscuits

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    6 Reviews
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      06.12.2013 18:07
      Very helpful
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      A delicious shortbread with an interesting flavour

      My boyfriend was a bit miffed to discover the shortbread dough I was making was all going into the freezer for Christmas time. So he took matters into his own hands and went to Tesco for some supplies and returned with Borders Strawberry and Cream shortbread. I am glad he did because I have now discovered a really nice biscuit and a taste of summer for these chilly days.

      The 175g pack cost £1.79 and comes in quite nice packaging for the price. The biscuits are housed in a cardboard tray which is decorated on the inside with a street scene of houses and children playing. Shame it goes straight in the recycling because once opened you have to store the biscuits in an airtight container. They taste fine the next morning and I am sure them might last a little longer but unfortunately they are so nice we have not been able to put that to the test yet!

      The biscuits themselves are in the traditional fan like petticoat tail shape. They are satisfyingly chunky, and have a fantastic texture. They almost melt in your mouth but also manage not to be too crumbly. There is a little sprinkling of sugar on the top which adds a home made touch although I would like the sugar to have been less fine in texture so there a little crunch to it. I am sure that wouldn't suit everybody though. You can see pieces of strawberry flecked across the surface. I thought the pieces looked quite small and not too plentiful but I was wrong because there are plenty inside the shortbread. There is definitely the taste of fruit in every bite. A fruity smell also comes apparent as soon as you open the pack and it is quite strong. Something to whet your appetite.

      I did wonder whether these would actually contain any real cream or real strawberries but actually the biscuits contain both. This is reflected in their natural taste, thank goodness. The shortbread tastes delightfully buttery as all good shortbread should, but the cream is also distinctly apparent and adds another layer of melt in the mouth deliciousness. I noticed that when I shared a pack with my work colleagues they guessed that the shortbread contained cream as well as the fruit so it is obviously authentic. The strawberry pieces are dried and are therefore quite chewy but not in an unpleasant way. They add a nice texture to the biscuits and make them last longer too! They taste of the fruit and are not too sweet - instead they have a slightly tangy aftertaste. The two flavours obviously go well together, and superbly with shortbread.

      Due to the fact they contain cream and 30% butter, I didn't expect these biscuits to be exactly a health food. A serving of two contains 2.8g of saturated fat and 3.8g of sugar which is unsurprising and therefore something I don't mind in a treat food you aren't going to eat all the time.

      As they are made by a Scottish company in Lanarkshire I suppose these biscuits would have no excuse if they were not good tasting shortbread. Thankfully, they are great and I have bought them several times now. Other flavours are available and I will be trying them at some point I am sure. You can buy the biscuits in most supermarkets I have found and my local Wilkinson's have also had some recently along with other similar shortbread brands in their Christmas section. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good quality flavoured shortbread.

      Suitable for vegetarians. Contains gluten, soya and wheat. May contain nut, sesame and egg traces as the production factory processes those ingredients.


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        08.01.2012 09:06
        Very helpful



        A delicious biscuit


        To go with a lovely selection of around the world coffees' my son bought us a 12-pack mix of Border biscuits for Christmas. There are twelve packs each containing between 8 -12 biscuits and each pack is of a different variety. On having one of our round the world coffees' we decided to try the Border biscuit Strawberry and Cream.

        Border Biscuits

        I've only recently discovered Border Biscuits and am indeed delighted to have done. The quality is exceptional and the tastes are something to die for. So when I opened the 12 pack of Strawberry and Cream I knew there was no way I was getting more than my fair share which would obviously be six.

        At around 4 inches in diameter they are the perfect dunking size, but these biscuits are way to good for dunking......................they are a classy shortbread with pieces of fruit; in this case Strawberry. They are just short of half an inch thick so they are of a decent size. The small pieces of strawberry are still quite soft and the hint of cream through the rich crumbly shortbread is divine. They are so smooth and delicious you just never want the eating experience to end. I've tasted hundreds of so called plain biscuits..........i.e. those without chocolate and these have rocketed up to first place by a country mile.
        Eating six was perhaps a bit over indulgent so I settled for three with my coffee from Sumatra, which incidentally was also most excellent. In fact it was all in the one of the best cuppa's and biscuit I've had in ages, most delightful. Accompanied by the delicious smell which was coming from the box containing the biscuits the whole experience was sensational.


        I haven't priced these since they were a present, but I believe they are around the £1.40 mark for each individual packet, which considering the quality and taste is great value in my book. We enjoyed these so much we have decided to sample the rest of the varieties only at our special filter coffee times, thinking that the better coffee may well compliment the excellent biscuits.


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          03.05.2010 19:38
          Very helpful



          a great new biscuit

          ==Border Strawberry and Cream Shortbread==

          Okay so I am continually trying to watch what I eat and tend to opt for the snacks which have less calories and fat. However on this occasion I couldn't but help myself pop these in to my shopping basket at a trip to Morrison's today. They really only grabbed my eye because they had some sort of special offer on and like a magpie to shiny things my hands were drawn to them.

          I haven't seen them before anywhere so I think they must be a relatively new product onto the shelves because I am sure I would have noticed them otherwise! They packaging is rather appealing too because the biscuits are housed within a clear plastic box, allowing you to see all the shortbread staked up inside. The outer pictures on the box show both a picture of a fresh strawberry and a picture of the biscuits themselves. Looking equally as tempting.

          The biscuits are described as "all butter melt in the mouth shortbread with the perfect summer ingredients - real dried strawberries, finest caster sugar and dairy cream." Now if this is not enough to get you to buy them I don't know what would be.

          The box cost me £1 and there are 200 grams or 7 oz in old money. This equates to 10 lovely triangle shaped biscuits all of a good size and thickness. The plastic box was wrapped in an outer layer of cellophane which when removed left to box flapping open and this was tricky to keep closed thereafter. However they didn't last long enough to go soft as Himself helped to polisht hem off with me (he had one!)

          The smell coming from the biscuits on opening the box was wonderfully sweet and filled with strawberry aroma. The colour of the biscuits was a light golden brown and you could see every bit of strawberry encased within the shortbread which again adds to the appeal.

          The best part of the shortbread biscuit was indeed eating them , as rightfully so. They were crunchy yet crumbly and literally melted in the mouth. The strawberry pieces were a little hard in places but this wasn't a bad thing. The shortbread had the wonderfully creamy texture that makes shortbread so delicious and the strawberries seemed to add an extra sweet and freshness to the treat which I really liked.

          One was washed down nicely with a cup of tea which is always needed when eating any sort of shortbread and this was quickly followed by another. As shortbreads go these were rather filling and certainly filled a gap. However there is one major downside to eating them and that is of course the guilt factor. They have per biscuit 95 calories and 3.1 grams of saturated fat. The calorie content is not overly bad but the fat is terrible which is of course why they taste so nice and are indeed moorish.

          All in all I would have to give these lovely little shortbreads a great score of 4 out of 5 stars and really the only downside is the fact that they have so much fat in them!

          I would highly recommend them however and I may well be purchasing another packet if they are still on a special offer when I next go in to Morrison's.

          Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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            02.05.2010 19:05
            Very helpful



            Great as a treat

            I picked these up in Tesco a couple of hours ago. I fancied something that was nice and as a treat and initially I was going for the chocolate biscuits but then had a sudden change of heart and decided to go for these instead as I love shortbread and have had Border products before, therefore I knew what I picked would be good quality and good value. For a packet of 10 biscuits I paid around the £1.30 mark which I appreciate is a little high but I was looking for something a bit special.

            I really like the way these are presented, they come in a plastic box which looks very nice and presentable. You can just see the shortbread through the box and I wouldn't be embarrassed to offer these as a gift when going to someone for coffee or something. The box is clear in colour but has large pictures of the shortbread and also strawberries. We are also told on the box that the biscuits are baked in Scotland.

            Opening the plastic wrapping around the box, the lid of the box pops up where you can access the biscuits. It seems strange to put them in a box and then wrap them in plastic so in order to reduce the packaging maybe something could be done just to seal the box inside?!

            Anyway inside you are greeted with 10 good sized petticoats. The biscuits are lined up in two rows of five. The shortbread is a lovely cream in colour and you can see plenty of strawberry pieces throughout the shortbread. There is also a subtle aroma of buttery shortbread and strawberry. I'll be honest - I couldn't wait to tuck in!

            Biting into the shortbread, I was pleased with the texture, it was not too crumbly but then not hard like shortcake either. It had a lovely creamy, buttery taste and melted in the mouth. I was unsure about the strawberry pieces but when I got to them I was pleasantly surprised as although they are dried strawberries they tasted quite fresh and added a really nice kick to the shortbread. I really enjoyed eating the shortbread, it was absolutely lovely and was very moreish.

            As with most shortbread, this isn't exactly very healthy for you! A recommended serving is 2 biscuits and this contains 188 calories and 11g fat so as you can see you probably shouldn't munch your way through an entire box too often!

            As you can probably tell from my review, I think this shortbread is fantastic and is great as a treat or when you have guests over. It is really good quality shortbread and the strawberries provide a welcome added extra to the mix. I think they are good value and recommend you all to try them!


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              15.11.2009 20:47
              Very helpful



              Perfect shortbread

              I found these by accident when out shopping in tesco, remembering how much my partner loves shortbread these looked like they would make a nice treat.

              The packaging
              A clear oblong box in rigid plastic with pictures of strawberries and cream and slices of shortbread cover the front and top of the box, a white label on the side and flash on the front bares the name and description, Border strawberry & cream shortbread inspired by indulgent puddings and desserts.
              the back of the box contains all the nutritional, ingredients, storage and company information, and the box is neatly sealed with a clear cellophane wrapper.
              Overall the packaging is of a very high quality and looks really nice.

              The biscuits
              The top of the box lifts open like a chest and inside separated by a plastic divider are 2 rows of 5 triangle shortbread, as soon as you open the box the smell of strawberries and cream and freshly cooked shortbread flood out, this is absolutely mouth watering!
              You get 200g in box so each piece weighs about 20g so they are good size pieces and 1 will fill you up as it is very rich.
              On biting into a piece you get an instant burst of everything in it, it's just like eating a bowl of strawberries and cream with the best shortbread you have tasted.
              Each piece is full of real pieces of strawberry which has a bit of a chewy texture but make the whole thing come together perfect.

              The results
              I am not a shortbread lover as i said i got these for my partner but they are truly irresistible and i have been back and bought more, at around £1.30 a pack they sound expensive for 10 pieces but i think because they are top quality and a total luxury they are worth it, so go on try them.

              The small print

              Wheat Flour, Butter, Sugar, Dehydrated Strawberry (10%), Cream (2%), Cream Powder (1%), Cornflour, Salt, Flavouring.

              Allergies Information
              Contains Gluten, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Cows' milk, Soya & Sulphur Dioxide
              May contain Nuts

              nutrient per 100g per biscuit
              Energy kCal 472 kCal 94 kCal
              Energy kJ 1,974 kJ 395 kJ
              Protein 4.8 g 1.0 g
              Carbohydrate 53.9 g 10.8 g
              of which sugars 21.9 g 4.4 g
              Fat 26.4 g 5.8 g
              of which saturates 15.5 g 3.1 g
              Fibre 1.6 g 0.3 g
              Sodium 0.3 g 0.1 g


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                31.08.2009 17:25
                Very helpful



                Expensive, but well worth it

                PRICE: £1.39 for 200g (10 biscuits) at my local Morrisons

                NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per biscuit):

                Calories: 94
                Kj: 395
                Protein: 10.g
                Carbohydrate: 10.8g
                (of which sugars): 4.4g
                Fat: 5.3g
                (of which saturates): 3.1g
                Fibre: 0.3g
                Sodium: 0.1g


                Wheat flour, butter, sugar, dehydrated strawberry (10%), cream (2%), cream powder (1%), cornflour, salt, flavouring


                Contains wheat, gluten, cow's milk, sulphur dioxide, soya
                Made in a factory which processes nut products
                Contains no hydrogenated fats


                I love shortbread, and apart from one or two exceptions to the rule, have noticed that the more you pay for it, the better the quality. The very best shortbread I've ever tasted was home-made, but some luxury brands come close to that.

                For the most part, I find Scots brands of foods largely to be of very high quality, and took a trip into trying out Border Strawberry & Cream Shortbread.

                This shortbread comes in a clear, stiff plastic oblong-shaped box with an image of a few pieces of shortbread with a plate of strawberries and cream on the front and three sides. The fourth side shows nutritional information, ingredients, allergy/dietary advice (plus an apology that the product is manufactured in an environment which processes nuts - I thought that was a nice touch!), Border's quality claim and contact details, plus storage instructions. The base of the box shows nutritional information in various different languages.

                Inside the box, the triangular (with rounded bases) biscuits rest inside a clear plastic partitioned tray, five in each section, and this tray is sealed inside a cellophane wrapper.

                Appearance-wise, the shortbread is quite pale in colour, fluted at the rounded edges, with little red blobs evenly spread through each biscuit which are the dried real strawberry pieces. The first thing which struck me when I opened the cellophane wrapper was how strong the strawberry smell was, plus it was completely natural - just as if I'd bought a punnet of fresh strawberries.

                Overcome with epicurean lust, I lifted the first biscuit from the tray, and took a small bite. The consistency of the biscuit was light, crumbly and rich, and I could tell that it had been made with both butter and cream. Then came what for me, was a minor little problem - I crunched on a piece of strawberry, and though the flavour of it was delicious, I found the consistency to be rather tough, leathery and chewy. Because the serving of strawberry pieces in this shortbread is so generous, it meant that I was having to chew more than I'd like to have done, and this distracted somewhat from the pleasure of eating the beautiful biscuit.

                Not easily deterred though, I did manage to polish off the whole box in a very short space of time, and as I ate, I gradually got used to the tough strawberry texture and found that it was thus blending much better with the shortbread itself. I can't fault the flavour of the strawberry pieces at all (nor the shortbread)....just that the initial shock of it being too chewy put me off for a few moments.

                Though the price of £1.39 for ten biscuits is a little on the high side, it has to be said that Border have created a truly delicious shortbread recipe here which is light, rich and dreamy, with a beautifully natural strawberry flavour. I feel overall (despite the chewy strawberries) the product to be well worth the price, and I don't doubt that I will buy Border Strawberry Cream Shortbread again, and again and again.

                The quality of this shortbread is superb, and though it's high in fat, sugar and calories, there are no other nasties added such as E numbers or artificial flavourings/colourings, nor is there any hydrogenated fat. The strawberries and cream used are definitely the real thing....if you love good quality shortbread and don't mind paying for it, go for it!!!!

                Thanks for reading!


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